Sunday, May 10, 2009

M Is For Mother (ish)

As I was performing the afternoon sanitation of the desks on Friday, The Kid Who Carries The Gi-normous Gym Bag came over to me. I was wielding bleach wipes and in a bit of a rush as I didn't have to stay quite as late that day. My only late bus student was out sick and I wanted everything done so I could bolt. I was very focused on getting the germs under control and only half noticed that someone was there. But it's not like you can avoid bumping into that huge gym bag so I finally caught sight of the student waiting to speak to me. Here is what he said:

"Hey, Ms. Sheep! I know you don't have any kids or anything and that you get that weird twitch when any of us call you Mom. But I still really want you to have a Happy Mother's Day anyways, 'kay?"

I'll just give you a moment. I'm sure you'll need it to make "awwww" noises and perhaps wipe away that tear that you don't want to admit to having. I understand. I was touched, too.

When TKWCTGGB tells you to have a Happy Mother's Day, you do it. He carries a lot of stuff in that bag. Some of it could probably be used to make my life miserable if he really wanted to take the time. He'll also ask me tomorrow if I enjoyed the day because he's like that. I took his wish for me seriously. This called for cake.

Fortunately, I had cake. It was one I made last weekend and stuck in the freezer before I knew that I needed to celebrate a day that I didn't actually earn. I also had fudge sauce so that all worked out. The only thing left to do was keep the jammies on for the entire day and watch my blood sugar.

I tried to get the cats in on the whole thing, but they didn't seem interested. Probably just as well. Breakfast in bed isn't all that great when the ones serving it don't get along all that well and tend to shed into whatever gets in their way. I made my own waff-ooz 'n syrup this morning and ate them on the couch. Close enough.

I chatted with my own mom, watched a highly enjoyable House marathon and knit my way to the point where I can justify starting on sleeves for That Thing That Could Be A Sweater If I Knit Sweaters But I Don't So It's A Dishcloth (with sleeves). I did all this while eating cake covered in hot fudge. And I never spilled a drop.

I do believe I can truthfully report to my student that I did myself proud on my Mother (ish) Day.

For those of you who are less "ish" when it comes to being mothers and who are celebrating yourselves, I wish for you all the best of days. I hope that you go to bed tonight feeling totally and completely appreciated for all you do.

And that you had cake. If not, you can get one tomorrow. There will be some really pretty ones on sale. Trust me. I know about these things. Go for the chocolate one if you can!



Donna Lee said...

Happy Mother-ish Day. I had a wonderful orange cremesicle cake. Not chocolate but delicious. There's even some left for breakfast.

Anonymous said...

I am sure the kittehs wanted you to have a happy mother's day, too, since you are their unofficial maternal figure, i.e., the one that fills the dinner dish. That's really the most important part about being a mother, anyway, so you are entitled to your good day.

I am ever so impressed you didn't get hot fudge sauce all over your jammies. I would have.

Knitting Linguist said...

I have three words for you: chocolate lava cake. Just ate it. Loved it. Am now going to lie on the couch and watch my blood sugar crash. Happy mother-ish day! :)

trek said...

Neatnik volunteered to help me bake a cake tomorrow - for Mother's Day.

Kath said...

THAT'S what was missing from my day! Cake! I'll get right on that first thing tomorrow. Perhaps I should make amends by eating it more than once in the day?

Mel said...

There was actually one piece of faux strawberry cake with faux something frosting waiting for me when I got to work this evening. And it was tasty.

Mia said...

darn it! i spent the whole day on the couch and I never even though of havin' some cake.

Mother(ish)... love it.

Karen said...

I'm glad you had a Happy Mother's Day. I had pie to celebrate mine.

Anne said...

Cake AND a compliment from a kid with an obscenely large gym bag? I think you've peaked, Sheepie. :D

Jeanne said...

Happy Mother(ish) Day to you, too.

I know what you mean about cats and dining. I have a habit of eating dinner in front of the TV with them, and it always seems like no sooner does the plate touch the coffee table then a tail appears and attempts to dip itself into the food. (Because they're so interested in saying hello to me with their frontside that the backside greets the meal!)

Either that, or it's an evil plot to hair up the food so I'll just give it to them instead.

Yarnhog said...

No cake, but it was a good day anyway.

Anyone who spends as much time with other people's kids as you do is entitled to celebrate Mothers' Day in my book. And you have cats. My husband reported that the card aisle at the local grocery store had two whole racks of "Dog Mom" Mothers' Day cards. A man standing next to him pointed them out and said, "Can you even imagine?" To which my husband smiled and said, "You don't have a dog, do you?"

I love that man.