Tuesday, May 12, 2009


As I sat in my classroom with the last kid of the day and dreamed of the moment when his bus would finally be called, I had something of an epiphany. Not the good kind.

I couldn't help but voice this realization. It bubbled up from the very depths of my soul and was out before I could stop it. It was a mandatory verbalization. Not the quiet kind.

I bellowed out for all the world to hear, "Oh my God! It is Tuesday!!!!!!"

I knew that it was Tuesday when I got up this morning. I knew it as I blearily made my way to the car and sucked down coffee for forty minutes hoping that I'd wake up sometime during the commute. I seem to recall being quite clear on this fact when I entered the school and I'm certain that I was on top of things even up until the third teaching block.

It was sometime around then that the day seemed to morph into Wednesday and it stuck there until dismissal. That was when I had the "not good" and "not quiet" epiphany. It was also when I got a few very odd looks from my staff and that poor kid who has to wait until the very last bus.

It is Tuesday. Not Wednesday. I kind of feel like I have to do Wednesday all over again now and that is really rather unfair, in my opinion.

It is also not the first time this has happened to me during the '08-'09 school year. You'd think I'd have figured this whole days-of-the-week-thing out by now...

I could barely summon the will to pedal away on the little exercise bike when I got home. I'd managed to develop a real eye-twitcher of a headache by that point. (I also have a sore throat but I am ignoring that because it is so totally not the H1N1 flu and more likely due to yelling out the obvious during bus dismissal)

I did, however, pedal away on the little exercise bike. When you spend all day Sunday in your jammies and eating cake in honor of Mother (ish) Day, you sort of need to spend some time doing cardio. It is probably even more necessary if you are celebrating a holiday that you made up because you don't have children but want cake anyway. Karma will get you if you don't somehow balance the scales after stealing a legitimate holiday for your own selfish purposes.

Besides, I always do cardio and knit on Tuesdays. It's a good way to multi-task. I can't knit on Wednesdays when I do strength training. My hands are full with the weights and it is highly likely I will stab myself with a needle while I do crunches. It's good for the knitting when I get to ride the little exercise bike on a Tuesday.

On the other hand, repeating Wednesday afternoon is not so good. Not by a long shot.



Karen said...

I hate when that happens. But tell we why does this never happen on Saturday? I'd be happy to relive a Sunday any time.

sophanne said...

Holy Crap- the same thing happened to me today and I'm not making that up. It was only when I remembered that I had not yet gone to knit night this week that I remembered it was Tuesday.

trek said...

What, none of your little darlings did anything funny today? ;o)

Jacqui said...

a. Mother's day is totally NOT a legitimate holiday, anymore than casual Friday = being casual.
b. you have 2 financial and food dependents. that is totally being a Mom.

ergo, you are off the hook - go eat more cake!!!

Kath said...

I can handle the days of the week, I just seem to lose a few hours in the evenings - like I got home, fed the cats and suddenly it's late and time to go to bed so I can get up at the right time and how did that happen? Where did my evening go????

Betsy said...

I often worry about what would happen if I were to wind up in the emergency room with a suspected head injury and they start asking "those" questions...you know the ones...what day of the week is it, how old are you, who is the President (the was a serious problem with the last Administration), etc....none of which I care about...or try to ignore on a daily basis...
Now if they ask me where's my knitting, how are the Phillies doing (or the Redskins in the fall) and I don't know...well, then there's cause for worry!!!

Cursing Mama said...

OH MY GOD!! Are you telling me that it is NOT Friday?

I really was looking forward to tomorrow until now. *kicks dirt*
okay *kicks carpet*

Carrie K said...

It is really unfair you should have to redo Wednesday when you've already completed it. I say you leave Friday midday and simply explain that your week has ended.