Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wednesday. Take Two...

OK. I think I've got this all straight now. Yesterday=Tuesday. Today=Wednesday. Assuming I have some kind of grip on the timeline as we know it, I'm going to go ahead with The Wednesday Night Bullet Post. If you read this from some alternate universe or don't get to it until tomorrow, I don't particularly want to hear about it. I've had enough day-related confusion, thank you very much!

*Lots of staff shuffling going on in my school district these days. People are getting reassigned all over the place.

*I was told very clearly that nothing was final and that I should not even think about discussing the matter. Penalty of death and all that nonsense...

*Everyone else, apparently, does not care about penalties and told their staff what was going on anyway.

*Which is how my staff first heard about it at a meeting yesterday with no warning whatsoever while everyone else sat there nodding sagely.

*They did not know that they might have to move to a new classroom and were not expecting it at all.

*You can only imagine the degree to which I feel like an utter jerk.

*This could also explain the headache I've had for two days now.

*I didn't knit today because I got home late. And because it was not a day where I can ride the little exercise bike with my hands free to make sleeves happen.

*I did twenty minutes of lifting and then gave in to the headache.

*I'll knit tomorrow. Or maybe the next day...

*I finally got a check reimbursing me for all those bowling trips I paid for over the course of the school year.

*For the record, if you think your kid's teacher doesn't pay for stuff out of pocket, you are mistaken. We do it daily. I'm not kidding.

*I couldn't get all the money back due to lack of receipts, but I still think the sixty-six bucks in my wallet right now is pretty cool.

*I also have a check gifted unto me from Mommy and Daddy Sheep in that wallet. The checks are snuggled right up together nicely.

*If I leave them alone and let nature take its course, I do believe I will have a brand new, bouncing baby purse sometime within the next few days.

*At least that is how I remember it from Health class. I'll probably also have to go to the store, but I think I can manage that.

*I like purses. But I'm picky about them. They need to be gi-normous.

*For carrying emergency supplies.

*I'm like that. I can't help it. I like to carry stuff. Just in case...

*Remember my former Cheerful Teaching Assistant? The one I lost in the last Great School District Staff Shuffle? She like purses, too. I miss talking purses with her.

*And writing. She's a writer sort of like me only better and probably more organized about it.

*And reading. We both read lots.

*And knitting! Don't forget the knitting! We talked about knitting a lot, too.

*I miss talking to the CTA.

*Whoops. Just had to go remove an Absurdly Gi-normous Kitty from behind the television.

*The nice, new flat screen that I gave myself last month.

*He has good taste in the things he likes to hide behind and possibly topple to the floor.

*Did I mention that there is a great shuffling of staff going on in my school district?

*And that I haven't been able to discuss the matter?

*Penalty Of Death?

*Even if everyone else got to talk about it freely and without the Death Penalty hanging over their heads?

*It is now official, barring any further complications. I can discuss. Freely.

*The only thing standing between me and the discussing was one person's decision. Today, she made it.

*This is bigger than my headache.

*It is bigger than my Absurdly Gi-normous Kitty.

*It is bigger than my flat screen TV.

*The CTA is coming home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*A Happy Song For A Happy Day:



Elaine said...

Yay for you and the CTA.

Jeanne said...

YAY! I'm so glad she's returning. It sounds like Wednesday, headache aside, completely made up for the earlier part of the week.

trek said...

This was the post of a Very Happy Sheepie! Yay for the reuniting of the Very Happy Sheepie and the Cheerful Teaching Assistant.

Wish I could see the students' faces!

sophanne said...

I am so glad for you and the CTA- not like the RT's (retiring teachers) that left me nevah to return.

Perhaps we live in parallel universes- I spent $20 for a kid to get a book from the guest author today.

What's an underpaid teacher to do?

Anonymous said...

Yay for CTA's return! Improving Sheepie's work environment was high on Obama's list of priorities for 2009 ;-)

Anonymous said...

YAY! Sounds like next year will be a good one :-)

Carrie K said...


Kath said...

Huzzah for the CTA! Seriously - this sounds like it could make all the world of difference in surviving that job.

PICAdrienne said...

You get CTA back? How wonderful!

Mizzle said...

Yay! :D

word verification: Are you in need of a dob? 'Cause my word is 'dobless'. Better than 'jobless', I suppose!

Donna Lee said...

Congratulations! If it weren't Thursday morning and I weren't so tired, I would totally do the Happy Dance for you. And yesterday, at a family funeral, I was able to flaunt (not that I would flaunt anything) my emergency preparedness but pulling out 2 bandaids for the blisters on my niece's heels (new shoes). Everyone else just said "ouch, that looks sore" but I brandished not one but two bandaids and fixed the problem. Yay for being prepared!

Karen said...

Congratulations to you and CTA. That should make next year darn near fun.
My SIL carries the smallest purse I've ever seen a woman carry. It holds just her wallet, keys and cell phone (and at one point a diaper but not anymore what with the nephew using the potty now). How does she survive? I prefer mid-sized. Big enough to carry what I need and a little more but not so big as to throw off my balance.

Cursing Mama said...

Congratulations! They knew they needed to reward your hard work this year with something tangible and this is clearly it!

Luna said...

If you get to do a bullet post, can I do a bullet comment?

- Yay for the CTA returning!
- I thought Tuesday was Wednesday too and couldn't understand why TiVo didn't have any Tuesday shows recorded yet. (Um... 'cause they hadn't aired yet, 'cause it was only Tuesday morning, not Wednesday.)
- I just discovered the joy of big purses. I always had little ones because, well, I was in my 20s and how to (try to) look cool. (Yeah, I generally failed miserably, but it wasn't the purse's fault.) But I turned 30, I got big prescription sunglasses that I want to carry with me everywhere, and I got an iPhone that won't fit in those little cell phone pockets on normal purses. And I suddenly felt the need for a big purse to carry everything. And less of a need to feel cool. So I bought what I'm referring to as a "mom purse": it's bigger than any purse I've had before, and it's a plain brown color. But it's amazing! I can put my big new sunglasses in it (in their case of course), my iPhone has a place. There are extra pockets so my keys don't get lost in the bottom of the main pocket. When we travel together, I can put my husband's big sunglasses case in as well as mine. I have room for hand wipes and Shout wipes (which no one else ever carries, but boy are they glad when I whip one out and hand it to them to clean up a spill!). It's great! I'm never going back to small, cool purses again. I'm embracing my un-cool status. As if I ever knew anything else.

Teri S. said...

OMG!! That is such happy, happy news! And the NSCTAs are both going elsewhere? Very sad day for them.