Wednesday, May 02, 2012

WNBP: Reaching

I hate to admit it, but I am really going to have to reach tonight if I'm to come up with anything entertaining to say.  It is not the week before school vacation.  It is not the week of school vacation. It is not the week after school vacation.  It is the space in between.  We can count the number of days left in the teaching year in weeks and without really having to do much math.  It is a matter of hanging in there and trying to reach the finish line without losing our collective teacher-minds.

The best thing to do is get my Wednesday Night Brain on and forge ahead with the weekly bullet post.  Maybe the mere act of typing will inspire something...

*Have you ever been to an hour long meeting and walked away without recalling a single thing that was discussed?

*I've had a lot of meetings this week.

*I can only hope that I didn't volunteer for anything.

*Or make any promises.

*I'm a big talker sometimes...

*The rain isn't helping matters.

*I have Rain Brain.

*Yesterday, I forgot my lunch.  That made me sad and I resolved to never again leave my lunch bag hanging from a hook in the kitchen, thereby ruining a perfectly good Tuesday where I may or may not have said brilliant things in meetings.

*Today I remembered to bring my lunch because I am nothing if not dedicated to keeping promises to myself.

*I forgot to eat my lunch and now there is an unopened container of yogurt in my lunch bag on my desk at school.

*This tendency to forget things like sustenance might be part of the Meeting Stupidity Syndrome.

*Hey, have any of you seen my birth certificate lately?

*Apparently I need it in order to prove to the DMV that I deserve a new drivers license.

*These are the sorts of things a responsible adult would have already taken care of.

*Responsible adults can lay their hands on their birth certificates without having to set aside an entire weekend to find it.

*I am fairly certain I was born.  Surely someone somewhere certified this historic event.

*Highly likely my birth certificate is carved on a stone tablet.

*Hard to believe I could lose something like that...

*Did I mention that there are only something like 28 days of school left?

*I am honestly shocked by that since I don't know where the rest of this year went.

*Not that I am complaining, mind you.

*But I also have to get my teacher recertification paperwork done in that time and, much like my birth certificate dilemma, I am a little behind.

*To recap:  I am soon to be an unemployed pedestrian.

*That should make things more interesting and blog-worthy.

*Of course, I won't have internet access when I'm living in a cave on the outskirts of town, but that's a bridge I'll cross when I come to it.

*I have decided to give the House Of Night series a little bit of a break
(Chosen: A House of Night Novel)

*I need a palate cleanser.

*Decided to re-read Trick of the Light (Trickster, Book 1)

*I like Rob Thurman even if she sometimes tends to write a little too casually, more like a person might speak.

*Which doesn't always translate as well into prose.

*Can be confusing.

*Still a favorite author.

*The Siren (who lures the boys to their doom with her clarion call) wanted to read
The Hunger Games 

*But she found it to be a bit of a challenge so I agreed to read some of it to her during the school's Sustained Silent Reading time.

*I've wanted to read it for a while so no hardship there.

*She is happy.  She wishes the whole class would listen to it.

*She thinks that "They'd like it if they weren't a bunch of jerks who didn't pay attention when Ms. Sheep read to us at the beginning of the year.  Stupid boys who don't listen and act like big, dumb jerks.  They should be more like us girls!"

*Nice sentiment so I'll ignore the fact that she was the worst offender back when I first tried reading to the class.

*The Cheerful Teaching Assistant is irked because we went into my office to read.  

*She believes we have started The Super Cool Club For Cool People Who Only Hang Out With Other Cool People.

*To recap: Boys are stupid jerks who don't listen, girls can go into more denial regarding their own behavior than is even believable and I am cool enough to start my own club.

*I'll have to figure out a way to include the CTA tomorrow lest she develop a complex.

*The stupid boys are on their own.

*My home phone rang yesterday. That was nice since it reassures me that I still have friends.

*I couldn't find my phone.  It was gone.  I know it existed because it was ringing.

*Phone was under the couch.  As was the charging base.

*I do not keep my phone under the couch.  I do not keep the charging base there either.

*I would very much like to know what my cats are doing during the day and why they feel the need to cut off my communication with the outside world...

That's it.  I've reached as far as I can for one night.  I think I've managed to prove how seriously devoid of excitement my life is right now.  Any day, I expect things to turn around and then I'll have more for you.  For now, I'll just sit back and leave the reaching to those who have something more interesting to attain.

At the moment, I'm settling for just reaching the weekend.



Teri S. said...

Only 28 days of school left? My, how the time flies! I wish I had only 28 days of work left before a long vacation. But alas, I'm current work resembles the Bataan death march. But this too shall pass.

And do you really think it's wise to leave the stupid boys on their own? That sounds slightly...dangerous...

trek said...

Two finals and I get a six week break. Boy, do I need it.

Hang in there, Sheepie, June is coming!

kmkat said...

At some point in the last 25+ years Hennepin County, MN stopped printing birth certificates and giving them to new parents. If one needs a copy of said document -- as Younger Son did recently, to get a new drivers license -- one applies for it, pays the fee, and they print one out. But until one actually APPLIES and pays the fee, birth certificates remain virtual. Somehow this blows my mind.

Here's hoping your 28 days are nothing like those movies of the same (or almost the same) name.

Donna Lee said...

NJ wants all kinds of papers to prove you deserve a drivers license. Even though I had been driving over 30 years in the state, I had to prove it was a good idea to renew my license. And this is why we're broke.

I liked The Hunger Games but I'd avoid the other two. They just drag out the story into oblivion. (and then I wanted to slap Catniss myself)

Anonymous said...

I suspect the boys feel the need to cut off your contact from the rest of the world for the same reason mine do: to force you to stay home with them all day. One of mine issues the most piteous meow he can muster as I pick up my purse to leave in the morning. He tries to look too cute to leave. Unfortunately, he doesn't seem to understand when I tell him I have to go to work because he and his brother are fond of their Friskies and like having a roof over their heads.

Cleta said...

I'm so glad you like 'Trick of the Light' enough to re-read it. It's about time for me to do the same!

Julia G said...

We are counting down the school days here too - me AND the kids. Just remember, the first rule of Super Cool Club is, don't talk about Super Cool Club! But you should be proud of yourself for converting another reluctant reader into a book lover - reading aloud often circumvents logistical issues, and once they're engaged in the story, they'll often pick up the book on their own.