Wednesday, April 25, 2012

WNBP: Flashback

When last I checked in on this blog, I was on Spring Break. That, I must say, was a rather delightful state of affairs and one I think I kind of miss now that it is a week later and there isn't anything remotely vacationish going on around here.

Upon arriving back at school, I was greeted with the usual queries regarding how my vacation went and I responded pretty positively.  In fact, I may have even gushed just a bit because it was a fantastic week off.  However, when asked what I did I was a little bit stumped.  What the heck did I do all week?  Other people came back tan.  I was not tan.  I didn't have any souvenirs to show off nor any secret trysts that I wouldn't speak of directly (but would hint at until everyone got the point).

It just wasn't "that kind of vacation."  It was the kind where you get up early just because you feel like starting the day knowing that you can put everything on "pause" and take a nap any time you want.  That, while making for a great vacation by my standards, doesn't do much for storytelling.  Frankly, I had to struggle to come up with one or two details that might indicate I was awake for at least half the time school was closed.

I've managed to recall one or two things.  Let's flash back to vacation week and see what Sheepie did all that time she was blissfully puttering through the days without really doing much of anything important.

*First of all, I should mention that my Blogger homepage didn't look anything like this when last I saw it.

*Blogger is different now.  Blogger was telling me about this for weeks, but I guess I didn't take Blogger very seriously and now I'm kind of flustered.

*That isn't Blogger's fault.  Blogger did its best to keep me in the loop...

*Remember my new office chair?  I bought that during vacation.  And I put it together all by myself.

*The feline occupation of my chair continues, but with a new and disturbing twist.

It's a danged party in my chair and I'm not even invited!!!

*I was able to sneak in some Sittin' Time, but not nearly as much as I think I deserve considering that I paid for the stupid chair.

*Why I thought I could make plum sauce, I honestly cannot tell you.

*There isn't anything in my personal history that would indicate I should be making spicy, Asian-style condiments.

But it turns out that I actually make a pretty darned good plum sauce when all is said and done.

*What can I say?  One's ability to make plum sauce has little to do with logic.

*No one really cared that I bought a new steam cleaner.

*Or that I used it to scald the heck out of the bathroom sink where I swear to God I was culturing a cure for penicillin.

*You'd think people would be more excited about that, but it seems that my fellow teachers are not.

*Best Thing About Going Back To School Besides The Fact That We Know We Are Now Closer To The End Of The School Year:

Ms. Sheep:  Hey, Cheerful Teaching Assistant!  You found a fan!  It's hot in here and we can really use that.  Where did you get it?

Cheerful Teaching Assistant:  I have my sources. You don't need to know.

MS:  I can respect that. Why don't you just set it down right here so we can all enjoy a nice, cool breeze?

CTA:  Well, there is a little problem with that...

MS:  Oh. My. God. Is that fan...

CTA: Stuck on my finger?  Yes.  Yes it is.

MS:  Don't you have a meeting in ten minutes?

CTA:  Yes.  Yes, I do.  And I will apparently be going with a table fan stuck to my finger.

*I have worked with the CTA for a long time and she gets herself into a lot of "situations."

*But her finger stuck in the base of a fan is a new one.

*And I mean seriously stuck.  As in "we had to grease her finger up in order to get her out in time for her meeting.

*I'm not too proud to admit that I told everyone I saw that the CTA was stuck in a fan.

*I read a lot over vacation.

*Mostly because a 7th grade girl decided to get me all excited about reading the House Of Night series.

*I don't remember where I told you I left off with that and I'm too lazy to go back and check it.

*I'll just tell you where I think I left off.  So far, I've read:

Chosen (House of Night, Book 3)

Untamed (House of Night, Book 4)

Hunted (House of Night)

*And now I'm working on Tempted (House of Night).

*It sounds like more than it really is, word-wise.  These are short books.

*And yes.  I remain fully enmeshed in my shame over reading my way so furiously through this YA series that maybe kinda, sorta isn't exactly all about the female empowerment.

*Well...maybe it is.  I just wish the main character could make friends with a guy.  She really doesn't have to date everyone she meets.

*But maybe that's just me...

*That said, there must be something about this series because I can't seem to stop buying them!

See, I really did do some stuff over vacation.  I admit that I napped a lot and maybe watched more television than is really good for a person, but it was vacation.  I couldn't help myself.  Maybe I could have done more, perhaps even interacted with the rest of the human race on a daily basis.  Frankly, that might have been more healthy but what's done is done.

And I don't really care.  My vacation flashbacks make me pretty happy.  So much so that I think I'm going to start dreaming about the next one coming up:




kmkat said...

I am of the firm opinion that a day that starts with a nap, morphs into a snack, has a little napsy-poo in the afternoon, and ends with some quality time in front of the tv is a day well spent.

catsmum said...

one has to leave enough time for the main evening sleep [ with time out for playing king-o-the-mountain on one's staff's bed at 2am ]

Donna Lee said...

Blogger's new page really threw me, too. Was there warning? I missed that and then had to figure out what I was doing. This was not cool.

I love that kind of vacation. When I do that and people ask what I did with my time off, I tell them "rested" and they look at me funny. Their loss.

twinsetellen said...

This is the kind of vacation I am dreaming of. I would have swooned with envy if you told me about it in person.

crzjane said...

Days off are suppose to be spent in your pajamas and not talking to or seeing another person.
That is my idea of a perfect time off.
Glad to hear you enjoyed your vacation time.

Julia G said...

Awww, the kitties are just keeping your new chair warm for you!