Wednesday, April 18, 2012

WNBP: Deep Down...I Knew.

At last!  School vacation week has arrived and it is time for Sheepie to get going on the many, many projects she planned to finish!

Sheepie likes to think she is a productive person.  The reality is that Sheepie is something of a lazy bones whose intentions don't always match her energy level.  And you know what?  Deep down, Sheepie knew that going in.

Furthermore, Sheepie doesn't really  have the energy to care.  Let's take a look at what little is going on around here in bullet point format.  At least Sheepie had the energy to glance at the calendar before dozing off for the night...

*In my defense, the weeks leading up to this vacation were particularly stressful over at the Learn-a-matorium.  I am tired.

*On the plus side, my fears regarding getting sick were unfounded.  The second sneeze, (the one that always forecasts my doom) came and went, but I remained relatively healthy.

*Which is nice since the weather this week has been crazy-nice.  Warm...breezy...summery!

*Too bad I'm more about napping than getting out and enjoying it.

*Good news.  I finally got around to getting a new office chair so I can sit and type my Wednesday Night Bullet Post in comfort.

*I invested two weeks of my life researching the kind I wanted and where I might get it for the best price.

*I spent an hour in the store obtaining it.  (and all the other stuff I suddenly felt I needed to purchase...)

*It took me only half an hour to put it together but there was cursing involved and a manicure was lost to the endeavor.

*Then I went to the bathroom.  Which couldn't have taken me more than five minutes.

And that was all it took

*This is the first time I've sat in my comfy new chair since I finished assembly seven hours ago.

*I am sad that Dick Clark passed away. And yet, it seemed to me that the last few years weren't up to the quality of life he enjoyed before.

*What do I know?  I never met the man...but I like to think of him as the energetic guy ringing in the New Year.

*My most-used line these days seems to be, "And this is why we can't have nice things!!!"

Or drapes

Or spider plants...

*I also don't get a full night's sleep anymore what with the constant swinging from the widow coverings.

*And, for the record, it is a sad commentary on my life that I had time to flap my arms, say things that make me sound EXACTLY like my mother, get the camera, take a picture, then maneuver to a spot with better lighting so I could take another...

*And STILL have the cat hanging from the curtains when all that was done!

*Deep down, I think I know who runs this show.  I just don't like admitting it.

*I shampooed the carpets on Monday. I am telling you this so you will be impressed with how much I got done.

*Don't be fooled.  It the same minimal-effort-don't-move-a-stick-of-furniture kind of carpet cleaning I always do.

*But the rugs smell really nice.

*Early last week, The Siren (one of only two girls in my 7th grade class) and I decided that we must read The House Of Night Books or die.

*Yes.  That's right.  Die.  Right there in front of everybody. This was no exaggeration.

*We spent a great deal of time discussing this.  She was a step ahead of me, though.  Her mom already has them.

*Me?  I have to buy them.  Being a grown up is like so, totally unfair sometimes.

*But, I'm making gains.  I made short work of Marked: A House of Night Novel.

*Betrayed: A House of Night Novel (House of Night Novels) soon followed.

*Chosen: A House of Night Novel is going a bit more slowly, though.

*I started watching Red Dwarf VIII and I think that is distracting me.

*I'm not sure which activity marks me more firmly as a grade A geek.

*Is it the giddy joy of reading YA girly novels?

*Or watching a comedic space series where people talk about eating a lot of Indian take-away?

*I have never eaten Indian take-away.

*I think we have a winner.

*On some deep level, I know that my concern over not eating enough Indian take-away to be cool is the real issue.

*I would prefer to not discuss my plan to lord it over The Siren that I read more of the HON books than she did over vacation.

*Unless she read more and then I will not be reduced to playing this childish game.

*I gotta tell ya...I can see why the Absurdly Gi-normous Kitty spent all day in this chair.  It is a delight for my tushie!!

*I'm enjoying it while I can.

*I have a feeling deep in the pit of my stomach that I will soon be losing it again...

I'm signing off now.  I am late for lolling on the couch and I fear I might need to turn the heat back on sometime soon.  Summery temperatures and vacation days don't last forever, you know.

And I have a feeling I should enjoy my break while I can.  Happy Wednesday To All And To All A Good Night!



Susie said...

Sweetie, I don't know how you still have this many words left at the end of the day after teaching teenagers. I can't seem to post once a year. You totally amaze me.

Perhaps it's because my life is rather...uninspiring right now, whereas you've always got *something* going on.

How am I ever going to catch up?


trek said...

Number Guy applauds the AGK on his choice of napping spots.

He also notes that Sheepie needs a plant sprayer.

I maintain that you need a SuperSoaker.

Teri S. said...

I'm impressed with the AGK's claiming abilities. And the solidly installed drapery hardware and draperies. If our little cat did that, the draperies would be on the floor, along with half of our wall (the plaster is in bad shape).

Enjoy the rest of your holiday!

kmkat said...

The very best line comment I have run into re: Dick Clark's passing was a retweet by a knitblogger in Calgary:

"Dick Clark died today at 82. Now we won't be able to ring in the New Year. Well played, Mayans, well played."

Donna Lee said...

Ryan Seacrest is no Dick Clark. Sigh, it will have to be 2012 forever now since Dick is gone.

My cats climbed the curtains. They have the claw holes to prove it.

Joanna Kyriazis said...

Red Dwarf! I LOVE IT!!! Have you seen the first seven seasons? Also, House of Night books are the best! I have no shame - I will admit to becoming obsessed with YA books at the age of 36 :) They are very addictive. Another series you should check out is the Hollows series by Kim Harrison... a bit more mature, but a great read! I chose that series in audiobook version, though. The narrator does the best voices! You should check them out!

April said...

I can't believe the drapes are still intact, that's amazing. Chez Insanity is now home to an orange AGK but we're only fostering. Really.

Julia G said...

Awww, kitteh! It's the latest in window treatments :-)

Hope you had a nice, relaxing vacation and a painless transition back to the Learn-a-matorium. Given the crazy New England weather, you just might have a snow day!

Cathy said...

I can't believe it - that you took several photos while he was still on the drapes and that he didn't immediately leap off the drapes the minute he saw the camera.

Either the cats have you really well trained or ...

And I do love peeking around the living room and seeing how you live...