Wednesday, May 23, 2012

WNBP: Time Marches On

Hard to believe it, but another Wednesday is here.  Frankly, I am kind of stunned by the rapid approach of June.  When did that happen?  The last clear memory I have is of taking down the Christmas tree, although I think I might have some vague recollection of discounted Valentine's Day candy making it into my home at some point.

I could wax philosophical about the passage of time, but that sort of thing tends to get a bit "rambly" so I think we shall just stick with the Wednesday Night Bullet Post for now.  There is always time to go to the "Oh dear, however did I get here and where did my lost youth go?" place if I so choose.

Probably best to not subject the blogosphere to that anyway...

*I managed to muddle through another birthday last week with few, if any, ill effects.

*I think that might have something to do with the fact that I took the day off from school and away from the children who might attempt to make that a kind of "challenging" day for me.

*Staying home to eat fried chicken and chocolate cake while the kidlets remain in the classroom making aesthetically "unique" birthday cards is the best way to go when one's natal day rolls around.

*I was supposed to have Friday off for a doctor's appointment, but another member of my staff also needed that day so I didn't get the long weekend I'd promised myself.

*In hindsight, taking the actual birthday off was really the better way to go...

*I was in a meeting today where my director said, "The reason we are all so stressed out is because we have one week less to work with this year.  The mild weather and resulting lack of snow days is forcing us to scramble to get it all done."

*We all nodded and added our own personal tales of time management woe which resulted from this shortened school year.

*Then we paused to realize how utterly stupid we sounded because this has been The School Year From Hell and why the heck are we bemoaning a week less of it?????

*I'm putting my current time/workload imbalance in perspective from this point forward.

*My birthday gift to me this year was a thick slab of foam.  Two inches of polyurethane.  Another two inches of the "memory" kind.

*This, when added to my aging mattress, has created a most delightful sleeping experience.  My hip hardly hurts at all!

*The joy with which I made this purchase and the number of people I am willing to tell about it horrifies me on many, many levels.

*Sore hip.  New mattress support system to accommodate it.  For my birthday.  Ye Gods!!!

*How did I get to this place in life??????

*I don't care.  I like it.

*As do the cats.  I have to squiggle around to find a spot where I can sleep.

*Which is why my hip doesn't hurt anymore, but my back is killing me.

*The Siren (who lures the boys to their doom with her clarion call) is celebrating the end of the school year with great gusto and a marked lack of academic interest.

*The only thing that soothes her jangled teenaged angst is being read to.

*And, since the book she wants to hear is currently not available through the school library and I can't seem to remember to buy it, I finally downloaded it to my little ereader.

*I now read Catching Fire (The Hunger Games, Book 2) until I am hoarse and begging for water.

*The Siren isn't exactly sympathetic.

*If summer vacation ever does arrive, will The Very Complicated Kitty come to terms with the fact that I am not getting up at 4:30 anymore?

*He doesn't seem to understand this on the weekends.  I honestly don't think things are going to work out any better for me come June.

*Memory foam doesn't make him sleep any longer than he does normally.

*I'm not sure whether it is a good thing that I discovered I can access episodes of Coronation Street on YouTube.  That is the sort of thing that could get a person in trouble.  It can suck up hours and hours of one's time.  One can lose entire weekends.

*Sue me.  It's a guilty pleasure.  I'm not proud of it.

*But c'mon!!!  How bad can it really be for me?  It's been on for, like, fifty years.  It can't be actually harmful...

*Although I do find myself talking kind of oddly after a while.  Sort of a hybrid accent that doesn't make any sense whatsoever.  That might not be good...

*Oh, glorious news on the Sheepish Annie Zombie Apocalypse Front!!!

*Blackout (The Newsflesh Trilogy) is out!!  And I have it!!!

*I've waited almost a WHOLE YEAR for this!!!

*Maybe I'm a little overexcited about the whole thing.  Except I don't think I am.

*I think I am actually the correct about of excited when you take everything into consideration.

*But I'm waiting to start it.  I'd already been re-reading Tracking the Tempest (Jane True) and I figure anticipation can only make all that zombie goodness better.

*Might even wait until summer vacation starts just to kick things off with a good, old fashioned undead bang.

*Meanwhile, I'm almost finished listening to Beautiful Creatures (Beautiful Creatures, Book 1) during the morning commute.

*And now I have a dilemma.  I probably don't have enough school time left to listen to the next one in the series.  A responsible person would wait and save it for the fall.

*I am not a responsible person and, deep down, I think I know that.  

*For now, though, I am staying the course.

*If I falter, just talk about me behind my back.  I'll probably not be open to reminders that I shouldn't be listening to something that I will really want to listen to in the fall.

*I don't want to talk about September.

*The Sheepish Family Memorial Day Cookout is this weekend and oodles of Sheepish Family members are making their way to our corner of the globe perhaps even as we speak!

*Daddy Sheep has reminded me twice to bring the Cheesy Bread.  

*This is necessary because I am old and forget things.

*And I'm not sure I'm allowed to come to the cookout if I don't have Cheesy Bread.

*Picture a herd of angry Sheepish Relatives driving me out of the homestead with torches and pitchforks and the like.

*That's not really true.  I think people would get past it.  

*On the other hand, if my aunt and uncle didn't bring the lemon bars, I'd probably stage a tantrum of epic proportions so who knows?  

*I'm making the bread on Friday.  Probably a couple of extra loaves on Saturday morning just to be on the safe side.

*There is, after all, a little extra time to play with during this holiday weekend.

*And who doesn't like it when time slows down for just a bit?  Especially during the hectic last few weeks of the school year?

And speaking of time, Da Boyz seem to think that their dinner time has arrived.  The clock says we have another ten minutes, but I don't believe I have a lot of wiggle room here.  They are currently taking time away from co-opting my new mattress and are hanging their heads over the computer monitor.  The yowling I can handle, but the drooling is probably going to start any moment now and I can't see how that is good for electronics.

When did the cats learn how to tell time, anyway?



twinsetellen said...

Our cats suddenly appear on my husband's chess board around 9:30 and start knocking pieces to the floor until he gives in and feeds them the wet food to which they are so richly entitled.

Resistance is futile.

Enjoy the weekend.

Donna Lee said...

I was checking repeatedly for Blackout and now i'm going to amazon and see if i can get it as an audiobook download. I've been waiting and waiting and waiting.

=Tamar said...

Life is short. Read fast.

kmkat said...

You have my sympathies for the aching hip thing. Mine will be replaced later this year (yay). A comfy mattress is a thing of beauty :-)