Wednesday, September 07, 2011

WNBP: A Tired Sort Of Mish-Mash

When I think back to my earlier blogging efforts and how I managed to somehow come up with a post every day, I marvel at my fortitude.  Now that I've scaled back on the internet investment, you'd think I'd have more energy for the whole thing.  I get rest in between posts, for heaven's sake!

Tonight, I am tired.  Sure, it probably has something to do with the fact that today was the second day of school and that I am finally starting to understand that this is for real.  However, I still feel like kind of a wimp as I face the blank blogging screen.

One can only imagine how I am going to ramble on and on...and on.  Good thing it's the Wednesday Night Bullet Post where continuity doesn't really matter all that much!

*I probably already mentioned that today was the second day of school but I think that fact bears repeating.

*Yesterday, I revealed my reasons for believing that the first day of school never really lives up to the hype.

*Today, I shall tell you that the second day generally goes rather predictably.  We are tired and it is less acceptable to go outside for half the day to play trust-building games.

*Plus it was raining so we couldn't go outside anyway.

*And everyone has to use the bathroom more frequently.

*Best Student Line Of The Week (thus far anyway) comes to us courtesy of The Future Farmer:  

I brought cake.  My dad says to tell you that it has three eggs in it.

*I do not know why those three eggs were so noteworthy, but I can tell you they make for a darned find cake.

*Second best line of the week.  In an amazing twist of irony, it also is credited to TFF:

"It is a chocolate cake with rainbow sprinkles."

*That boy is someday going to make a lucky lady very happy.  He can rebuild a car, tell a joke with the best of 'em and now....he BAKES!!!

*He also brought instant coffee packs for the teachers because he thought we looked like we needed it.

*His future wife should call and thank me for the training I have provided.

*I met briefly with my director today.  It went like this:

Ms. Sheep:  You know all those emails I sent you about stuff that I knew nothing about and was mad because no one told me?

Ms. Person Who Is So Totally The Boss Of Me:  Yes.  Vividly.

MS:  Well, you can just disregard that.  I went back over the old emails from last spring and it turns out I knew all about it.  I even had some rather insightful things to say about it all at the time.

MPWISTTBOM:  Consider it disregarded.  Oh, and by the know that problem we were discussing that I had no memory of dealing with last June?  Well, judging from my notes, I did deal with it and I guess I gave several official decisions to quite a few people.  No idea what those were though...

MS:  I used to be really smart, you know.  Not a genius or anything, mind you.  But I was smart.  People used to talk all the time about my razor sharp wit.

MPWISTTBOM:  Me too.  Mind like a steel trap...that's what I had.  I was the envy of all the other directors.

MS:  I asked my doctor about it.  She says there is nothing to be done.

MPWISTTBOM:  Mine too.  Is it hot in here?  I suddenly feel like I'm melting.

MS:  No.  Ask me again in an hour, though.

*I found my camera cord.

*Which, if you consider the Middle Age Crisis And Random Hot Flashes situation going on here, is kind of amazing.

*Now I can show you pictures of the wicked cool collapsible ten liter water jugs I picked up a couple of years ago for five bucks on clearance.

*Busted these bad boys out during Tropical Storm Irene!

Glad it wasn't a hurricane when it got here, but was kind of sad that my Clearance Crisis Water didn't get a chance to save my life...

*I was going to show a picture of how I heated up coffee with just a can of Sterno and the will to caffeinate myself but it kind of revealed how dirty my stove top is so I opted out of that one.

*The reading pace has, as predicted, slowed markedly.  Still have a few things to tell you about, though!

*I'm carrying on with the Connor Grey series.

*I can't recall if I told you about Unquiet Dreams (Connor Grey, Book 2).

*Too lazy to look back to last week's post so I'll just mention it again.

*Told you I was tired.  I did not lie about that...

*Then I read Unfallen Dead (Connor Grey, Book 3).

*Again, might have already mentioned it.

*Next up: Unperfect Souls (Connor Grey, Book 4)

*I am now rounding out the whole experience with Uncertain Allies (Connor Grey, Book 5).

*Should have it finished tonight.

*Assuming I remember to charge the ereader...

*I'm not sure where I'm heading next on the reading road, but I have a few ideas.  I'll get back to you once I decide.

*Too tired right now to really put the thought into it that I should.

*Oh!  I just remembered!  I wanted to tell you about Shadowmagic.  I had a chance to listen to the audio version a while back as an unpublished freebie but wasn't sure if it would ever see print.

*Which was kind of tragic to me because it is excellent!

*Print version available and yay for John Lenahan!!!

*I'm kind of impressed that I remembered that what with the tiredness and crazy old lady moments I seem to be having.

*I really should go.  I need to check my notes for the day and figure out what I promised people I would do even though I have no memory of even talking to them.

*Hopefully they are as tired as I and don't recall either.

Yeah...wrapping this up seems like the best possible option right now.  I have no idea what I'm wearing tomorrow and I can only imagine how showing up in my jammies will go over with my colleagues.  They might consider it par for the course after my recent bout of the stoopidz, but I don't think I want to chance it.

I'm also thinking that tonight will involve an early bedtime.  That seems like a good plan...



Lynne said...

Sleep well!

=Tamar said...

A favorite line I heard somewhere:
"Mind like a steel trap: everything that goes in comes out crushed and mangled." No, of course I don't remember where.

Rosie1925 said...

Oh, I have a mind like a steel trap, too. Rusted shut.

trek said...

Early bedtime...yawn...I was so behind that last night, too.

Judging by Future Farmer's skill set, I just upgraded you from a most excellent teacher to teacher extraodinaire! Well done, Ms Sheep!!

Donna Lee said...

I did the early bedtime thing last night but I'm draggin' this morning since the massive thunderstorms rolled through here at 2 am and stayed until about 5. Hard to sleep with all that noise right over my head.

Elaine said...

Little known fact: Rainbow sprinkles increase the protein factor of eggs. You can look it up in your Funk and Wagnell's.

Anonymous said...

I asked one my staff people today where we were on a tax return I gave him to finish back in mid-August. He reminded me that he had finished it, I had reviewed his work and queried him about several mysterious items that had boggled my mind.

Slowly, bits of the memory returned to my fogged brain.

Now if I could remember what I did with that #^$%$ return my life would be complete.

Teri S. said...

I'm so glad someone else has the same problem I have. In previous years, I could contribute sieve brain to hypothyroidism, vitamin deficiencies, and Lyme disease. This year, I have no excuse. Except maybe the change of life... Maybe after it's all said and done, the wit and the memory will be restored to what they were in those halcyon days of yore.

Julia G said...

You pretty much described every conversation in my office last week :-)

Hope the second week of school goes well - the Future Farmer got it right, everything is better with cake!