Thursday, September 15, 2011

Surprise Bullets!!!

I suppose that being surprised by bullets is kind of a bad thing, but I think you know what I meant.  I missed the Wednesday Night Bullet Post due to a fit of Oh-My-God-I-Cannot-Even-Function-At-This-Point.  When one is struck by the OMGICEFATP, there isn't much else to be done.  I think you will understand once you get a sense of the situation.

Let's take advantage of some complimentary Thursday Night Bullet Points and explore how it all went down...

*Last night was Open House at my school.

*Long time readers will know that I don't bother driving all the way home and back again.  I just hang out, get some work done and wait for the end.

*I don't get many visitors.

*Yesterday's work day ran from 6:45 am to 7:05 pm.  Not counting the commute.

*Which is long, but I have wi-fi and could have posted at some point.

*But I didn't because I kind of got behind. I had a lot to do and time got away from me. Before I knew it, parents were filtering in and I had to look professional and caring even if no one ever actually saw it.

*But that wasn't the worst of it.

*It was really hot yesterday and my room was stifling.

*Sheepie lacks anything remotely resembling Self-Regulating Internal Temperature Control these days.

*Hot classroom=rising internal temps and rampant perspiration.

*No control.  None.  Even when I explain to my brain that it can't do this on Open House Night because I don't have a change of clothes or the strength to look like a nurturing professional whilst melting, there is nothing that will stop it.

*Force of freakin' nature!

*All one can do in this situation is stagger down to the classroom of a female colleague and gasp out the basics of the story.

*She will then race to the windows, fling them open and start directing fans.  A little distracting conversation, a few sympathetic murmurs and the worst will pass.

*If you don't happen to have a middle aged colleague capable of understanding the horrors involved in the Beautiful Circle Of Life, then I feel sorry for you.  You are on your own with no one to locate ice chips.

*I had one parent visit me around 6:30 and that was all.

* Which was good because I was a little bedraggled by then.

*I was trying to describe my Horrific Crazy Humidity Hair situation to Mrs. Secretary Who Sits At The Back Desk when Mr. Principal walked by.

*He only saw my wild gesticulations and offered assistance with whatever might be plaguing me.

*I didn't think he could really do much with my rapidly corkscrewing locks, so I thanked him kindly and declined.

*He was not the one to whom I turned when the hot flashes hit either.

*He likes to be helpful and supportive, but I'm thinking that might put him off his feed for a week or so...

*My class is very needy this year.

*I don't have any prep time during the day.

*I also need to watch them almost constantly in order that they don't set things alight, doodle on the walls or procreate in the closets.

* recap.

*I worked a twelve hour day with needy children, didn't finish all my paperwork, required assistance to survive my middle aged bodily breakdown and had really, really bad hair going on.

*I came home and took a bath.  Then I went to bed.

*Frankly, we all benefited from that decision.

*Today, I feel really good and I'm hardly melting at all!

*The Very Complicated Kitty took his pill this morning.

*This is a good thing because I was beginning to despair.  I've been getting up fifteen minutes earlier just to deal with his poor behavioral choices.

*I think he has accepted that mornings are no longer the leisurely things we enjoyed during the summer months.

*Speaking of cats, I think I need to clean the carpets again.

*Just noticed the horror that is my floor space.

*Might need to put that on the weekend To-Do list.

*I picked up a copy of Autumn a week or so ago.

*It wasn't bad and something one should read if one is trying to stay current with the walking dead genre.

*It just wasn't my favorite, was all.

*And then to discover that I already had it as an audio book added insult to injury.

*Hate buying what I already own!!!

*Less of the distress with Nightlife, though.

*Here's a story that will put any parental issues one might have into perspective!

*It's hard to stay mad at a mom who wouldn't let you wear a backless dress to prom when compared to poor Cal's family memories...

*That said, there is a little issue when the author changes character perspective halfway through the novel.

*Normally, I like the switch-up and he didn't really have much choice under the circumstances, but I started to get a little stressed after a fashion.  

*Strong characters and a unique story line here.  

*And it's a series so this will keep me occupied while I wait for a few new releases.

*I keep track of what's coming out and when with a computer generated sticky note.

*I like sticky notes.  The ones on the computer are not the same, but they don't fall off the edge of the coffee table like the "real" ones I use to remind myself of very important stuff.

*Cats are often sporting a few sticky notes as they gambol about the manse.

*Stress makes me a little red in the face.

*Which causes heat.

*And then...SURPRISE!!!

I hope that these Thursday Bullet Points will help to make up for my utter lack of posting ability on Wednesday.  Sometimes it just isn't meant to be and one has to go along with what the universe is suggesting.  I think there is a bright side, though.  Now I'm all convinced it's Wednesday and that will make tomorrow seem like Thursday and it won't be!  It will be Friday!

And that is a very nice sort of surprise.



Anonymous said...

Re: power surges, aka hot flashes. I suffered from them for a few years; then had a bout with my gall bladder that necessitated eliminating all fat from my diet. The hot flashes stopped cold (I crack myself up). After a few months I gradually reintroduced fat into my diet but the hot flashes never returned. Your mileage may vary...

Anonymous said...

Re: Rob Thurman. Keep reading. Many more surpises in store for you there. Also, you will HAVE to read Trick of the Light. IMHO, it's the best Rob Thurman book ever - and it's the start of an enirely different series.

Word Verification is frizesc - escaping the frizzies?

Thanks for your continued hilarious and edifying posts!


Catherine said...

I hate my hot flashes, I don't know how many times a week I end up soaking wet, and then to insult to injury, because sweating like Nixon in a snl skit is not bad enough I have zits! Yes thank you glorious change of life. I feel like a teenager buying acne medicine. But on the plus side I no longer have problems with dry zones on my face. Yah for me.

I love your book recommendations. I have a few for you; Among Others by Jo Walton, My Life as a White Trash Zombie by Diana Rowland, and any of the Black Knight Chronicles by by John Hartness.

Julia G said...

Being "surprised by bullets" reminded me of that quote from "Mystery Men" in which the Bowler tells Mr. Furious that the police said her father "fell down an elevator shaft. Onto some bullets."

Glad to hear the VCK is making better "behavioral choices"! Now if I could only convince my cat that 3 am is NOT snack time....

Speaking as a parent going through (two) parent-teacher conference nights, I can totally empathize with the bedraggled and the frizzies, not to mention all the STAIRS. I don't know how you do it every day - zombie power?

=Tamar said...

You live in the north... so you may appreciate this. Mount Tambora, the one that caused the famines because of the year with no summer in 1816 (by erupting in 1815) is shooting ash into the sky again, blocking sunlight. Stock up now!