Wednesday, September 21, 2011

WNBP: Settling In

We are finding our rhythm here at the Sheepish House Of Wayward Felines And Public Education.  That's not to say that I didn't think it was Saturday when I woke up on Tuesday, but I think we will eventually get past those morning mishaps.  At least I hope I do.  It is a bitter thing indeed to face the reality of a workday at quarter to five when a part of you thinks it is the weekend.

Let's take a look at this week's Wednesday Night Bullet Post and marvel at my new found school year scheduling skills:

*No.  Seriously.  Hearing that alarm go off in the darkness of the early morning hours is painful enough without that two seconds of thinking it can be ignored.

*I don't recommend it.  Not at all...

*I have managed to get myself to school on time every single day so far.

*I suggested that this might be enough to earn a day off, but they said they'd have to get back to me.

*The Latest Interaction With My Betters That Really Should Have Resulted In My Firing:


Ms. Sheep:  (stomping to the phone and muttering) Oh, for crying out loud!  What now?  (she checks the caller i.d. and picks up the phone as it is not someone she can ignore)  Yes, O Fearless Leader?  Do you have something good to tell me?  I would like for someone to tell me something good today.

Mr. Assistant Principal:  Hello Ms. Sheep.   Is Mr. Newest Teaching Assistant there by any chance?

MS:  Not at the moment.  He is in class with a student.  Is this about me?  Is it good?  You haven't mentioned the part involving me and good things yet.

MAP:  It isn't good.  Nor is it really bad.  I just need to talk to Mr. NTA about a scheduling thing is all.  For you, I guess it's...nothing.

MS:  If it isn't about me, I am not interested.  I am hanging up now.  You can talk to your new best friend Mr. NTA.  For future reference, make a note:  Good.  And about me.  Otherwise, not interested.

MAP:  (chuckling)  Duly noted.

*Hand to God, I cannot get these people to take my firing seriously!  What the heck does a girl have to do?  Set fire to her hair????

*Best Joke I've Heard In Forever Courtesy of Li'l Einstein (who is crazy smart and really doesn't seem like the humorous type...):

A guy walks into a bar.  And says, "ouch."

*Sit with it for a minute.

*You'll get there.

*It's even funnier if you are trying desperately to get some work done and are only half-paying attention and Li'l Einstein knows it.

*I told it to the CTA at the end of the day and it killed!!!

*Best Line Of The Week courtesy of The Siren (she who is going to lead the male members of the class into serious trouble and they will smile with each step they take towards their doom):

I love it when you just sit there blinking really fast at us.  It's like you're trying to say, "Oh my God I cannot believe this is my life."  It's really funny how you do that!

*Yeah.  It's a riot.  And it's not blinking.  It's probably a seizure of some sort brought on by witnessing three kids argue for fourteen minutes straight over a pen cap.

*Did I mention the kid who showed up on the third day of school with two full-sized bowling balls in his bag?

*I can't recall.  I probably didn't tell you about that.  I haven't come up with a blog name for him yet because everything I think of has the word "balls" in it and I can't make it come across right.

*I signed up for Amazon Associates so I could use the convenient widget.

*Great way to quickly link to books I'm reading.

*Some people, however, are actually doing to generate income and I would imagine they are freaking out a bit over the lack of widget workability these days.

*For me, it just means it is going to be very time consuming to recommend books to you.

*I am still going to try, though!

*Anything for you, Dear Readers!!!

*I finished Madhouse.

*And I very quickly purchased Deathwish.

*This is teen angst at its most poignant and powerful.

*I normally get a little irritated by teen angst, but I think that Cal has a right to be snarky.

*My only complaint is that, in the current installment, the author is really switching up the character perspective.

*I like the grumpy teen.  Keep the spotlight on the grumpy teen.

*And I don't say that very often given my line of work!!

*Still like the books even if there's less with the grump.

*You cannot even begin to imagine the stress involved in getting those two links in place.  

*Blogger...please get over your issues with Amazon.  

*It's not for me.  It's for the grumpy teen whose plight I wish to make known to the world.

*Plus I don't really have time for this now that I am back to work and trying to get to school on time.

*Right now I should be finding clean clothes to wear tomorrow.  

*And shoes.  I need shoes to accommodate my feet which are swelling up like melons in response to standing all day and blinking a lot.

*That isn't exactly something I planned for and hardly in keeping with my schedule.

*Frankly, I think that there are many forces out there working against my staying on schedule this year.

*But I can't seem to get fired so it will have to work out and settle down soon.

So Wednesday happened and then it was over and now I'm just cruising my way through the new prime time television schedule.  Fall does have it's benefits.  I get some new jokes and a super new TV schedule to work with.  Plus I get to practice blinking.

Yes.  We are truly settling in.



Lynne said...

As predicted, I had to sit with it but it made me chuckle in the end!

Anonymous said...

I know why they won't fire you. Our new county administrator explained this to us. It is expensive to lay people off (or fire them). There is unemployment to pay, and accumulated sick leave and vacation. Maybe teachers don't accumulate vacation, what with the summers off and all. But still, it would be expensive to fire you and we all know how stretched school budgets are these days.

So you may have to quit and look for something else, something less stressful. How about knitting for hire? It doesn't pay much, but you would get to fondle yarn and fiber all day, every day. I know Da Boyz would like having you there with them all the time. And you could start the day at whatever o'clock you want.

trek said...

The phrase "no good deed goes unpunished" came to mind as I read your conversation with Mr Assistant Principal.

Maybe he just doesn't have the power to fire, though. Have you tried this tactic with Mr Principal himself?

Catherine said...

Sorry about the not getting fired thing. I lost the entire last week to the Cal series it was a great distraction when my husband had surgery! Best part of the entire week. Thanks.

knitseashore said...

Fire you? You should be nominated for sainthood. Your power of humor in the classroom is unequaled.

I hope nothing is seriously wrong with the AGK. I sort of miss pill time since Rainy passed away, but then I sort of don't. :)

Julia G said...

I could use some snarky dialogue to cope with my own grumpy teens (love'em to pieces, but trying to adjust to the earlier school schedule has been a challenge this year). I'll have to try reading "Deathwish" now that I downloaded the Kindle app on my iPod Touch (basically an iPhone that doesn't make calls).

This year's class sounds like it will keep you on your toes. Hope your cold gets better!