Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Obligatory WNBP: It Would Be Better With Cookies

It was a near thing tonight. Sheepie is all tuckered out and almost said, "To heck with The Wednesday Night Bullet Post!" But when I decided to pull back a bit on the blogging routine last summer, I made a few promises to some people. The WNBP was one of them so I shall suck it up and dispense this week's dose of random brain burps for your consideration.

When all is said and done, I always feel better after a brain burp. I think it is very therapeutic.

*Everyone should know that I worked out this afternoon.

*You should clap and make lots of approving noises because I was very tired and had no interest in picking up heavy things or pedaling my way to nowhere.

*You! In the back! Yeah, you. I said CLAP!!!!!!!!! That was not a suggestion. I am an amazing human being for working out this afternoon and not eating chocolate chip cookies like I wanted to.

*If nothing else, you should clap for my recent nomination as the neediest human being on the planet.

*I also knit on the hot water bottle cozy while I was riding the little exercise bike.

*You don't have to clap for that. It's just a weirdly shaped hot water bottle cozy.

*Let's not be the sort of people who clap for just anything...

*Baby Panda Update:

He's getting really big! It seems like only yesterday I mistook him for a naked mole rat...

*Tomorrow is Flu Shot Day at school!

*Yay!!! I'm going to get mine, then go to the back of the line and get another one!!!

*We who fear the flu think of Flu Shot Day the way other people think of birthdays and Christmas.

*We who are trapped in a classroom with leaky children all day are downright reverent about it.

*The school nurse says I can't get an extra shot even if I go to the back of the line and wear a clever disguise. She blathered on about limited supplies of vaccine and people not needing double shots.

*I think she is trying to deny me my right to double flu protection and am going to try anyway.

*No one will think twice if someone in a nun's habit who looks just like me shows up for a flu shot. It's foolproof...

*Sometimes when a student is telling his teacher about the latest in a series of things that have gone wrong, she can't help but reflect on how his choices got him to this place. In fact, she knows that everything happening right now is his to own and that consequences happen for a reason.

*But sometimes she sees in his eyes that, for just a second, he knows this. He knows it right down deep. It's a brief moment because he will soon start frantically finding ways to justify all that happened or blaming others for his predicament. The moment of knowing is just too much for most people. Even adults find it uncomfortable.

*Even though the teacher knows that this student was arrogant and blatantly disdainful of the rules the rest of us have to live by, she will be heartbroken for him in that moment. She shouldn't feel sorry for him...but she will.

*Of course she still has to make him take his state assessments and do his math papers. This will restore the balance. The student hates taking tests and doing his math and will no longer be quite so tragic a figure to his teacher.

*The average tragic figure doesn't skewer his math pages with his pen and then fling them around the room. They're usually a little more conscious of the need to maintain an air of quiet dignity.

*Sometimes I fantasize about a world where it rains chocolate chip cookies.

*Then I remember my fear of "outside food" or "things that have touched the ground" and realize that I couldn't eat the cookies.

*That would be a painful existence for me. Everyone else would be out splashing in the cookie puddles and I'd be inside with my sad, little nose pressed against the glass, looking all wistful.

*Maybe I'll make chocolate chip cookies this weekend...

*Speaking of which, it is a long weekend. I believe I've mentioned that fact already this week.

*But it's always nice to say it again.

Wednesday is done and Thursday is soon to make an appearance. I'll make it through the last day of 8th grade assessments and get me a couple of nice flu shots. I probably won't eat any chocolate chip cookies because that is not the sort of thing I do during the week. But I'll think about them a lot and eventually the weekend will arrive. Then it will be all cookies all the time!



Anonymous said...

Do you think I could sneak into your school and get myself a flu shot? I will settle for just one shot; some protection is better than none, right. This weekend's clinic here has been cancelled and our doctor doesn't have any right now either. What time should I be there?

Cathy said...

I pass on the cookies and go straight for the chips. For some reason, this means I don't have to exercise as much.

Have a great looooonnnnnggggg weekend!

Yarnhog said...

If I worked with kids, I would get a flu shot, wear a full body c*ndom, and then stay home. I think your desire for a second shot is perfectly reasonable and necessary.

Or try the c*ndom idea.

Kath said...

You definitely deserve those cookies and now I need chocolate chip cookies too. But since I'm lazy I might just take a shortcut and eat the dough! That could be enough for me.

Kinda wonder when Baby Panda will get a name. Don't you? I'm sure, "hey you - baby panda" must get old.

Karen said...

The baby panda has gotten so big!

I'd be more than happy to let you have my flu shot. I don't like shots.

Anonymous said...

You go, Sheepie! I am proud of you for exercizing.

Donna Lee said...

Clapping, clapping here! (for the exercise not the flu shot)

I got my flu shot only because they're threatening my job. I will get back in line for the H1N1 shot sometime soon. I like getting paid.....

April said...

Thank you for exercising tonight as I am living vicariously through you when it comes to things that make one huff and puff. As far as the cookies go, not so much with the vicariously.

Cursing Mama said...

I have been trying to get a flu shot (one I'll even pay for) but they keep giving me some line about needing to be healthy to get the shot - and as I'm sure I've mentioned a time or 100 on Twitter - I'm not healthy.
This bothers me greatly.
But - now I know of your FLU shot issue and well it seems wrong that you're healthy & still cant get yourself one or two...

trek said...

I read the tweets. Sorry about the flu shot not working out.

The chocolate chip cookies won't help your immunity to the flu but they should make you feel better about all of that.

Word verification: "mandled" - what the school nurse did to you today.

Knitting Linguist said...

I like the idea of double flu shots -- one for each arm! I don't tend to get them, but I just spent the better part of three hours sitting in a room watching test-taking students sneezing all over one another. I think it's a bad sign, no?

knitseashore said...

You may have my flu shot, since the cats don't go outside, and neither do I, much.

Can I trade you that for the cookies?

If you put a basket out to catch the cookies, will they not miss the ground, and therefore be safe? Just a thought.

Betsy said... a teacher of students of a certain age and a MUST go read this (and don't be drinking while you are reading!)