Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Bullets For You!

Welcome to Wednesday!  We here at The Sheepish House Of Calendar Confusion like Wednesday.  We get to cheat on the ol' blog.  No train of thought required.  Just my random bullet points.  As this is the first full week I've had to work in I-Dunno-How-Long, I can't be sure that it is really Wednesday.  But, I'm pretty sure it is.  So I'm going for the Wednesday Night Bullet Post!

*Several people commented yesterday upon my amazing coordination after learning of my knitting whilst pedaling on the exercise bike.  I could take the low road and just bask in all the glory.  But that would be wrong.

*While I have, indeed, knit on a regular-type exercise bike, the one I use now is not really the same.  I'd feel guilty lying. 

*And I already did a post about this a year ago so anyone who read that would just say, "Hey, aren't you the one with the mini fitness pedaler who just bikes from her couch?  What a liar you are!  We cast scornful looks upon you and will henceforth mock you openly given the least little opportunity.  That'll teach you Ms. Liar-Pants"

*I have precariously balanced self-esteem.  This could tip things negatively.

*Four years ago, closing in on two hundred pounds and on the advice of my doctor, I purchased a portable cycle like this one.  I've used it faithfully since then.  I don't weigh two hundred pounds anymore.  

*And I can knit.


It's The Blindingly Bright Brioche Baby Blankie!!!

*Actually, the colors settled down a little bit once knit unto one another.  I was giving it to baby one way or the other.

*But it's nice to know that I won't be causing any permanent retina damage to the little feller.

*The power went out this afternoon while I was pedaling on the little bike.  That was bearable.  But having no TV while I did the strength training portion of the Fitness Torture Session was unpleasant.

*I like electricity.  I like it a lot.  I'm a fan.  You could call me a groupie, if you want.

*The Blindingly Bright Brioche Baby Blankie didn't light up the room quite as much as I'd hoped.  

*I had baked beans for dinner.  I don't like baked beans, really.

*Which begs two questions:  1.  Why was I craving beans from a can for dinner?  2.  If I don't like baked beans, why did I have a can in the cupboard?

*I am now afraid of zombies and The Robin Hood Of Baked Beans.  Some strange man in tights is sneaking into my home and giving me baked beans that he liberated from the Bean Moguls.

*The list of things I fear is growing.  I may never sleep again...

*Does anyone happen to know where January went?  I know it was here.  I remember taking down the Christmas Tree and not making resolutions.  I've lost January!  Who does one call in a situation like this?

*Maybe I have brain damage from the brightness of the blankie or the beans...

I got nuthin' else.  That's it.  I'm just sitting over here eating beans, knitting a BBBBB and feeling better about telling the truth about my poor balance on an exercise bike.  I live on the edge most of the time, right?

You'd think I'd have better balance, wouldn't ya?



catsmum said...

Sheepie my love
allow me to share the fruits of my "ohbuggerthepowersgoneoutagain" experience.
Buy yourself a portable DVD player ... with the largest screen you can afford. Keep it on the power cord charger thingie for normal use. When said power goes out you'll have several hours of DVD watching, bike pedalling, knitting pleasure ahead of you.
I actually bought 'ours' for David to watch when he comes with me to clogging class on Monday nights.
btw I hate baked beans but always have ONE can in the pantry for visitors who suddenly develop bean leanings.

Donna Lee said...

I hate beans too but I make good ones. Well, the juice is good, but I still hate the beans. My husband loves them so I make them for him. Beans are too squishy. I love the exercise bike. I may investigate one for my self. Especially now that I have proof that knitting can happen at the same time.

Roadside Manners said...

You balancing on the little bike pales in comparison to seeing our father trying to use my NordicTrac...

Knitting Linguist said...

Ummm, OK. In spite of the fact that this is going to prove my lack of intelligence in front of all and sundry, I have to ask. Upon what does one sit when utilizing the mini-exercise-bike-like object? Inquiring mind wants to know.

I'm loving the blanket! I'm sorry that it failed you in the light department, however :)

Emma said...

Ack! I fell terrible for you about the lack of power. It brings back truly horrible memories for me! Throw in the zombies and I probably won't sleep a winl tonight.

Anonymous said...

I love the BBBBB! I happen to prefer the bright colors for the babies.

I seem to be in the minority here; I love baked beans - they're good for your heart, you know ;-)

Beth said...

I'd like to hear more of about the strength training portion of your workout. And that blanket is great! The colors really make it.

Mel said...

Well, things do still bounce about when the pedal exerciser is in use, so some degree of coordination is still required.

We have a big can of baked beans, too, but I still cooked black bean chili and yummy bread for dinner tonight.

mehitabel said...

Beans of any sort make me break out in massive itchy hives, so I avoid them at all costs. However, the housemate loves her some good bean burritos--how did I manage to give birth to someone like that?? I think a portable DVD player is a great idea, and I do keep mine charged up although i haven't ever had to use it. But then our power stays on since we seldom have "weather" here.

Ann said...

I'm a fellow Mainiac who just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog. I've been enjoying for a while now and just thought I should let you know.

Anonymous said...

Can you hook the bike up to a generator of sorts for your electricity needs? It's something to think about anyway.
The blankie is lovely. Do you realize you are making what may be a child's most loved item? Scary isn't it.
I eat baked beans but I don't love them. Something about having to eat them every Saturday night (with hot dogs of course) of my entire childhood ruined them.

Alwen said...

I often think when I'm ellipting away that it's too bad the thing doesn't charge a battery or something.

I can't Kitchener on it, but plain old round-and-round sock knitting, that I can do!

Trish said...

I love the baby blanket. It's not that bright at all.

Besides, baby spit up will tone down the colors a little.

Yarnhog said...

The fact that the bike is on the floor and your butt is on the couch doesn't really change the coordination factor much. I can't knit while walking, either. It's the jiggling, I think.

Exercise is a funny thing. I used to love using the elliptical trainer at my gym, so I bought one for home, so I wouldn't have to go to the gym. And I hated it. It was a nice machine, but I couldn't get into it at home. I sold it and started going to the gym again, and while I don't love going, I do love using the elliptical once I'm there. Go figure.

Ronni said...

The exercise bike we have is one that provides its own seat so I think I may have to work up to knitting. We'll see. What ticked my hubby off about it was that it's a resistance bike that ought to be able to make it's own electricity (and to spare) for the display but instead it has to be plugged in. Still he let me get it so I really should try the whole exercise while knitting thing. Tomorrow.

Leigh said...

I love that baby blankie! Back in the day, when I was in nursing school, we were taught that babies couldn't 'see' pastels, only bright colors. So those colors are good to go.