Sunday, January 06, 2008

Amphibian Assistance

As part of my ongoing mission to distract and entertain the Big, Fluffy Kitty while she transitions into being an Only Cat, I have brought in a vast and embarrassingly large number of kitty-type goo-gaws.  But there is none we love more than Turtle.

It is a bit difficult to translate this particular word from standard English into Crazy Cat Lady Speak.  The closest approximation would be phonetically pronounced, "Toy-doo."  Perhaps it will help to hear it in context.  Examples of word usage might include:

Where is Toy-doo?  Go git Toy-doo!

Awwww...dus oos baby wuv dis Toy-doo?

Why no, Mommy doesn't mind laying flat on the floor with her arm under the recliner up to her shoulder and rummaging around amongst the dust bunnies for Toy-doo after you batted him under there...why do you ask?

Or, my personal favorite:

Oh, for the love of all that is holy, please go play with Toy-doo!  Mommy needs some space!!!!!

We love Turtle very, very much.  Sometimes we just gaze at him lovingly:

Turtle doesn't care if we have bed-head.

We cuddle with Turtle.  We play with Turtle.  We chew on Turtle until he screams for mercy.  And, of course, we sleep with Turtle:

Look closely.  He's there.

Turtle is a very helpful creature.  If not for Turtle and all his crackly, catnippy goodness, we would not get much peace around here.  Turtle is good for a kitty mommy who needs a little elbow room to finish some knitting.

These Sort Of Purple Socks That Might Match Something I Own brought to you courtesy of Sockotta and the generous April Who Rains Sock Yarn Upon My Head.

And, of course, through the selfless acts of Turtle, without whom I could not have finished them in this lifetime.  Bless you my little shelled friend!



Kath said...

You don't need to explain the wonder and joy that is Toy-doo to me! In the past few years we have given mad love to GrahsssHoppa, SqueeeekeeTed, and more ChickaStickas & Mousies than can be counted. At this time, we are still a zero tolerance household, no nip heads here. But I'm starting to reconsider that policy...

trek said...

Have you given any more thought to a second kitty??

Seriously, though, great socks.

Note to self: I need to cast on some socks...and swatch for a sweater...and...

Jeanne said...

Love those socks!

My cats got a rare nip treat yesterday. My God, the whining. All I have to do is break out the container and I have a barbershop quintet of pitifulness. My cats aren't as into toys--only Blue, so to speak. He brings things to me like the zip strip pulled off a frozen food box, drop it at my feet, and wait for me to throw it so he can fetch it. Yes, he's a cat. Last I checked.

Beth said...

Your socks turned out great! Would I get more done around here if I gave Toy-doos to my family members? :)

Anonymous said...

Great looking socks!

Nothing like some good nip to keep a kitty busy so you can get something done.

Anonymous said...

Didn't it take you, like, months to knit the first of those socks? And then you knitted the second one in, like, mere minutes? (I'm practicing my, like, teen-speak. Why do you, like, ask?)

We need more nip 'round my house. I don't know why there isn't any, but I need to remedy that post haste. My kitties are about to drive me batty with the cabin fever.

mehitabel said...

Hi-Hi has his clown bear,which turns up in very interesting places. He also brings me dirty socks should Meg forget to drop them in the hamper. His other favorite toy is Simon... Hi-Hi is also the only nip-head we have. The others turn their cute little noses up at it, and watch his antics with the same expression as humans watching someone dance with a lampshade on his head.

holly said...

The socks look great! Toy-doo is serving his purpose well.

April said...

I don't remember sending you that yarn. But then anything's possible I guess.

Still got three kitties here with your name on them. :)

Mia said...

I think I need to investigate gettin' a turtle around my place!

And the socks are gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Turtle makes a lovely addition to your family.
The socks are lovely!

Anne said...

Awww.... how cute is that? Emma's favorite toy is one of the little sample skeins from STR's first sock club. She carries that thing around and sleeps with it, and occasionally drowns it in her waterbowl (not sure what the significance of the last one is). And of course, she likes it better than the ones I actually paid money for. :P

Lorraine said...

So glad you found a transitional object of affection for BFK. When Rocky died, Koda woke me every hour in the night in distress. It can be so sad and tiring to help a kitty through grief. Wish I'd found such a great toy!

Love the purple socks. In my world, purple goes with EVERYTHING!

Knitting Linguist said...

Thank goodness for Turtle, eh? Because those socks are well worth the dust-bunny grabbing part of things :)

Carrie K said...

Oh wow, fabulous looking socks.

Toy-doo! So cute. And why is it that cats prefer to watch me play fetch with their toys rather than amusing themselves? I mean, amusing themselves other than watching me play fetch with their toys.

Future SIL said...

Next time you need to keep BFK busy, give me a call. I bet cousin Sargeant would looooove to play with the kitty.