Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Booger Bullets

The First Cold Of '08 rages on. Thank heavens for Wednesday and all its randomy goodness! Here's the day's highlights:

*I think we've covered the cold. We are all on board with my achy, sneezy, snuffly, hacking grossness, right?

*I'd like to think that the horrific behavior of my students today was due to some sort of atmospheric anomaly or the annual post-holiday letdown.

*But, I'm pretty sure that much of it was due to my utter lack of patience. Anyone who even breathed incorrectly in my presence today knew my wrath.

*Still, I made an effort. What follows is a somewhat altered but accurate in most ways conversation from my classroom this morning:

Ms. Sheep: Uh-oh...

Cheerful Teaching Assistant: What's wrong?

MS: I pulled The Student With Anger Issues out of art about fifteen minutes ago as I saw he was about to blow like a volcano after a burrito brunch. I figured we could finish the project in our classroom, but now I don't know what to do next and I have to go ask the teacher.

CTA: So? Just go ask.

MS: I sort of didn't get permission to take him. She might be kinda mad...

Student With Anger Issues: Yeah. And I took one of her pencils, too.

MS and CTA: Oh God!!!!!!

MS: Wait! I have an idea! (goes to knitting bag, rummages around and triumphantly holds aloft a recently completed FO) I'll distract her with a baby sock!

CTA: Good plan. She's a new grandmother and all.

SWAI: (looks confused)

*This was, indeed, a good plan. New grandmothers who are art teachers and who also knit are easily lured to the soft 'n squishy side once exposed to wee, little knitted thingies.

And, honestly...who could blame her?

*The downside to this brilliant plan was that she immediately wanted the pattern.

*This was sort of complicated since I wasn't actually using one.  But, I fudged it.

*I don't write patterns all that well...

*There are two obvious issues with this sock in spite of its unbearable cuteness.  The first being that it is really rather large for a newborn.  I don't know much about babies, but I'm pretty sure they grow so it'll come in handy later on down the line.

*The other is that it is shaped kind of funny.  However, it seems to me that babies are, too.  

*Don't hate me.  I'm just making an observation.

*The Big Fluffy Kitty happened to notice that I was snacking on Reduced Fat Wheat Crackers.  The BFK loves Reduced Fat Wheat Crackers.

*However, once I succumb to that sweet little face and give her a cracker, she has no earthly idea what to do with it.  

*Which would be fine except that she usually ends up licking it then sitting on it and that means I can't eat it.  Or at least I shouldn't eat it...

*It's looking more and more like Friday's storm is going to be something along the lines of sleet and freezing rain.  And, given the timing as well as the fact that it is a half day of school anyway, I don't see a snow day in my future.

*I am starting to see a sick day, though.  I may have mentioned that I have a cold...

*And I'm all out of Reduced Fat Wheat Crackers.

Happy Wednesday, you guys!  Enjoy the day and celebrate the middle of the week in any way you feel is appropriate.  I shall be raising a tiny, plastic cup and toasting the little glimpse of the weekend ahead with some NyQuil of a rather recent vintage.

It sure would've gone nicely with those crackers...



Future SIL said...

Awww....that was a very cute baby sock. It that sock meant from anyone I know?

Veggies.... said...

Cute cute baby sock!!! And crackers for kitties eh, my gang looooooves buttery toast bits! What does Persephone think of that tidbit?

Huggs to both of you, G

trek said...

Cuteness! Nyquil!!!

Mel said...

Would booger bullets be effective against zombies, do you think?

tenacious knitter said...

Until I had cats, I was horrified that Sandra Bullock in While You Were Sleeping would dunk her Oreos in the cat's milk.

It's not good that I'm no longer horrified.

BTW from your last entry: snow clots?! hysterical!

Sheila said...

The wee widdle sock is so so cute!
Do they really make you drive to work when there is sleet on the roads? Shame on them....that would definately count as a day off where I live.
I love your haircut, too. I had 6 inches cut off last week, and now I'm thinking of going about your length.

Kath said...

Yes, babies are shaped funny. The head circumference to body size ratio is a prime example. And since they aren't walking on their feet, just waving them around, shape of sock is probably far less important than overall cuteness. 'Specially when baby removes it anf flings it away!

Anonymous said...

Excellent strategy with the art teacher. Nothing like the cuteness of baby stuff to distract one from anything near annoyance.

Jeanne said...

Adorable baby sock!

BFK and RFWCs: she licks them then sits on them? ROFL! Perhaps she thinks she's helping by further reducing the top layer of fat coating?

You have a Student With Anger Issues? I don't suppose said SWAI could be swayed by the cuteness of the sock.

Anonymous said...

Babies are indeed shaped a bit funny - not Clover, of course, but other babies; and they do all grow so the sock should be perfect. It's certainly perfectly cute!

You don't really want too many more snow days do you? I mean, you'll be going to school until August if this keeps up.

Beth said...

Guess what?! It snowed tonight! There was actually enough for people to make snowballs and snowmen. But now it's raining.

Your baby sock is way too cute. It's made from pretty yarn, too.

punkin said...

I just saw my first Zombie and it was on a craft blog. They are everywhere! And I never even knew about them until I read your blog.

Zed the Zombie's address:

Anonymous said...

The sock is too cute for words! Babies do grow and often have oddly shaped feet so I'm sure they'll be perfect.
I hope you feel better.

Cursing Mama said...

BFK could take lessons from Benny; he eats Dorritos. From The Bag. When I'm Not Looking.

crunch, crunch, crunch......

mehitabel said...

Okay, I am a new gramma too and that sockielet is just the cutest! But I don't knit socks any more. Been there, done that, didn't like it.
Need to finish blankie for new grandbaby. If there is enough yarn left over, I might make her a pair of Saartje's bootees,w hich are the ultimate in cute.
What has happened to me? I don't DO cute!

debsnm said...

One of my cats love, love, loves Cheez-its, but has the same problem as your BFK - so, we put the cheez-it on the arm of the couch, push down firmly in the middle, and our Siamese Lover-Boy can then eat the crumbs - works every time!

SgtChedderFace said...

Could you put TWO baby feet in that one sock....wouldn't have to worry about being kicked. like a baby striaght jacket...hmmmm...I might need to invest in one at the rate Jarrid is kicking.