Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Quick 'n Easy

That's why we like the Wednesday Night Bullet Post. It is Wednesday, isn't it? I'm all confused what with the holiday on Monday and having the first day of school with the kiddies today. I'm pretty sure it's Wednesday...and if it isn't then my confusion should indicate that it is time for a random sort of post anyway.

*Yesterday's headache was still somewhat in evidence as of this morning but was gone well before lunch. I think it hung around because I was nice to it since I am such a naturally gracious hostess and all.

*Note to self: Don't be nice to everyone.

*A review of my schedule on Tuesday gave me a bit more insight into Mr. Headache's origins. I may have forgotten to eat anything during the day. I noted that my lunch was still sitting in the fridge at school and I honestly don't remember eating anything after the cup of yogurt I had around mid-morning.

*I still hold the people who changed the kids' schedules on me partially responsible since it was their actions that led to my having to spend the day trying to find a way to fix things rather than taking in nourishment like a sensible person.

*I hate all my knitting. All of it. Each and every strand, stitch or loop. It is all stupid and uncooperative and I hate it. I'm going to take up paint-by-number or pick up some of those potholder loom kits at the craft store. Knitting is stupid.

*Instead of getting the older laptops that the rest of the staff in our district get, all the special ed. teachers received newer computers in order that we might be able to run the application needed for us to write individualized education plans. I just got mine.

*I am not a Mac person. I prefer a PC. There is no real reason for this other than my long and happy history with PCs. Macs are nice...just not for me.

*Except that I love my new school computer. For the first time in forever, my work computer is better than my home computer.

*I feel like I'm cheating on my laptop PC.

*I hate my knitting and am looking forward to cheating on that stupid stuff. It didn't treat me right and deserves what it gets.

*My Big, Fluffy Kitty has been stress eating since I went back to school. This is a problem what with our trying to slim her down a bit. She spends her day missing me and eating all of the crunchies in her bowl to fill the void I have left behind. I can't give her more because she is fat and it is all my fault.

*I am cheating on my laptop and denying my cat the only comfort she can find these days. And I hate my knitting. I am one issue away from being the main character on a really underfunded soap opera.

*I have sunk so low that I am not admitting to the cat that I am responsible for the food rationing. I simply look really sad and tell her that Dr. Mel said I had to. I love her no matter how she looks. She's not buying it...which is making me feel guilty on so very many levels.

*Dr. Mel was right. My cat is fat and needs to be not so fat. Sheepie not so good with owning responsibility...

*The first day of school for the kids went really well. This is actually the most problem-free opening of school I've had in a long and storied history of seeing kids through day one of the educational calendar. My days have now gotten much longer, though. My school runs two different schedules for two different grades. They do not "gel" well. Not well at all. I'm looking at a nine hour day and can't see any way out of it at this point. But, if the days are smooth ones, I can live with it. It may just be a fair trade to have things run easily!

Well, it seems that the Prime Time Television Viewing Hour is almost upon us. The kitties will be pleased to know that their evening snack is due in mere minutes. I will be pleased to sit on the couch and blatantly ignore my knitting for the remainder of the evening.

Maybe I'll even go online to a craft site and describe in excruciating detail just how fun and rewarding birdhouse building can be.



Anonymous said...

I'm glad the headache is gone.

Don't resort to building birdhouses; I'm sure your knitting is sorry and will behave properly after a night of isolation!

Mel said...

Sometimes the knitting does, indeed, need a time out. As does the kitty noshfest. As with children, it is all about setting boundaries. And I have never had a kitty love me any less because of it. I've had them get a bit more strident and I've seen them turn into clockwatchers (because, of course, they *know* when it's feeding time), but they still clamor for my lovin' plenty.

trek said...

The knitting mojo will return. And there is nothing wrong with blaming the vet!

Donna Lee said...

I had a very fat kitty growning up. He was a black cat named Inky (I was a kid) and he weighed almost 30 pounds. He had the shortest legs and the smallest head and the largest belly. I don't remember feeding him more or less because he was fat. Maybe we didn't pay attention to kitty weight issues in the past. I remember that my lap ranneth over when he sat one me.

Emma said...

Poor hated knitting. Send it to me ad I'll give it a loving home!

Also, I have fat cats too. It's ok. My cat Eddie is just big-boned. Seriously, the vet said so. You should see if your cat is big-boned too.

Beth said...

I'm glad your first day with the kids went well. A nine hour day with students is long! Can you manage a couple hour break in the middle?

April said...

I think your knitting mojo is on hiatus in California because I can't STOP knitting. Damn Fair Isle.

My DeeDee is "fluffy" too. But Wilma is medium and Andy is skinny so if I try and have DeeDee lose weight it'll throw off the balance.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad the headache left but please remember to eat.
The change of schedule is so hard for everyone. I hope BFK gets used to it before she becomes Really BFK.
Karen who hates her knitting too.

Lorraine said...

Bad knitting! You're grounded!

Nine hours!?! Long day but I hope you get some decent breaks for whatever hobby makes it back into your good graces.

Alwen said...

That's right, give that knitting a time-out until it behaves and says sorry.

Cursing Mama said...

I checked - and those pot holder things are a lot cheaper than knitting.

I wonder if one can make more than potholders with that deal....maybe cat sweaters?

Mia said...

you crack me up girl..

"knitting is stupid"... I'm gonna laugh about that part all day *grin*.

Sheila said...

Sshh....the knitting gods don't like such talk. Did you read about what happened to Yarn Harlot?!

Glad the headache is gone. It seems to have made its way down to Texas, where it has settled on my neck and shoulders.

Bobbi said...

you have my total sympathy on the kitty guilt.

brenda said...

I love my Mac now (former PC person who converted a few years ago) and don't think I'd ever go back to the PC. Your PC will get over it!