Wednesday, September 19, 2007


If I had the energy to drop down to my creaky knees and be assured of my future ability to someday arise again, I would be giving all sorts of thanks for the fact that it is Wednesday. I have come to love Wednesday. Wednesday is a beautiful day. For all its mid-week, nowhere near the weekend, but not so full of the beginning of the week hopefulness, it is also the night of the Wednesday Night Bullet Post. I love the WNBP...minimal thinking required.

This is a good thing on a Wednesday. Very, very good.

*The door to my classroom won't stay open. It has a door stop thingie. But it won't hold the door open. I am cut off from the rest of the school by my big, metal door. There's a little window through which I can peek out every now and again. But it's not the same as seeing everyone in their full teacherly glory.

*This morning, as I was straining to hear sounds of life through the big metal door, I caught the rumble of the school buses.

*I then heard a fellow educator shout with an intensity normally reserved for the imminent arrival of invading Huns or Census Takers, "They're coming!!!"

*That entertained me mightily. Too bad I was trapped in my classroom by my vindictive closed door and couldn't share the merriment with my peers.

*Note: I have nothing against Huns nor Census Takers. Please do not leave nasty comments accusing me of discrimination against any of my Hunnish or Census Employed readers. I was merely trying to come up with an analogy that would give the other readers a sense of the urgency with which the warning of impending students was bellowed.

*Hysterical Mind has calmed down considerably with regard to our possible exposure to Whooping Cough. We have no way of knowing just who the lucky plague carrier in our lives might be nor how close the contact was. We are trusting in our mighty immune system to keep us safe. After all, we have been so darned healthy in the past, right?

*The mighty immune system does not, however, keep us from getting colds and the Autumnal version is creeping upon us steadily.

*But no one yelled, "It's coming!!!" So I am less amused by this arrival. I plan on being rather grumpy and whiny when the whole thing settles in for the Fall Festival Of The Snotty Sheep.

*In spite of any oncoming colds, I have had to step up my weekly workout sessions from three to four. I had a really good summer, people. It's the first time in years that I took the whole darned thing off and just lazed about in the manner to which I would like to become accustomed. They say travel is broadening.

*But it is not as broadening as staying at home, watching cartoons, eating black and white cookies and napping. Trust me on this one.

*Even the Big, Fluffy Kitty, who is not exactly slender these days, is watching me attempt to button my pants with a smirk on her face most mornings. Big, Fluffy Kitties don't wear trousers, otherwise I'd have a few things to say to her, let me tell you!

*I have a dentist appointment on the 28th. Long time readers will understand the significance of this. Newer readers will have to imagine the level of planning that goes into scheduling my panic attacks at this point. I hate my dentist. He is a very, very mean dentist who hurts me whenever he gets the chance.

*My hygienist, on the other hand, is a sweetie. She's the reason I still go there. But if, as I suspect, there is a cavity lurking in my teeth, I expect lots and lots of bloggy sympathy and cooing. This may seem presumptuous and, for that, I apologize. But there are times when a Sheep needs to be direct about her upcoming requirements. When your day comes, I will happily do the same for you. Pinky swear!

*And I do not joke about the dentist. Ever.

*If I get Whooping Cough, do I have to go to the dentist?

*A big huge, Thank You to everyone who "friended" me on Ravelry! You guys are so darned sweet! I hated the thought of not having anyone to play with, but am just not good with the approaching of others. You made a Sheep feel so welcome!!! And, as promised, I friended each and every one of you right back! You don't even have to invite me over or make me lasagna. Your willingness to include a Shy Sheep is enough!

*Plus most of you told me that you were going to heat up frozen lasagna. I really like frozen lasagna, but it would probably be a little silly to travel across the country for something that I could just make myself. was awfully sweet of you to offer! If you decide to make frozen pizza, please let me know!

Have a great Wednesday, everyone! Here's to looking at the end of the workweek and the chance to nap as the mood (or my sniffles) dictates!



trek said...

No, Sheepie never jokes about the dentist. May you be cavity-free, O Sheep!

And may the sore throat soon begone - from all of our lives.

Ronni said...

If you get whooping cough, that is definitely something you should share with the mean dentist. See, there's a silver lining even in diseases.

But I hope you have/get neither whooping cough nor cavities. Then you can just deal with the nice hygienist.

April said...

Ah yes, timing IS everything. As evidenced by the large mouthful I took of potato leek soup as I read the phrase "Fall Festival Of The Snotty Sheep."

Mmm ... creamy.

Faren said...

You are welcome! And I hope you only see the nice hygienist and not the mean dentist.

Beth said...

I was just thinking about you and your dentist today. Hope your ailment goes away soon!

kmkat said...

Just think of the fun you would have whooping and coughing on the mean dentist -- skip the nice hygenist, go directly to the dentist.

Becka - The Knitting Wounded said...

I'm sorry, but I can't make real lasagna anymore (dairy makes me icky). The Husboy and I would be happy to whip up some homemade pizza if you like (we could put it in a box and freeze it beforehand if it would make you feel more at home) =D

mehitabel said...

I make lasagna from scratch! And manicotti, too. The only problem is that I do not know how to cook for 2 or 3 people--I spent many many years cooking for 20 (me, 1 husband, 2 boys and 5 girls. Girls eat as much or more than boys) and I do not know how to cut down. This leads to freezing the excess so if I have you over for frozen lasagna, at least it will ahve been home-made by my loving hands in my own ugly kitchen!

mehitabel said...

Oh, and I hate the dentist too, even though mine is very nice and very gentle and Does Good Works and Writes a Funny Column in the local newspaper. So you get gobs and gobs of sympathy from me. (And pureed lasagna if you want it, too!)

Mia said...

What can I say to this post Sheepie? You're just too darn funny and pretty much all I can do is Laugh :)

Lorraine said...

Dentists are most certainly on my "Least Favorite People" list. Only because I've invested half my lifes earnings putting their kids through college. Uggggh!

Warm thoughts and unlimited sympathy.

Anonymous said...

The dentist again! Didn't you just go??
You need one of those plastic door stops that slides under the door or maybe you have a cute janitor who's willing to fix your door?

Anonymous said...

OH NO, not the dentist! I promise to give you all the bloggy sympathy you need during this very traumatic time in your life :)

p.s. I've also had to step up the number of trips to the gym. I kind of lost control of the eating in the early spring, so it's going to take a bit more work for me :-(

Bobbi said...

LOL! They're coming is often shouted with the same emotion here when we open the library doors in the morning.

Teri S. said...

Your friends were going to heat up frozen lasagna for you? If you were to ever wend your way down to Virginia, I would make, from scratch, lasagna for you. Likewise, the pizza. Unless you don't like homemade pizza, in which case you'll be pizza-less.

Debbie said...

My day with the dentist is coming up on the 25th, and I have some strong suspicions about a cavity too :( , so I'm calling you on the sympathy.

We always have pizza and salad on Fridays. Stop by anytime!

Cursing Mama said...

I highly suspect that when dentist die - they become part of the "undead". I know you know exactly what that means too.

Sheila said...

Those back to school kiddie germs will get you every time!
I hate visiting the dentist. Maybe if I'd gone more often it wouldn't now be such a dreaded event, but too late for that!
Hope all is well. I had lots of reading to catch up on after "being away" for a week.