Tuesday, September 25, 2007


I get tagged every now and again for the odd meme. I'm a sport about the whole thing, especially on a night when I'm a bit short on topics. Sometimes, though, I forget about them. I mean well when the "you're it" signal is made. I generally intend to follow through on the very next post. But then I finish a particularly fine example of the knitting genre known as, "Garter Stitch Scarf In Acrylic" and must share it with my fellow stitchers. Or my truck flashes some sort of red light at me, clearly indicating that it is possessed by gremlins and I feel that I have a moral obligation to let the readers know of the situation. Or I get a cold...

In short, I get distracted.

But, when I was tagged by Susie on my last post I decided that I would make a concerted effort to play along in a timely manner. I was a little worried that I might pull a Sheepie and suddenly feel the urge to write about my love of sticky notes and how I dream of someday papering an entire wall with them. However, when I read her post, I knew that this would not happen. For she has put up a picture of her new coffee mug. It is a beautiful mug and one that she put great effort into obtaining. For reasons that will soon become apparent, I heard a chorus of angels singing a heavenly tune that sounded suspiciously like the jingle I heard on the radio this morning advertising my favorite brand of java. There would be no forgetting...

So here we go, another round of Stuff About The Sheep. Here's the way it goes:

1. Link to your tagger and post rules

2. Share 7 facts about yourself, some random and some weird

3. Tag 7 people at the end of post and list their names

4. Let them know they were tagged by a comment on their blog

Everybody clear? OK, let's make the magic happen!

1. I am a fool for the "right" coffee mug. I have many. Some were found at the dollar store, others were displayed at craft fairs and some were in rather upscale shops. No matter the price, if it is the "right" mug, I must have it. I once found a mug that bore all the qualities I seek in a coffee receptacle peeking at me from a display case at a pastry shop in Salt Lake City, Utah. I paid a hefty price and dragged it almost the full width of this country.

2. We are all aware of my fear and loathing of zombies. I firmly believe that there will someday be an invasion and that my suspicion of them will be proven accurate. I also have a weird kind of affection for them. During my junior year in college, I drew zombies. Lots and lots of zombies. (I fancied myself quite the arteeeest back then) I made up little zombie stories about them. I would then cue up my cassette player to belt out The Hooter's "All You Zombies" and invite people in to look at my Zombie Art. I think people appreciated it. What can I say? It was the 80's and we all had that big hair that messed with our equilibrium and overall cognitive functioning.

3. I play a mean game of Jenga. I am seriously good at it. I am also very competitive about this tower building game...very, very competitive. When I was doing my Practicum in Counseling, it was gently suggested by my clinical supervisor that I stop using this game for Therapeutic Play Sessions. The kids always seemed a bit tense afterwards.

4. I used to secretly chuckle at people who owned sound machines. You know what I mean...those devices that play bird songs or rainstorms so you can relax? Then I got one. Now I cannot go to sleep unless the sound of a simulated ocean is swishing around in the background.

5. I am almost a vegetarian. I know that doesn't count. But it represents a supreme effort on my part so I like to think it counts for something. I refer to myself as a Conscious Eater Of Flesh. That sounds better than One Who Cannot Balance The Diet Enough To Keep From Getting Sick When She Doesn't Eat Meat.

6. I have developed a strange need to buy laceweight yarn. This makes little sense given that my lace knitting has not gone particularly well of late. But, I just love the way it feels when I'm knitting it and how "floaty" the fabric feels when it's done. I just ordered more of the stuff over the weekend. Not knitting lace is looking to be a fairly expensive hobby at this point.

7. I sing songs to the cats when I feed them. There is a different song for each type of canned food upon which they dine each evening. For example, should their 8:00 repast be "Chicken Hearts And Livers," then the musical accompaniment is a little ditty I like to call, "Chicken Farts (boom, boom, boom) They Will Make You Smart (boom, boom, boom) The "boom" part is punctuated with a little hip wiggle on my part that I think really adds a nice effect to the whole presentation. The cats seem only mildly amused but, to be fair, they have to wait for the song to finish before they are allowed to eat and this might be cause for some exasperation.

There you go! Another fascinating glimpse into the life and times of This Old Sheep. I only hope that people are able to sleep soundly after this little reveal. Sorry for any nightmares or hours spent pondering the whole "boom, boom, boom" thing. I've done this meme once or twice before and I like to use fresh material each time. It's because I care about you, Dear Readers. I want only that which is new and interesting to be viewed by your eyes.

As far as the tagging goes, we shall stick with my tried and true plan for letting you all just run with it should your little hearts desire or if you are short on blog fodder. I do love the "weird" and "random" little tidbits about people. We really are all pretty interesting folks, when it comes right down to it.

And maybe it makes me feel a little better about my own "quirks" when others admit theirs...



trek said...

You wouldn't believe some of the silly songs I made up when Neatnik was an infant. Then again, you probably would.

PS - I still sing them to her. She likes "Yummy, Yummy Oatmeal" the best.

Lazuli said...

That's a very cute kitty dinner ritual! I usually go for trying to keep one of them in particular from shoving her nose in the bowl before it even has food in it!

Beth said...

I liked all of your items, especially 4 and 5.

4) S and I have been discussing the ocean sound on my new radio. He thinks it's real, I say it's simulated. It doesn't sound "big" enough to be the ocean. What I'm wondering is why they radio company couldn't have just recorded the real ocean.

5) I am the same type of vegetarian as you. :) I was doing fine for a few years then I started feeling bad. Eating a little meat seems to help.

B. said...

LOL! OMG you are sooooooo funny! I'm talking real belly laughs happening up here in Canada! Numbers 5 and 7 were my personal favourites!

Oooooh weeee! (wiping tears from my eyes!!!) :D Thanks for the laughs -- I needed them tonight!

April said...

I'm with you on the coffee mug thinger. Which is why I have like 600 mugs and I'm the only person living here.

Anonymous said...

PHEW! I'm glad I waited until morning to read your post; no nightmares of hip wiggling, ditty singing, sheep for me :-)

Anonymous said...

I really wish your cats had a video camera. You singing would be a hit on You Tube.

Bells said...

i have more laceweight yarn than I can possibly use. And I haven't used more than half a skein. Go figure.

Bobbi said...

I think might be the love of my life. Oh I'm not gonna give up sweaters or hats or mittens, but lace lace. It makes my toes curl.

I'm the same type of vegetarian as you, I used to be a full one till I moved to the midwest, then it just got hard, which I guess means I lack conviction. :)

mehitabel said...

You should probably read "The Stupidest Angel" by Christopher Moore. It has the best, I mean best, zombie scenes ever.
My kitty feeding ritual seems mainly of cursing at Padua for being underfoot and tripping me. Their dining hall (aka the back bathroom, which needs to be sawed off the house) is not large enough for big ol' me plus a bobbing and weaving dervish. Someone will get stepped on (usually Simon).