Wednesday, February 15, 2012

WNBP: The Week Before.

I have kind of a love/hate relationship with The Week Before School Vacation.  It is certainly most awesome to contemplate the joy that is my upcoming week of rest.  Who doesn't love a week of rest, for crying out loud?  However, to get to that point, one must traverse the five working days prior to the vacationing portion of the festivities.  Furthermore, one must do this whilst in the company of young teens who have even less patience regarding the whole thing than the teacher.

This is..."trying."

I believe that it is about time to think in shorthand.  The Wednesday Night Bullet Post is always good for that, right?

*Today was not a good day.  It was one of those "trying" days I mentioned earlier.

*Any day you require the assistance of the school safety officer, you can honestly say that it was not a good day.

*I required that plus a bit more in the assistance department so I can honestly say that I had something that goes beyond "trying."

*There is really only one thing to do when things devolve to this state:  Limit your exposure.

*I  put in for sick time tomorrow a while ago, but resubmit the request just to be sure...

*I have to go see Dr. Judy.

*And buy Discounted Valentine's Day Candy.

*I deserve DVDC.

*I also deserved Spaghettios for dinner tonight.

*The Absurdly Gi-normous Kitty holds fast to many beliefs.

Among them, the principle of "I can't see you, so you can't see me!"

*Was anyone else sort of taken aback by the death of Whitney Houston?

*Not surprised...not really.  I guess we all could have guessed she wasn't the picture of health and clean living.

*But, still.  She was Whitney.

*I'm of an age where I can remember her as something other than the butt of media jokes or bad reality television.

*I was around when Whitney Houston was hitting every note and making it do her bidding.

*When even someone who was more into dating punk guys who would horrify her parents and not really following the pop music scene might stop and say, "Holy crap, that girl can sing!"

*It's sad on so many levels...

*I cannot even begin to tell you how much I am looking forward to vacation next week.  I'm not even worried about how much work I somehow have to finish in the one day I have left before the school shuts down.

*It is really shutting down this time, too.



*All shutting down.

*For some reason, they are taking the whole thing quite literally this time around.

*I mean, I didn't require a written warning to not come to school next week, but it was still nice to get one.

*Best line of the week courtesy of The Cheerful Teaching Assistant:

"My husband told me he wasn't worried.  He knows he can run faster scared than I can run mad."

*I do love our little Valentine's Day chats!

*I am still listening to 11/22/63: A Novel in the car during commute time.

*This is a very long story.  Very well read.

*But long.

*Really enjoyable.

*But long.

*Good commuter book!

*At home and in print, I am really loving Three Days to Dead.

*I sometimes think how nice it would be to just wake up as someone else.

*Especially after a day like today!

*But now I can't help but think that this would not be the best thing.

*Maybe even something like the worst thing, considering what you apparently have to go through to get to the Somebody Else stage.

*I've got two books going at the moment.  I never do that.  It is too confusing.

*But I downloaded the Kindle app on my iPad and wanted something to read on that so I got Deadtown (A Deadtown Novel).

*Also good, but not as good as the other one so I'm running behind on it.  I keep going back to the first.

*Which is getting confusing...

*I need a vacation to sort it all out.

*And if I can't have one of those right now, then I will settle for one day off for a doctor's appointment before going back for one day then having a vacation.

*Either one will work.

I'm all tapped out.  I can't think of anything else I was supposed to tell you.  I'm sure there was more, but I fear the need for time off has driven it all out of my brain.  There's always next week, I suppose.  As I may have mentioned, it is the week before vacation.

In case you were wondering...



trek said...

I'm sure that the administration just forgot to send that memo to me.

Donna Lee said...

I have a bit of a vacation next week. I took off Thurs and Friday (now if we only had Monday off as a holiday, it would be a great week).

Whitney's death surprised but didn't shock me, either. She really could sing and I remember hearing her sing gospel and marveling at her range. What a sad waste of talent (I think that of Michael Jackson as well)

kmkat said...

Long audio books: I started The Song of Ice and Fire in September and will finish (probably) next week. To be fair, it is actually 5 books, but still... I hear the narrator's voice in my head all the time.

Julia G said...

Hope you are enjoying your much deserved vacation!

The gods of the blogosphere now require commenters to type TWO words to prove we are not robots - does that mean that robots can now type ONE word?? That's scarier than playing Plants Vs Zombies while watching the Walking Dead (gulp!)