Wednesday, February 22, 2012

WNBP: The Favorite

I am in a good mood.  I believe it is this fine state of being which allows me to have a plethora of "favorites" right now.  It is also what keeps me from spiraling into a state of despair over what may or may not be an incoming cold which will undoubtedly take hold just in time for me to go back to school where I have to teach unwilling pupils who won't have the slightest bit of sympathy for me.

That's when the mood will turn.  Let's enjoy my blissful demeanor while it lasts, 'kay?  Here's your Wednesday Night Bullet Post for this week, complete with all the things that are making me happy at the moment:

*I am on vacation.

*Do I really need to explain why this makes me happy?

*I should hope not!

*I will, however, mention that February Vacation is one of my all time favorites.

*It is the first vacation of the school year that doesn't come with "obligations" and "baking requirements."

*I enjoy going places and sharing baked goods.  I really do.

*But it is ever so nice to have a vacation where the oven is on by choice rather than holiday necessity.

*And there is half priced Valentine's Day candy to enjoy.

*I was supposed to go out shopping with The World's Greatest Stylist And Life Coach on Saturday.

*She is my favorite stylist and would be even if she wasn't my only stylist.

*I kind of screwed up on the date and had to reschedule our trip.

*I didn't want to leave the house one little bit yesterday.  I wanted to hibernate and not bake things.

*But I'd missed the weekend trip and couldn't let the woman down again.  I found my shoes and dug out a restaurant gift card I knew she'd be happy to help me use up.

*It was a good day.

*When she saw me, she said, "Your hair looks g...  Well, it's gotten, um...long."

*I wanted to say something along the lines of, "Oh, really?  And is it my fault that you suddenly decided you had to take two months off, leaving me and my tresses to our own devices?"

*I did not say that.

*The rules of etiquette state that it is selfish to say things like that to the woman who just had back surgery and who can barely stand or sit in one position for more than ten minutes at a time.

*It is bad form.  Seriously bad form.  Also indicative of an egocentric nature beyond anything that should be allowed in society.

*The rule is that you load her carefully into your car and take her anywhere she wants to go.

*You carry her bags all over the mall.

*You find her a seat near the window at the restaurant.  Preferably one away from the rowdy kids who are enjoying their school vacation.

*You get her settled on the couch when the trip is over and tell the dogs to be nice and quiet so mommy can rest.

*That is what you do even if you can't really see much because your bangs are hanging in your eyes and obscuring your vision to the point of near blindness.

*I really did have fun.  Plus I got a new wireless keyboard that I love beyond all reason and which I couldn't have purchased anywhere else but at the very mall to which we travelled.

*The new keyboard is one of my favorite things.

*Apple Wireless Keyboard MC184LL/B [NEWEST VERSION]

*Now I'm wondering why I didn't use it to type this blog post...

*I'm cleaning up the crap around here.

*The walls are closing in on me.  I'm down to paths leading from couch to bathroom to kitchen.

*Not really.  It just feels that way.  Sort of...

*New rule:  Nothing new comes into the manse until five things leave.

*I'm purging.  Purging hard.  Purging like they want to put me on that hoarders show and the TV crew is on the way to document my shame.

*I had to throw away five things before I bought my new favorite keyboard whilst out with my favorite stylist.

*I also bought a new wireless mouse, but that's OK.   I had some wiggle room due my having thrown away a lot of stuff over the past few days.

*I have a chart.  I keep track.

*Will throw the chart away when I'm done.

*Shampooed the carpets on Monday.

*It's fifty degrees and sunny these days so I can open the windows.

*Plus, I love the way freshly cleaned carpets smell.

*Winter+closed windows+cats+everything else=stinky carpets

*I am not throwing away my carpet cleaner.  I love my carpet cleaner.

*It's a cheap model, but it does the trick.

*I use an e reader.  I can buy all the books I want and not have to throw anything away.

*Oddly enough, I haven't read as much as I thought I would during vacation.

*Must be all the gallivanting about and carpet cleaning...

*Still plowing through the Dreg City books.

*Finished As Lie the Dead (Dreg City, Book 2)

*Okay.  It's not great literature.  It's just great Urban Fantasy.

*Main character and all her cohorts are not exactly easy to like, though.

*Didn't stop me from picking up Another Kind of Dead.

*I'll probably take a break after this and try something different, though.


*I think...

*We'll see...

*I hate to commit to a course of action then change my mind.

*But there are some new books coming out that are from my favorite authors and they might just tempt me away from Evy's situation with the Triad.

*In case you were wondering, the cats sleep all day while I am gone.  

*At least that it what they do when I am home during the time I am normally gone.

*Absurdly Gi-normous Kitty takes my spot on the bed.

*Very Complicated Kitty crashes on the couch and periodically shoots dirty looks at people who try to share the couch with him.

*Neither are thrilled with the purging process and the noise that comes with it.

*That is not their favorite thing.

*In case you were wondering.

*I, on the other hand, am quite thrilled with how things are going over here.

And so ends another Wednesday Night here at Sheepish Annie's House Of Happy.  We are now into the down slide of the vacation, but that's Okay.  I'm going to enjoy every single last second of this time and go back to school next week secure in the knowledge that my carpets smell like a fresh spring meadow.  That and being able to get to the door without tripping over crap I've accumulated since 1992 will carry my good mood through almost to the next vacation!

Maybe...I might need to stock up on a couple of favorite things before the week is out just in case.



trek said...

I've been in purge mode lately, too. Tons of stuff just creeps up on you after a while and then you really need to freecycle.

Teri S. said...

I'm trying to get into purge mode but seem to have some separation anxiety issues. I did throw away a bunch of trash that accumulated in spare purses (purses were discarded, too). Well, I still have to take the bag to the curb.

Enjoy the rest of your vacation. I don't get a work-sanctioned break until Memorial Day. Bleak times, indeed.

Anonymous said...

I love that you're happy! And i love purging; my rule is (after a giant purge) that for every one thing that comes in to the manse, two things must go. It works for me!

kmkat said...

This purge thing -- I really, really need to do that, too. After tax season...

Why oh why did Apple continue to make the wireless keyboard without a numeric keypad? When I saw "NEWEST VERSION" in the description my heart leaped -- maybe now they made it my way. But no, disappointed again. ::sigh:: (Numbers are my business, you know.)

I have Love Bites on my nightstand at home, waiting for me to finish The Calculus Diaries. Why, yes, I AM an eclectic reader -- why do you ask?

=Tamar said...

Enjoy being healthy while you are on vacation. What good luck, that the possible cold won't take hold until you're back in school!

Julia G said...

Very inspiring! Spring cleaning is not only good for the house, it's good for the soul. Still, even though the 5 to 1 out vs. in ratio should work out mathematically, somehow I always end up with too much stuff. Hope your return to the Learnamatorium went smoothly!