Wednesday, January 25, 2012

WNBP: It's All In My Head

I generally try to have something of a theme when I post.  I think it is wicked clever and makes things ever so much more cohesive even when I'm doing a Wednesday Night Bullet Post.  Those are random by nature, of course.  However, I need a bit of an anchor lest I sail off into some weird rambling whirlpool.

Tonight I have a headache.  It is a whopper and has been with me since before the break of dawn.  Nothing seems to thwart the mighty headache from heck and I have given myself over to it utterly.  Hence, there will probably be nothing even remotely connected to the title of this post with the exception of the occasional whining about head pain.

I'm OK with that if you are...

*Let's see...I got the headache announcement out of the way, right?  Did I mention that it was of migraine proportions?

*I get migraine-like symptoms, but the headache part is usually the least of it so I didn't really understand that this was where the whole thing was going until it was way too late to do anything about it.

*I had multiple meetings today.  I made little to no sense in any of them.

*I am quirky.  Hopefully, people will just think I've raised the quirk to a whole new level and leave it at that.

*Otherwise, they might send in some nice people who want to talk to me very softly about how I am feeling and if I might like to go someplace quiet and well-padded for the next six months.

*That won't happen.  No one wants to substitute in my class.  I'm there until death or the lottery goes my way.

*I actually said that in one of my meetings today.

*To a stranger who doesn't really know about my quirks.

*Actually, what I said was, "What if I die?  Then where will these people be???"

*It made sense in the context of the conversation.  Honest.

*But it was still clearly inappropriate based upon my colleague's horrified look so I softened it to "what if I win the lottery and leave this job?"

*Then it was OK because winning the lottery is a nice thing to have happen.

*I probably should have told her about the headache.  She might have been more understanding if she knew about the headache...

*Yesterday, I had to deal with one of the worst cases of cyber-bullying I've experienced in a long while.

*An epic and convoluted tale that ended in a pretty savage beat-down.

*I know you guys all know this, but in case you forgot, you might want to check up on what your kids are reading on-line.  Maybe have a chat or two about it if you haven't in a while.

*I'm as horrified by how many kids knew about this but didn't know how to stop it as I am by the active participants.

*Sadly, it's not my blog audience who needs this reminder...

*Yesterday may possibly have something to do with the headache.

*I've been trying to work on a pair of fingerless mitts to give to The World's Greatest Stylist And Life Coach once she is a bit more recovered from her surgery.

*Knitting time has been a bit compromised of late, though.  The headache, if you will recall.

*And we have been given some fairly strong discouragement when it comes to knitting during school hours.

*Some people don't exactly know the meaning of the word "discreet" and with budget cuts around the corner, questions are sometimes asked.

*As in, "If you have so much time to knit, is it possible that your position is superfluous?"

*I'm 99% sure I'm not superfluous, but who knows?  Maybe I am.

*Maybe I wouldn't mind being superfluous, now that I think of it.

*That is just the headache talking.

*I got a new keyboard skin to protect my school issued laptop and it makes typing hard.

*I just need to get used to it, I'm sure.  It will be fine because it is purple and looks really cool and I want it to work out.

*I went to bed early last night and read.

*Having finished Fate's Edge (The Edge, Book 3), I decided to try out another of the books these authors have written.

*It's really two people penning these.  That is why I can say authors.

*I picked up Magic Bites (Kate Daniels, Book 1) as a trial run and pretty much loved it.

*There is more very complex world-building in this series and readers should be prepared to just go along for the ride, secure in the knowledge that it will all make sense eventually.

*By the time you hit Magic Burns (Kate Daniels, Book 2), it'll all feel like old hat!

*And even before I really felt like I had a handle on the setting, the characters were compelling enough that I didn't much care.

*I'll definitely read the series.

*You may recall that my vehicular "reading" (aka listening) has involved Lost Boys: A Novel

*I wanted to make sure I mentioned it because it is getting rather good.

*Not that it wasn't good before.  It was.  It takes place in the way back days of 1983 and it has been great fun reliving the glory days.

*Very cool insights into some of the early history of personal computers and what was going on in the industry at that point.

*Main character is a programmer.

*But it is a very long set up before you get to the meat of the story.

*Wait a minute...gotta go check on the chicken.

*Chicken for dinner tonight.  I wanted cookies and root beer but the headache insisted on chicken, potatoes and green beans.

*Stupid headache.  I already worked out even though I have a headache and my knees don't work.  I should get cookies.

*Hate the headache...

*On a happier note, let's all say a nice Happy Birthday to Daddy Sheep!

*We celebrated it over the weekend, but today is the big day for reals and I'd hate like heck to forget about it just because I've already done the pre-birthday whooping an hollering.

*We didn't really whoop and holler.  We had a nice dinner out in a public restaurant where most of us comported ourselves with dignity and aplomb.

*My year-old great nephew probably being the best behaved member of our group...

*But still a great deal of dignity overall.

I think I need to go feed my headache now.  The chicken seems about finished and those green beans aren't going to microwave themselves.  With any luck, I'll manage to sleep this thing off tonight and be fresh as a daisy for whatever nightmarish conflict tomorrow brings.

Or at the very least convince the nice people with the soft voices that I really am only quirky and not ready for the heavy meds just yet...



Teri S. said...

Migraines are definitely are low on the list of things I'd label "fun" and hopefully it will be gone tomorrow (and not last three days like mine did). And having a challenging week sounds like it didn't help. I hope your week improves; only two more days until the weekend!

Ans a very happy birthday to Daddy Sheep,

Jeanne B said...

They think you're superflous because you have time to knit? Good grief! I implore you to direct them to this article as proof that knitting is as vital as recess: How Knitting Can Relieve Stress and remind them that yours is nothing if not a stressful endeavor.

Then jab them in the eye with a sharp pointy stick (not, sadly, one of the reasons knitting relieves stress, according to the article, though it should have been included).

Hope the migraine goes away very soon, and Happy Birthday to Daddy Sheep!

trek said...

Send Alice out into the frigid Maine night!

Happy Birthday to Daddy Sheep!

=Tamar said...

I'm sorry to hear about the bullying, but I'm glad it isn't the readers of this blog that are doing it. I hope you can put a stop to it.

Ditto to showing them the article on knitting as a stress reliever.

I hope the headache goes away and never returns.

Julia G said...

Many Happy Returns to Daddy Sheep!

We had the crazy migrainy headache bug invade our household (complete with painful light sensitivity). Weirdly, even though no one had any congestion, it turned out to be a variation of a sinus headache, and responded to decongestant, NSAIDs and a little antihistamine.

Knitting IS a stress reliever and lowers blood pressure - they should be giving you MORE time to knit during the day!

Cathy said...

Migraines - what are they good for?

I like the more time to knit each day... especially with the cyber bullying stuff.

You are irreplaceable!!

And happy BD to Daddy Sheep!