Wednesday, January 18, 2012

WNBP: There Was Snow And Then...

Yes, Sheepie, there are still snow days.

 If you recall, the last post involved yours truly declaring that there would be a snow day or all holy heck to pay.  I knew, based on current weather patterns and the horrific behavior of my students on Wednesday that there would be a snow day.  There really wasn't much doubt.

And so it came to pass. The snows fell in more abundant amounts than predicted and a restful day was had by all.  Or by me, at any rate.  And now let's see where we are this week.  Here's tonight's Wednesday Night Bullet Points!

*My only complaint about the snow day was the Snow Plow Situation.

*One plow allotted for the entire complex.

*And one obviously inexperienced plow guy.

*With a great deal of enthusiasm and desire to move snow with wild abandon if not accuracy.

*He did his best and it wasn't ME moving it so I guess I shouldn't complain...

*Friday was weird.  When you have Thursday off and it's a long weekend coming up Friday back at school feels all crazy-pants.

*Had to visit with The World' Greatest Stylist And Life Coach on Saturday.  I really needed my hair cut something fierce.  And, if nothing else, I had to give her the Annual Handknit Holiday Mitts!

*Except I didn't finish them and ended up giving her a candle instead.

*I'm hanging my head in shame, here.  I don't need those looks from you people!!!

*Except maybe I do because she is also having surgery soon and might have liked her AHHMs.  They might have been a great comfort to her.

*Because I and my average knitting skills have that power, after all.

*She wants me to come visit her while she is recuperating so I still have a second chance at Greatness Through Knitting Altruism.

*On Monday, The Very Complicated Kitty decided to jump on the bed and inform me that it was time to get up.

*He didn't care that it was a holiday.

*What happened next was not his fault.  It was mine.

*It was not an attack.  It was not aggression.  It was a half-asleep woman trying to move a very large cat while she was still lying down and misjudging every single aspect of the maneuver.

*And, for the record, I do not feel that the abuse of animals is an appropriate response to their behaving according to their natures.

*I just want to be clear about that because I have heard many of these poor excuses for humor since The Incident.

*It was an accident.  He felt badly.  I felt badly.  We all got to get up early, mop up the blood from my slashed face and feel really badly about the whole thing as a group.

*No stitches needed, but the scar is pretty impressive.

*And highly visible.  There has been actual wincing when I walk into rooms.

*The considerate people try to hide it and pretend that all is well, but I can still see it.

*For the record, had it been my eyes that got it we'd be having this conversation in braille.

*I don't know braille so that would be really tricky for all of us.

*It was darned near my eyes.

But I still love him very much in spite of it all.

*I still have my eyes, too.  Want to know what I've been reading?

*I'm still living life on The Edge.

*Second book in the series: Bayou Moon (The Edge, Book 2)

*I was kind of disappointed to learn that this series is less about "character" loyalty and more about "place" loyalty.

*Specifically the place known as The Edge.

*But they still reference the folks I came to love in the first book so it all ended up OK.

*I liked it enough to go get the third.

*Fate's Edge (The Edge, Book 3)

*Kind of thought I'd enjoy this one the least, but I think I might like it almost the best except I can't decide because I still really liked the first one a lot.

*I might try some of the other books written by these authors.

*I'm tired of linking so I'll get back to you on that.

*Actually, I'm eating a Pop Tart while I'm blogging tonight and linking is just too much for me right now.

*Juggling links and Pop Tarts is a recipe for disaster.

*I know what a recipe for disaster is.  Just look at my face, for crying out loud!!!

*No.  I'm not showing you my face.  

*I'll be feeling your winces all night long.

*The Phuture Physicist had a birthday last week.  He requested cheesecake for his celebratory treat.

*I bought it on Wednesday and didn't eat it all day Thursday even though it was a snow day and I could have died what with being snowed in and all.

*Please Note:  Students who request a cheesecake for their birthday and force their teachers to stay home with it all day Thursday so it can be brought in whole and unharmed for consumption on Friday should probably...


*I mean...seriously!  You put me through The Great Cheesecake Trials and then go to a doctor's appointment????

*I put it in the freezer at school and hoped the secretaries wouldn't get to it before PP could eat some.

*It all worked out, but a lesson was learned by all.

*I'm not sure just what that lesson was but it mostly happened in a school so something knowledge-related must have occurred at some point.

*And, if not, I got to eat cheesecake on a Tuesday afternoon so that's OK.

And there you have it!  I got my snow day, my hair cut and saved the cheesecake.  I also got scarred for life and failed the Knitting Altruism Test, but you gotta look at the bright side or your head will explode three times a week, right?

Happy Wednesday, everyone!



trek said...

School kicks in tomorrow evening for my programming students. I am ready for this, I think.

I'm not so ready for the Tuesday database students. meh

Do I get a picture of the scar??

Teri S. said...

No snow in Virginia, besides the occasional tantalizing flurry. Winter is clearly not doing his job. He might need to be put on a performance plan if he doesn't start producing soon.

I hope your face is healing nicely from the VCK incident. I feel your pain.

Beth said...

I'm glad you're okay! Is it bad that we want to see a picture? I feel that it's like staring at a car wreck or something.

Julia G said...

Three words: Vitamin E creme. My daughter was quite the daredevil and managed to get a sizeable cut from the bridge of her nose and extending under her eye. I dabbed it with Vitamin E creme 2-3 times a day and while there is a very faint scar, you can barely see it. And of course you need remedial doses of cheesecake! And a snow day or two.

Jeanne B said...

The snow has so far been scant and of the melty kind. There needs to be more cheesecake in this house, I've realized.

And what is up with the cats lately? It's a conspiracy, I tell ya. My ancient cat used my face as a bridge on the sofa the other night and nearly missed my eye (though the scratch isn't causing traffic jams). I swear, it was only a reflex. I didn't mean to launch her to the other end of the couch. Under normal circumstances, I treat the elderly very carefully. Usually. (She's fine. Better than I am, actually.)

Donna Lee said...

Of all the things I miss about my cat, having him jump on my face is not one of them (why is it always the face?)

No snow here. It was colder in October than it is now. We're in for the dreaded Wintry Mix tomorrow night but then it will be 50 again on Sunday. My body isn't adjusting well to all this up and down stuff.

kmkat said...

Hannibal has never slashed my face, but when he wants me to turn toward him he reaches out with one paw and turns my head. With claws.

But he also slept on my head this morning, and I probably would have succumbed to frostbite without him. Yes, it is c-o-l-d here, somewhere south of zero.

Cathy said...

You have a lot on your plate - so I think you deserve cheesecake for your very own!

Like Julia G's suggestions - wise woman!!