Wednesday, October 05, 2011

WNBP: Health Restored In A Nick Of Time

Well, it was a bit of a near thing there!  I truly did fear for my survival as I struggled through the horrors of my common cold.  I am pleased to report that all is finally back to normal and that I am upright for the foreseeable future.

And now we take you to the regularly scheduled Wednesday Night Bullet Post in order that I might find something else to talk about besides sneezing.  I can only imagine how weary people have grown with that topic by now.  At least the people who had to deal with me on a daily basis.

Poor people...

*Isn't it nice that I'm not sick this week?

*State mandated achievement testing started on Monday and I'd hate to miss all the fun whilst searching for tissues.

*I miss the husky voice, though.

*Except for the part where I called down to main office with a question or something and Mrs. Secretary Who Sits At The Front Desk said stuff about my sexy sickly voice.

*That was disturbing.  Especially when she  put other people on to listen to me and verify my crazy hot phone voice.

*This makes it particularly difficult to maintain a professional demeanor in the classroom.

*Hand to God, she put one person on the phone to make creepy purring sounds at me!!!

*Interesting Classroom Conversation:

Ms. Sheep (using her pen to indicate a Very Important Detail on a worksheet):  And if you look at this example, you will see that...oh!  I'm so sorry!  I just wrote on you with my pen whilst enthusiastically attempting to education you!

The Future Farmer:  I am going to sue you over this.

MS:  Go ahead.  What exactly do you think you are going to get out of this?

TFF:  Seven cents.

MS:  Wow.  That was fast.  Actually, you won't get seven cents.  You will get a boatload of credit card bills and a very fat cat.  That is it.

TFF:  Seriously?  I like that fat cat!  I'd really get the fat cat?  Awesome!!  Hey everyone, I get the fat cat!!!

*He should rethink that.

Fat Cat is currently chewing through the mini blinds

*It's not really his fault.  His brother, the Absurdly Gi-normous Kitty, has been carefully bending the slats on the other side and snapping them off so he can stick his gi-normous head out for a better view.  

*What else was he to think? Blinds are clearly there to be slaughtered...

*I forgot a had a big box of honey nut cereal.  Then I remembered and now I'm eating a lot of honey nut cereal.

*More honey nut cereal than anyone should ever eat in one sitting.

*I didn't even know I like honey nut cereal.

*Perhaps it is a reaction to the horrors of state mandated achievement testing?

*This year we are doing one test per day instead of lots of tests per day.

*Less testing per day.

*For two long weeks.

*There is no good way to do that much testing.

*Today we got an email reminding us that we still have to do two more fire drills, one evacuation drill and a lockdown drill while the weather is still appropriate for such frolics.

*I think that will make the perfect counterpoint to achievement testing!

*Not really.  I'm just trying to make the best of it.

*Amazon Associates link still not working, but I'm not going to let that get in the way of a couple recommendations!

*Actually, it appears that I am.  Nothing seems to want to link tonight.

*I swear to you that I've read some stuff!  Honest!

*I'm just not linking very well.

*I'll keep playing with it and see if I can make something work for you at some point in the near future.

*I've never been one of the I Hate Blogger club members.

*It's free and it does lots of stuff.

*All good.

*I do not like Blogger very much tonight.

*Not at the "hate" stage yet, but getting there...

*I got healthy.  Why can't Blogger work out its issues with Amazon links?

*Blogger needs more fiber or something.

*This link should work!

*I can't wait to see American Horror Story!

*I can't stay up until 10:00, but that's OK.

*I got a DVR so I could not stay up for The Walking Dead.

*Now I don't have to stay up to watch anything!!!

*I wish I could but I can't even if I am healthy again.

*4:45 comes very early and I need to be at my best if I am not going to be sick for state mandated achievement testing.

There we go.  That should cover us.  I didn't make the book thing work, but I still consider that a temporary situation.  We are going to think of it as delightful bit of suspense rather than a hurdle.

Because that is the way a healthy mindset works.



=Tamar said...

Honey nut cereal is candy in a box.

I recommend, if possible, alternating a test with a fire drill. The walking out will stimulate the brain, and standing around in cold weather will make them grateful for the indoors.

Anonymous said...

I care not for honey nut cereal. Wasabi peas, on the other hand...nom!

Cathy said...

I wonder if Tamar's advice would also work for cats...

However I can't put it to the test since we have raptors, coyotes and foxes around. Not to mention traffic.

trek said...

I was up before 4:45 yesterday morning (accidentally) and I have to say that it was no fun. No fun at all.

I applaud your efforts.

Julia G said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better! Cats will chew on the weirdest things - mine steals those rubber wristbands, trots proudly around with them in his mouth, then chews right through them.