Wednesday, May 11, 2011

WNBP: May Madness

No...seriously?  It's been a week???  That just can't be right!  Well...I guess maybe it can.  Even if I didn't mean to wander away from the blog for a whole week, I guess it's possible.  I've been busy at school and had to change a doctor's appointment at the last minute to account for a dwindling supply of medication.  Oh, and let's not forget Mother's Day being thrown in there!

I've been a busy, busy girl.  And, if anyone happens to notice that I've not been any busier this month than I have during a few of the others, I'm just going to move faster and faster until they believe me.  I will also start flinging Wednesday Night Bullet Points around because those tend to be really confusing and are good for deflecting people from other things.

Here's a few now:

*We decided to cook for Mother's Day this year instead of taking Mom out.

*SIL Sheep and I rocked the kitchen and I briefly gave some thought to us opening our own restaurant.

*Then I got over it because cooking is a lot of work and not as much fun once you're past the part where you get to beat up on a chicken with a mallet.

*I realized last Friday that my medication supply wasn't going to last until the 20th.

*Why the doc's office decided to schedule my next visit so late, I know not.  I only know that it would not do...

*At the suggestion of my staff, I took yesterday off to go to the doctor.  Not an hour.  Not the morning.

*The whole day.

*The words, "you should also probably take a nap or something..." were used.

*Ms. Sheep is maybe a little bit over this school year right about now.  

*And maybe showing it more than she intends...

*I wanted to bring my sock-in-progress with me to the appointment, but the yarn is all safely contained in a plastic yarn holder-thingie and it's not exactly portable.

*What was I thinking?????

*I read while I waited instead.

*I finished Nekropolis: A Matt Richter Novel (Matt Richter Novels) the other day.

*Which meant that I had Dead Streets: A Matt Richter Novel (Matt Richter Novels) cued up and ready to rock.  

*Zombie detective fighting the good fight in the bad streets of Nekropolis...always good for a long wait at the doctor's office.

*Or in the car.  Doctor accidentally locked the door behind her when she came in and we, the patients, were all stuck outside for half an hour.

*We tried to show some patience as good patients should.

*But it was raining and that didn't do much for our collective mood.

*Monday's Conversation With The Cheerful Teaching Assistant:

Cheerful Teaching Assistant:  I hate you so much.

Ms. Sheep:  Really?  Why now?

CTA:  Because you had to go and tell me about My Blood Approves.

MS:  What's wrong with that?

CTA:  I told you I didn't want to read it.  I told you it was probably just some clone of all the other stupid, wannabe vampire books.  But could you just accept that? had to go and keep talking about it!

MS:  I'm pretty sure I just mentioned it once or twice...

CTA:  You know how Amanda Hocking gets into my head!  You know how hard it is when I read her stuff and how I can't sleep what with all the worrying about the characters.  I've told you this about a million times but you don't care.  Now I'm almost to the end of the series and I'm barely awake right now because you just had to go and ruin my life!!!

MS: the risk of making you more hateful, I kinda need to point out that you were the one who told me you were reading Hollowland.  I didn't want to read a zombie book.  You convinced me.  In fact, I'd never even heard of Amanda Hocking until you brought it up.

CTA:  Don't change the subject.  You know what you've done.  Just live with your guilt.

MS:  Okay.

*Good teaching assistants are very, very hard to find.

*Teaching assistants who want to talk about books for an hour a day are even harder to find.

*I'll own the guilt.  Even if I know she'd have eventually gotten around to reading these books anyway...

*She's ahead of me in the series now.  I'm going to have to pick up Wisdom (My Blood Approves, #4) pretty soon lest she have to live with the whole plot line alone.

*Can't right now, though.

*Need to finish what I'm reading and then get started on I Don't Want to Kill You.

*I like it when people don't want to kill me.  That seems like a nice attitude.

*May is, all kidding aside, a very busy month for me.  I have "something" every single weekend.

*I don't know how I keep up with everything.

*It's all stuff I want to do.  But it's also the sort of thing that fills up a calendar.

*Here's hoping I don't lose track and miss a week of blog time again, but let's face it.

*It isn't outside the realm of possibility.

*I'll apologize in advance and own the guilt like the CTA says.

And now I'm off!  Both of Da Boyz are giving me the stink eye and this would indicate that they feel mealtime is overdue.  The fact that it is not seems to mean nothing to them.  While I have no intention of feeding them right now, I do think I should be watching my back.

It's just something else to add to the madness that is May!



Anonymous said...

And a mighty fine Mother's Day dinner it was!!! We all enjoyed the cooking from two of the best. Many thanks for a wonderful day. Great leftovers on Monday too.
My gifts were so thoughtful. I will enjoy them for a very long time.

Leah said...

Couldn't you have just taken a whole one of VCK's pills and taken the whole day off?
Oh well. I hope you had a nice day off.
The kind support of one's coworkers is a lovely thing.

Julia G said...

Nothing like a good homemade meal made with love on Mother's Day! My kids made blueberry pancakes and bacon and homemade hash browns and only left a couple of pots and pans soaking in the sink. Still, it's great to feel fussed over, and blessed with a loving family.