Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dark 'n Dreary

The rain...dear God, the rain!  How long can a person live under such dark and dismal conditions before going utterly mad with the lack of sunlight?  If my own experience is any indication, I'm guessing it's not very long.  In fact, I think I passed the point of demarcation a few days ago.

Let's see if doing the Wednesday Night Bullet Post helps at all...

*I think the overcast conditions are getting to everyone.

*Spunky Girl marched into the classroom today and announced that it was high time we did something about all this gray, gloomy weather.

*She then produced a box of donut holes for the class and I think I may love this girl more than any I might have ever produced on my own.

*Thanks to those who expressed birthday wishes yesterday in personal and on-line formats.  Much appreciated!

*I don't really celebrate my birthday much anymore so don't worry if you missed it.

*It's not that I'm sensitive about my age.  I couldn't care less about that.

*I'm 46.

*It's just that there seems to be an awful lot of pressure around birthdays.

*People always ask things like "what are your plans?" Or "what did you do to celebrate the big day?"

*When I tell them I went home and ate a piece of cake by myself where it was nice and quiet and I didn't have to share, they look at me with Sad Face.

*Worse, they feel they should "do something about this" and then there is every reason to believe they are going to make a fuss.

*I am not a fan of fussing.

*My birthday plans never seem to measure up to what people think they should be so I tend to keep the whole thing to myself until it's well over.

*I am not a person who is kind to coffee makers.  I burn through them at an alarming rate.

*I need a new coffee maker.

*Purchasing new coffee makers is just what I do.

*Student input on this matter went as follows:

Ms. Sheep:  I need a new coffee maker.  Everyone needs to drop what they are doing and help me decide what I want.  Yes, that means you.  I don't care if your math isn't done.  This is important and affects you directly since coffee equals a much more pleasant teacher.

The Boy For Whom All The World's A Stage:  A coffee maker?  Really?  Oh and I suppose you think you are getting one of those really fancy ones, too.  Well, let me ask you this!  Have you replaced those tires yet?  You know...the ones you haven't replaced in months and that I keep reminding you about?  The ones I mention three times a week?  And then you tell me how traction is for wimps?

MS:  Er...

TBFWATWAS:  That is what I thought.  And don't think I haven't been keeping track of your oil changes either.  I have.  We won't even discuss that chip in your windshield but I can't help but wonder if you've given any thought to new wiper blades.  It is raining, after all!  I'll bet you can't see anything when you drive to work!!!

MS:  How did you...

TBFWATWAS:  I know everything.  It's what I do.

*After some tough negotiations and a reminder that yesterday was my birthday, I have been given permission to indulge myself in a new coffee maker.

*I am getting the fancy one, but I'm not telling him that.

*This story has been consuming everyone in my area for days.

*Not a happy ending, but at least now the poor little guy has a name.

*I don't know about anyone else, but the day they put up the picture of his little shoes to see if anyone could identify them, I just about lost it.

*Not knitting a lot these days.

*That's not news, but I still consider this a knitting blog so I have to mention it.

*Plus, the socks-in-progress are right beside me and they will know if I try to pretend they aren't there.

*I've been reading, though.

*Also not news, but I like a nice segue.

*I finished I Don't Want to Kill You.

*Arguably the weakest book of the series.  I think the author pulled his punches a little bit at the end.

*Almost like he wanted to just get past the hard parts.  Understandable...he goes for a pretty rough ending to the whole thing.

*But I think there should have been more of an emotional cost for the reader.

*Still...a pretty decent series of books if you like the horror genre.

*Then I figured I'd read Avalon Revisited.

*It sounded like a good way to pass the time until Heartless (The Parasol Protectorate) comes out.

*It was.  Not as good...but still a nice diversion.

*Then I was out of stuff to read so I downloaded Dead To Me.

*Haven't started it yet.  I'll get back to you...

*Also need to recharge the ereader because I often forget to do that and then it gets all mad at me.

*What can I say?  It's been dark 'n dreary and I was avoiding my birthday and that means I stayed in and read a lot!!!

*I won't be made to feel inferior by my devices!!

*I think it's good that Spunky Girl brought donuts today.

*I might be getting a little loopy from the lack of light.

*Can't imagine my state had she not provided that little bit of sugary sunshine...

That should cover it.  To summarize, it is raining and won't stop so things just look dark.  With any luck, the forecast will change and that bright burning ball that used to be up in the sky will make another appearance.  If not, I can only hope that someone thinks to bring the donuts.

I have a bad feeling that I'll be about fifty pounds heavier by the time this stretch of weather ends...



Jeanne said...

Happy Birthday, Annie! It's your day, you can celebrate it any way you choose and if that means cake all to yourself, then by all means, have cake!

The story about the boy in Maine made it to Ohio, but only as an odd reassurance that the boy was NOT one of the three that have been missing for months, and whose father refuses to tell his lawyers (he's suspected) where they are or IF they're alive.

If it's any consolation, the sun stopped by for about ten minutes just to tease us. Maybe it's on its way to your neck of the woods now. (Say hi to it from me)

trek said...

Insane quantities of raine here, too. bleh

Happ Brithday, Sheepie!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for reminding me to plug in my Kindle.

Julia G said...

Heartbreaking story - poor little soul.

Happy Birthday, Ms. Sheep! And peace and quiet (and cake) are the best!

Donna Lee said...

I'm all for quiet birthdays. I'm not ashamed/embarassed about my age (53) but just don't like to be the center of attention.

It's been almost a week since we've seen the sun and I miss it. I feel like mold will start growing on my skin soon if I don't get some light. I understand teh weekend might be nice but I'm not holding my breath.

That story about the litte boy just about broke my heart. His little face, so beautiful. Around here, the big story is the end of the world on Saturday so maybe it won't matter if the sun comes out or not....

Ms. said...

I thought you needed to see this: It's the CDC recommendations in case of zombie attack.

Happy Birthday!

Cursing Mama said...

Well I hope that your new coffee pot comes in a fancy color as a celebration of your special day. I have a pretty fancy machine & rumor on the street is that if it call them & they might send a new one. I haven't had to test that rumor out yet which is saying something.

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday. Sounds like you enjoyed it. I like eating cake by myself too, (but the dog gives me the sad puppy dog eyes).
I actually saw Sunshine today here in Western Mass. It took a little while to figure out what that dazzling brightness was. Now, it's all gloomy & getting ready to rain again. Bummer.
Suggestion to get over all this gloom, Eat More Cake!

Lynne said...

a belated Happy Birthday to you.

Cathy said...

Happy Birthday - and even tho it's dark and dreary here I know eventually it will be July and hot and too much sun. It's all I have to look forward to.

Til you replace your coffeemaker again, and fix your car!!

Elaine said...

Belated Happy Birthday! You gotta love the insight of the dear "donut girl".