Wednesday, May 04, 2011

WNBP: It Rains

Well, I have somehow managed to make it through three work days and am thinking that a weekend might just be in sight if I play my cards right.  That, in an of itself, is something of a triumph during these rainy, chilly days.  I think I shall simply sally forth and plunge right into the Wednesday Night Bullet Post before something takes the wind out of my sails.

*I think I have mentioned the rain already but it has kind of overshadowed this whole week and it bears noting it again.

*I am sticking to sandals, though.  May is upon us and I'm not going back.

*Plus they can't figure out how to shut the heat off in my classroom and it is like a sauna in there.

*Wait.  I have an auto-dial call from my school district.  Gotta see what's up.

*It's the superintendent.  He's my Big Boss.  Should really listen to his recording because I am sure he will know if I don't...

*He wants me to remind me that the district budget vote is tomorrow and that voting is important.  

*Good to know.

*Of course, I don't actually live in that district and can't vote but it's always nice to be included.

*Where was I?

*Oh, yeah.  Heat won't turn off.  Probably taking up a great deal of our building's oil budget...

*Wanna know how dedicated I am to making a point?

*I took two kids outside today for the last period because they'd finished their Science worksheets.

*And because there was this other kid who was being a puke and who wouldn't do anything but lie on the floor and argue with me over the validity of this choice.

*Yeah.  I took kids out to play in the rain just so one could stay inside and continue not doing his work in overheated misery while my hair deflated and my mascara ran freely like the wild buffalo.

*I am that dedicated to making a point.  Don't mess with me.

*I sort of regretted the sandal decision just then and would have killed for a nice pair of warm wool socks, but not so much that I didn't rhapsodize about how delightful a time we had in the great outdoors.

*My flat hair and wandering mascara sort of detracted from my words, but no one was brave enough to say anything about it.

*Here's a little life lesson:  If you are in a staff meeting on a rainy afternoon when no one can keep their eyes open and someone says, "I want to raise a point, but it's not anything I think we need to discuss right here and now; I'm just planting a seed." please be prepared.

*It will be a hot button topic and we will be discussing it.

*I hated the point-maker until she added another thought:  "Also, could we please remind the students that the bathrooms marked as staff only are for the adults?"

*There was an awkward pause and then...

*"I'm sorry, but I prefer to fart in peace."

*Now I think the point-maker is like a god who speaks that which no one else has the nerve to utter.

*Query:  When did I become the kind of person whose ankles swell up by day's end?

*Just curious.  I never used to be that person.  I'm fairly certain I'd have noticed.

*I'm also fairly certain that they aren't supposed to do that.

*Several people responded when I mentioned that I was at a loss for what to read next.  Yay!

*However, it was Elaine who did it first.

*This coincided with that crucial and horrific moment when I had nothing and was getting a little panicked.

*That's how I ended up purchasing Midnight Riot.

*I've been trying to think of a good way to describe this book and the best I can come up with is "charming."

*I'm fairly certain that this is not what the author was going for, but I mean it as a compliment all the same.

*Well written, witty and featuring a main character you can't help but fall in love with.

*Who doesn't love a wizard-in-training, after all?  

*Also doesn't hurt that the author seems to have a very clear understanding of British police procedure and the ability to work it in seamlessly.

*Had to immediately get Moon Over Soho.  There was just nothing else to be done at that point.

*It's raining, I have to go outside with kids in bad weather and my ankles are fat.  Are you going to try and tell me that I don't deserve a sequel?  Really?

*And it's just as good as the first whether I deserve it or not.

And that's that for this week's bullet points.  I'm going to kick up my feet and read a bit while the raindrops patter outside and my ankles return to their former, youthful state.  It's all about the relaxing and basking in the triumph of a week half done.  I'm hoping for a few breaks of sun at some point this week, though.  The kids are getting grumpy.

I'm probably going to have to take a few more outside just to prove a point or two over the next couple of days, after all...



Donna Lee said...

I started noticing the ankle thing, too. It's vaguely disturbing but my doctor assures me it's normal for "women of a certain age" (and when did THAT happen?) as long as they go back to what now passes as normal.

I'm still wearing wool socks, May or not. It's cold here in the mornings.

Knitting Linguist said...

Yeah. Ankles. I've got 'em, too. Alas.

Also sequels! I just bought the latest in my favorite series, at an outrageous price, so I'd have something to look forward to at the end of this week. And now I'm off to check out the books you mention.

Julia G said...

Well, running around in the rain should help with the ankle swelling, since it often results from having to sit in one place for hours (for me, it's flying and long drives). Raising your legs a bit and flexing your feet 5-10 times each every half hour or so is embarrassing but mitigates the swelling. Or running in the rain.

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