Wednesday, May 25, 2011

WNBP: It's TOO Nice!!!

I guess I'm just never happy.  First, I'm all fussy about the five million days of rain and now I'm grousing because the sun is out and it feels too much like summer.  To be fair, I've got a roomful of middle school students who feel the same way and a very long way to go this year, but it still seems wrong to complain.

I should probably just do the Wednesday Night Bullet Post and not draw any further negative attention to myself...

*The sun was so shiny and bright today.  It was like something out of a movie...

*We finished up as much of the work as we could and then took the kids outside to frolic in the bugs and pollen!

*Today's Life Lesson:  If you leave a sock unfinished for months at a time, then a Very Complicated Kitty will come along and gnaw the yarn in half.

*That is Karma.

*Karma likes it when you have to knot the yarn because Karma is a little bit sick...

*Best Conversation Of The Week:

Spunky Girl:  Is that music coming out of your office?

Ms. Sheep:  Yes.  The power has gone out and the Future Farmer cannot bear to live without music.  In fact, he refused to do his math until I provided some tunes.  Without internet access, the best I could do was open up my Itunes for his general entertainment.  Don't worry, though.  I don't put anything inappropriate on my school laptop because I am a very responsible educator.

SG:  That was a very long story.

MS:  They usually are.

SG:  Wait!  Listen...oh no!  I have bad news.  That's not your music!  That is cool music.  I think that The Boy With The Bass Booming Earbuds has been downloading to your computer!!!

MS:  No.  He can't do that.  It's my account.  That is my music.

SG:  Oh, I don't think so.

MS:  Is too!!!

(the boy who is) Dark & Disturbed:  Hey, is that The Black Eyed Peas?  Where the heck is that coming from???

MS:  It's my computer.

D&D:  Yeah, right.  Seriously...where is it coming from?

The Boy For Whom All The World's A Stage:  Is the power back on?  I hear music and it sounds like it's coming from Ms. Sheep's computer.  How are you getting internet radio without power?

MS:  Oh, come ON!!!

*I can't be cool?  Really?  How fair is that???

*And The Black Eyed Peas are, like, totally old news!!!

*The power was out for well over an hour today and that was a problem since we are doing our annual progress assessments.

*Which are done online.

*Which isn't exactly possible if there is nothing to power the interwebs.

*My kids were already done testing so no harm/no foul.

*Plenty of time to justify my Itunes ownership.

*I had to buy a new blender yesterday.

*Blew up the last one a couple of weeks ago.

*Lots of stuff has blown up here over the past year.

*Lots.  Blowing stuff up is now like a second career to me.

*Don't stand too close, especially if you have a pacemaker or anything like that.

*The Cheerful Teaching Assistant finally tired of watching me limp around or walk on tippy-toes to avoid allowing my right heel to touch the earth.

*Right heel hurts.  Right heel does want to touch the earth.  Right heel screams in pain if it touches the earth.

*Except when it doesn't, but then my ankle hurts so it's really a limp-along no matter how you look at it.

*Since the CTA's husband also suffers from Plantar Fasciitis, she recognized that oh-so-special limp that comes from a heel spur.

*She went online to get pictures of the stretches I am supposed to be doing but forgot about because it has been fifteen years since my foot has bothered me to this degree and who remembers that stuff anyway?

*Ice and stretching.  Things were much improved today.

*Still hurts...but I can walk and that is kind of nice.

*You know how sometimes you are reading a book and you think, "Meh...I can take this or leave it,"  but it's a series and you kind of have to keep going with it?

*Then you are suddenly rather taken with the story and the character and love the whole thing more than you thought you did?

*It was sort of like that with Dead To Me.

*And Deader Still.

*And I'm still feeling it with Dead Matter.

*What can I say?  The very concept of working for a paranormal investigation agency that relies heavily on the use of pamphlets to keep staff trained appeals to me.

*I like a good pamphlet...

*And am looking forward to Dead Waters just as soon as I can get to it.

In fact, there should be ample time for that soon.  There is a long, holiday weekend in my immediate future and then I can kick up my heels.  Well...I can carefully kick up my heels since it is not a good idea to be kicking too much when the heels hurt.  However, I don't suppose reading will do much to cause me pain if I take it easy.  I'm just worried about the one thing:  I hope the weather's not too nice.

I've got to go back to school on Tuesday and it's a very long way to go until the end of the year.  Can't afford to be thinking summery thoughts just yet...



trek said...

Very summery feeling here today, too. Except while I was teaching in a swelteringly hot classroom with no air flow. Meh.

PS - The library emailed: The Zombie Survial Guide: Complete Protection from the Living Dead is waiting for me :o)

Julia G said...

You have a very nice CTA! Hope your heel feels better soon. And why shouldn't we older folks have wicked cool playlists on our iTunes? We can be hip right up until hip replacement time!

Lynne said...

Hope your heel is feeling better soon.

A long werekend so close to the end of the academic year - we should be so lucky! Ours is in the middle of the last two week vacation (between terms three and four)

Donna Lee said...

I am loving the sun but not the humidity we are suffering through. It's only May! And we're talking about a heat wave.

But, at least it's not raining. and it's a long weekend.