Wednesday, March 23, 2011

WNBP: A Day Of Rest

My new friend, The Horrible, Terrible Cold and I would like to welcome you to the Wednesday Night bullet post.  I am currently pretending that the cold is my friend and that I love having it around.  I think that this will confuse it enough to make it lose confidence in itself.  Then it will have to go on a retreat somewhere in the mountains and leave me alone.  It's a theory, but I think it will pan out pretty well.

Meanwhile, here are your Wednesday Night Bullet Points:

* The cold got the better of me today.  

*Frankly, getting up at 2:00 in the morning to keep it company kind of took the wind out of my sails.

*Since I was fully staffed in the classroom and short by one (but very key) student, I decided to take my leave.

*It took me over an hour to get out the door, but I eventually made it back to my bed.

*I don't necessarily feel any better for having done it, but it was worth a shot.

*There is no scientific proof to support the healing properties of napping with a big, fat cat.

*But I don't think it hurt...

*I had to stay late last night for Parent/Teacher Conferences.  Again.

*Except I didn't have any conferences scheduled so I mostly spent the time talking with the custodian about how to plan for The Coming Days Of Hardship and The Art Of Stockpiling Dry Goods.

*When I wasn't doing that, I was downstairs talking with Mrs. Secretary Who Sits At The Back Desk about Zombie Survival Strategies.

*Neither of them wanted to talk about my cold, so that kind of limited the range of topics...

*Funny thing about being up at 2:00.  You get to see stuff.

*I know that it is the Very Complicated Kitty who is tearing up the wallpaper.

*I know this for two reasons.

*First, before he came...I had intact wallpaper.

*Second, I have seen him do it.

*But last night, I was able to witness a certain Absurdly Gi-normous Kitty taking a strip down for his general amusement.

*They are a team.  

*Not my team.  But a team, nonetheless.

*I did not bring my knitting with me last night.  

*Also didn't knit today after I got home because I felt that this would take valuable time away from my scheduled moaning, sniffling and whimpering.

*Best Conversation Of The Day:

Ms. Sheep (to the Cheerful Teaching Assistant) that brings us to the present.  Do you have any questions?  Have I covered the progression of my cold symptoms in enough detail or would you like me to go back and paint a more vivid picture for you?  It's no trouble.  I have the time.

Cheerful Teaching Assistant:  Er...

(the boy who is) Dark & Disturbed:  (ambling into the classroom and presenting his tardy slip):  Hey.  I'm here.  Sorry I'm late.  I think I have a cold.  I'm kind of sneezing and...

MS:  Oh, no you don't, Mister!!!  This is MY moment.  I am the sickly one.  You just get started on your Language Arts worksheet and don't bother the grown-ups.  I am about to describe in exacting detail how I plan to begin nasal irrigation later today and I don't think anyone wants to miss that.

(The CTA assumes an expression that is a cross between mild horror and sad resignation.  However, as Ms. Sheep is essentially her boss, she says nothing.)

D&D:  Sorry.  I was just saying that I had a cold...

MS:  Enough!  You are always saying you're sick and I never get to be the sick one.  You list symptoms every single day and we have to listen patiently.  It's not fair!!!

D&D:  I'm a Type I Diabetic.

MS:  Well....yeah.  I guess there's that.

*Fortunately, D&D, for all his goth tendencies, is a kind-hearted boy with a deep appreciation for patently absurd conversations.  

*And a genuine affection for his sickly, whining teacher.

*The CTA was pleased to hear that I'd finished Switched (Trylle Trilogy, Book 1).

*But is anxious for me to get cracking on Torn (Trylle Trilogy, Book 2).

*I'm almost done.  Soon, I shall be immersed in Ascend (Trylle Trilogy, #3).

*Then my teaching assistant can finally have someone with whom to discuss these books.

*The wait is killing her and I need to get a move on before she gives away the entire plot line.

*This is proving difficult because I found another series and it is sort of difficult to not get seduced away.

*The Devil You Know (Felix Castor)

*Great fun with a side of creepy.

*Opening Lines:

"Normally, I wear a czarist army greatcoat-the kind that sometimes gets called a paletot-with pockets sewn in for my tin whistle, my notebook, a dagger and a chalice.  Today I'd gone for a green tuxedo with a fake wilting flower in the buttonhole, pink patent-leather shoes, and a painted-on mustache in the style of Groucho Marx.  From Bunhill Fields in the east, I rode out across London-the place of my strength.  I have to admit, though, that  "strong" wasn't exactly how I was feeling; when you look like a pistachio-ice-cream sundae, it's no easy thing to hang tough."

*That.  Is.  Awesome.

*As is the rest of the book.  But I feel badly.  Sort of like I cheated on the CTA...

*To make matters worse, The Dark and Hollow Places. Carrie Ryan is waving warmly at me from the online bookstore.

*But, for the CTA, I shall stay the course. No more side trips.  Besides, I'm sort of curious to see how things work out for Princess Wendy and the trolls...

*No naps, cats or reading tomorrow, though.  Gotta go back to school and see what's left of the place after a day without me.

Well, I see by the clock on the wall and the growing pile of tissues at my feet that it is time for a dose of cold medications.  I might even treat myself to the Sleepy Kind.  You know...just as a little gift for the cold that keeps on giving.  Meanwhile, I trust that you all are having a pleasant Wednesday and are free from any viral complications.  If you need me, I'll just be here on the couch thinking healthy thoughts.

And resting.



Jeanne said...

Rest well, and I hope you feel better soon.

Lynne said...

Get well soon!

Julia G said...

Take a nap with two big, fat orange cats and call your doctor in the morning -- if that doesn't cure it, it's the Revenge of the Monkey Pox! And just look what a good job you are teaching your kids to be empathetic -- whining and sniffling are all part of the lesson plan.

Feel better soon!

trek said...

Eep! Hope you got plenty of rest this weekend. Fie upon ye, cold!