Wednesday, March 02, 2011

WNBP: Day 2 Is Harder

Everyone at school was in agreement on one thing.  The second day back is harder than the first.  At least we had that in common.  My students were so grumpy and out of sorts that they had little patience for things like structure, order, direction and education.  As for the staff, we weren't so thrilled with that either, but we didn't really have the same freedom to voice our objections.  It sort of felt unfair to have to do it all over again after we made the supreme sacrifice of returning to work following a week's vacation.
We did it for one day.  Why should we have to do a second?

I'm exhausted from arguing all day.  I'm just going to do the Wednesday Bullet Post because that is easy and doesn't require that I justify every single decision I have made.  The WNBP doesn't think I'm stupid because I happen to believe hanging from the doors and swinging merrily back and forth is a bad idea during math class...

*Having a snow day Monday really screwed things up for me.  How am I supposed to get back into the routine when Mother Nature is determined to keep me snuggled up in bed??????

*We are in trouble with the snow days.  The government has some fairly strong thoughts regarding the number of days children go to school.

*Our district does "build in" make up days, but that doesn't take the sting out of having to go longer than you'd hoped.

*Plus we got the memo reminding us that we all have to go to teacher workshops the week after school gets out.

*My department has to go for the full four days.  


*We get paid for it...but still say, "Boo."

*I was tired at a meeting a while back and not paying attention.  Didn't hear the call for "volunteers."

*Hence, I was the last to shout, "Not it!"

*This means I am now on the committee that is responsible for the workshops during the first week of summer vacation.

*Got the email today confirming my being added to the committee roster and welcoming me aboard.

*These are my new friends.

*I shall have no others amongst my teaching peers from this day forward.

*Wore my new socks today.

*The ones I finished over vacation.

*Nice!  Even on a day when you are struggling to get from one minute to the next.

*There came a point today where the Cheerful Teaching Assistant looked at me in mild horror and said, "My God.  You are one step away from having your own cult..."

*All because I told her how I was growing my own sprouts in Mason jars on the kitchen counter.

*Visions of me in some remote compound with my merry band of off-the-grid followers...

*That is ridiculous.

*Two words:  Zombie Apocalypse.

*I will need sustenance in those dark days and have no plans for wandering out to hoe the garden whilst the living dead are shambling through my yard.

*Besides, it was just a few pinto beans.  That doesn't make me a hard core survivalist.

*Now, if the pea sprouts work out then we can talk about reclassifying me.

*I miss being able to read all day.  That was a nice vacation perk.

*I finished Fallen in short order.

*Was then compelled to read the sequel, Torment (Fallen).

*The cover art on these books is stunning.  

*I was kind of stymied after I was done.  What should I read next?  

*Sort of felt like I'd had enough Teen Angst And Youthful Drama.

*I teach young teens so it is probably good that I break things up a bit.

*Sometimes a book title is so intriguing that you just can't help yourself.

*The Strangely Beautiful Tale of Miss Percy Parker

*Seriously.  Tell me you don't want to at least click to see what's up with that??????

*I clicked and then had to purchase because you gotta respect an author who says, "I'm going with the crazy-long title and to heck with how much of the cover it takes up!"

*A nicely grown up book with all sorts of ghosties and spookies.

*But classy and proper as befits the Victorian sensibilities.

*Sequels and series are my weakness so, of course I had to get the next one.

*The Darkly Luminous Fight for Persephone Parker

*Again with the long, but strangely satisfying title.

*I finished that one earlier this evening and found myself stuck again.  

*I'm giving Tempest Rising (Jane True) a shot.

*Also some rather nifty cover art.  

*I'm not sure about this one, though.  I'll get back to you.

*All the books I really want to read are sequels and not out yet so I'm really in something of a holding pattern...

*I discovered today that there is a big difference between sitting at home and occasionally chatting with the cats and spending seven hours standing up and talking to students.

*Opened up that tongue wound incurred during my recent dentist appointment.


*Best Conversation Of The Day:

Ms. Sheep:  This has been a horrible day.  I hate everyone and everything and am now just looking for reasons to eat chocolate for dinner.

Little Farmer Boy:  (tossing his science worksheet to the floor)  I'm not doing this!!!

MS:  Oh, yes you are, young man!  And since when do you tell me what we do in this class???

LFB:  Well, you said you wanted a reason...

MS:  In your own way, I think you like me a little bit.

After a long day, a sore tongue and with the blessing of the Little Farmer Boy, I felt that some chocolate ice cream was in order. What the heck?  I was eating sprouted, steamed beans for dinner and that is healthy enough to justify ice cream without having to resort to Kid Approval.  Besides, tomorrow is Day three.

I don't anticipate things magically becoming simpler.



Anonymous said...

You need to eat a balanced diet. That means mung bean and alfalfa sprouts, too. And maybe radish sprouts, if you like the tangy.

Of course, every balanced diet includes chocolate in both hands :-)

Mel said...

Maybe chocolate is what I need to help me get over this cold. I figure it's at least worth a try.

=Tamar said...

Balanced diets require both light and dark chocolate. Or is that hot and cold? Better do both to be sure.

Donna Lee said...

Good Omens; The Nice and Accurate Predictions of Agnes Nutter is one of my favorite Books with a Long Title.

i was off for a few days and felt resentful that I actually had to get up out of the bed and get dressed for work. I think getting paid for staying home and sleeping, eating, reading would be ok.

trek said...

Wow. um, it is now Thursday and you just have to get through tomorrow to reach the joy, happiness, and freedom that is Saturday.

Hope today was better than yesterday.

Beth said...

Hey, I'm sprouting things now, too - alfalfa and broccoli. But last night I noticed that the cheesecloth on my alfalfa sprout jar was molding so I threw that batch out and will now change out the cheesecloth each time I rinse. What are you using on top your mason jars? I might have to put a screen in there instead.

Julia G said...

Ah, joy of being volunteered for committee work! Well, at least you have really snazzy socks. The sprouting sounds interesting and nutritious - helps keep the faith when you are still having snow days!

Kath said...

I did click on that title and it sounds great! Adding another one to the list - your recommendations are keeping me in good reading material!