Thursday, November 11, 2010

WNBP: Yup. It Is.

I find that the best course of action in certain circumstances is to just act like it all went the way it was supposed to.  For example, if you happen to neglect the Wednesday Night Bullet Post because you were at parent-teacher conferences, you should simply post the WNBP and defy anyone to say that it wasn't there all along.  If you believe it yourself, it almost becomes true.

Hence, I shall proceed with all the confidence of one who is absolutely correct and right and just and good.  I'm great at denial.  It keeps me employed and makes bill collectors go away...

*I spent most of last night down in the office showing Mrs. Secretary Who Sits At The Back Desk how to crochet those funky little sideways mitts I posted the other day.

*I almost missed my one conference because I was enjoying myself so much down there.

*I sat at the desk belonging to Mrs. Secretary Who Sits At The Front Desk and she doesn't use a regular chair.

*She uses one of those bouncy balls.  Great fun!

*And surprisingly comfortable.  Even when sitting and crocheting for three or so hours.

*Back didn't hurt at all until I went upstairs to my own room to do a conference and had to sit in a regular chair.

*Very tired by 8:00.  Very, very tired because parent-teacher conference night is long.  

*You teach for half a day.  Then you conference (or sit around) until 8:00.

*Long day.  

*But productive since I made a pair of mitts and conned the lady in the tech office into letting me install an upgrade on my school laptop.

*Now I can watch streaming television again as God and the taxpayers intended.

*My own laptop is still dead.  She took pity on me.  

*That or she was tired of listening to my lamenting and whatnot.

*In addition to denial, I am very good with the lamenting.

*Hey, I'm wondering.  Was anyone else up at 3:30 this morning steaming a pumpkin?

*I'm curious because I hate to think I was the only one.

*Those of you who were up at 3:30 steaming a pumpkin already know why one might do this.

*For the rest of you, one does this in order that it might be peeled.

*Pie pumpkins are for peeling.  And smooshing up.  Then freezing for pumpkin bread later.

*I don't recommend steaming pumpkins at 3:30 in the morning unless you happen to be wide awake anyway and looking for something productive to do.  

*Daddy Sheep is rolling around on the floor howling with laughter now because I am turning into Mommy Sheep.

*It is not a good idea to steam anything at 3:30 in the morning if it is a regular school day.

*OK if it's a holiday, though.

*Happy Veteran's Day.  Go thank a veteran.

*Don't go randomly hugging them, though.  They find that a bit forward and off-putting unless you happen to already be on hugging terms.

*I also made goulash.

*Did that later, though.  Not at 3:30.  I couldn't because I was out of paprika.

*Oh!  I know what I wanted to tell you!  I went to the school book fair last night!

*Proceeds to benefit the library.  

*Parent Support Organization provides a five dollar voucher good for the purchase of a book to every single student in the school.  All of them.

*Which is an amazing gesture and one that every kid takes advantage of.  Love that.

*I spent more than I should have, but I love my school library.  And books.

* I read InterWorld quickly.  It's a short one.  

*Good book.  Not regular Neil Gaiman good since it's a collaboration and all.  But still good.

*Then I started Heroes of the Valley by Jonathan Stroud.  I can't quite think of the word I'm looking for to describe it.

*'s on the tip of my tongue.

*Oh yes!  I have it!


*Strongly recommend this one.  Even if you aren't a fan of YA lit.  Just trust me.  


*Before I went to the book fair, I re-read In the Night Room by Peter Straub.  Love that one, too.

*I have to go check on the rice steamer now.

*Rice goes well with goulash.

*Starting to realize that I've done a lot of steaming today...

*Maybe I should fry something.  Just for a change of pace, you see.

*Not tonight, though.  Also not at 3:30 tomorrow morning.

*I have to go back to school for a day.  

*Downside of a Thursday holiday.

*If it was Thursday.  Which it's not.

*Because, as I've already said, I wrote this on Wednesday and you just missed it.  Or Blogger was slow. Or the internet was broken.

*Pick your story.  I'm fine with whatever works best for you.

Well, there you go!  A Wednesday Night Bullet Post right on schedule.  Don't look at me like that.  You aren't going to sway me on this.  I've got my life under control and nothing is slipping through the cracks.  Not here.  Nothing but trains running on time and pumpkins being steamed at normal, ordinary hours of the day.

I believe that.



Anonymous said...

Oh, yeah... this is one of the reasons you can teach middle school!

Mel said...

I was up at 3:30, but I was rather occupied with work and unable to steam pumpkins. Had I been in possession of a pumpkin and a bit of spare time, though, I'd have been steaming away, too.

On the other hand, when your schedule starts resembling mine, then perhaps it's time to seek professional help. Of the sort who have cushy chaises longues (I *hate* when people pronounce part deux of the word as "lounge").

Kath said...

That is rather a lot of healthy steaming so if you can't break it up with a little frying, at least give yourself a couple of black & white cookies!

Mia said...

A girl in a different office from me sits on one of those bouncy balls all day - she's in great shape - but I sort of feel the need to slump against somethin' ;)

Karen said...

I am tempted to get a ball for my computer chair. Glad to know they are comfortable.

I think I was sleeping at 3:30AM but steaming pumpkin is a great use of time if you're up anyway.

Donna Lee said...

One of our psychiatrists used a large green ball for a chair for a while. It was disconcerting to watch her gently bounce up and down while people talked about their medicines and whether they were feeling homicidal/suicidal.

Anonymous said...

Color me impressed that you are making your pumpkin bread truly from scratch. Did you plant the pumpkin vine, too? I made a couple loaves of pumpkin bread last weekend but I used canned pumpkin that was still in the pantry from 2009. Or 2008. But I threw in a bag of chocolate chips instead of the nuts or nasty raisins, so It Was Good.

April said...

You almost have me convinced to give YA literature a try.

Getting up at 3:30 to steam pumpkins? Not so convinced.

PICAdrienne said...

Glad to know the internets were broken, and nothing was wrong with a certain Miss Sheep.

Julia G said...

I love the annual book fair and usually volunteer because I or my kids have read most of the books and can give enthusiastic recommendations. Plus you gotta love Scholastic Books for publishing the first Harry Potter (albeit in paperback). I bought that for my oldest kid when he was a 4th grader and the rest, as they say, is history.

trek said...

Neatnik sent her great uncle a letter for Veteran's Day - from her with a PS from the rest of the class - thanking him for his service (30+ years!) he was so grateful. I printed his return email to send to school Monday!

Jenn said...

LOL Glad I wasn't the only one - up at 3:30, not steaming pumpkins...