Wednesday, November 24, 2010

WNBP: The Pre-Turkey Edition

It is Wednesday, but not the regular kind.  This was the sort where I don't have to go to work and I spend the day creating yeast-based baked goods.  In fact, there are a couple of loaves rising merrily away as I type and I shall soon have to go attend to them.  However, I still think I can manage the Wednesday Night Bullet Post while all that is going on.  I am nothing if not a multi-tasker.

*I have today off because I get comp. time for the extra hours we put into parent/teacher conferences.

*I didn't bake bread all day.

*I actually put it off all day and now I have to bake bread at the last minute.

*Don't judge me.  I've baked a lot of bread lately.

*I thought I might make more, but I do not see that happening.  

*Frankly, I'm sort of impressed that I made it this far.

*Three dozen rolls and four loaves of the beloved Cheesy Bread.

*I made my name in the Sheepish family with the Cheesy Bread.

*I used to just be Mommy and Daddy Sheep's daughter.

*Now when the family gathers, they ask, "Is Sheepie coming?  And is she bringing the bread?"

*I have found my niche...

*I have also been told that I may not attend certain functions if I do not have Cheesy Bread upon my person.

*I finished two pairs of fingerless mitts today.

*This more than makes up for my delayed bread baking.

*Except for the part where people are expecting bread tomorrow at the family feast and probably couldn't care less about mitts.

*Wait...I need to go check those last two loaves.  Hold on a minute...

*Yup.  She's risen.  Time to preheat that oven!

*Everybody think good thoughts for not-burned-bread!

*This recipe takes milk and I've used the last of it so I don't have a back up plan here.

*It's been very cold lately.  Especially at night.

*Someone alert Webster's.  We have a new definition of "love."

The willingness to share one's favorite pink blankie with another

*I love my Other Favorite Librarian.

*When I mentioned how much I enjoyed Garth Nix's Keys To The Kingdom series and that I was planning on purchasing the next few books so I could see what happened next, she took action.

*And used proceeds from the school book fair to buy them!

*And readied them for check-out ahead of the other books!

*And hand-delivered them unto me Monday afternoon!

*Now I've read Lady Friday (Keys to the Kingdom, Book 5) and have Superior Saturday (The Keys To The Kingdom) on deck!

*Truth be told, having days Monday through Thursday in the library and not the rest of the week seemed kind of cruel, but I don't like to judge.  I'm just glad to have the rest of them now!

*I wanted Scumble but I asked her to give that one to the Cheerful Teaching Assistant because she is sad about misplacing her e-reader and I felt like she deserved it.

*I got The White Horse Trick instead.  

*Kate Thompson also wrote The New Policeman (Costa Children's Book Award (Awards)), a book I rather enjoyed.  I think I'll be happy with this one.

*And I can bask in the glow of a good deed.

*Da Boyz are wrestling.  They careened into the Automated Kitty Distractor and somehow turned it on.

*Neither one seems to have noticed, but it scared the holy heck out of me.

*I was highly amused when a colleague came to tell me that she is taking the same medication as the Very Complicated Kitty.

*She wanted to know how I got the medication so cheaply.

*My cat has referred her to the same prescription program that he uses.

*My life is beyond weird.  I sometimes can't even think about it for too long because I get a weird floaty feeling and think I'm going to faint.

*My medication has gone up ten bucks.  It does not qualify for the same program as my cat's.

*Seriously.  I can't stand it.  It makes me go all floaty...

*Wait...gonna go check the bread again.  I'm worried about my bread...

*It's fine.  I think I'm just being a little paranoid, is all.

I think that about covers it.  The bread is fine, the cats are fine and I will be fine as soon as I know that the bread is done and ready for tomorrow.  If you happen to be among those celebrating Thanksgiving, I wish you a very, very happy one.  I plan on enjoying mine with great gusto and consuming my own body mass in stuffing.  If you aren't on the Thanksgiving Diet Plan tomorrow, fear not.  There is no law against indulging on a Thursday and you don't need a reason at all.

Just don't touch my stuffing.  You can have the squash.  That's fine.  And feel free to have an extra slice of bread.  I've made plenty!



Karen said...

It sounds like you've had a great day. The bread sounds delicious.
It doesn't seem fair that the kitty medicine qualifies for the program and yours doesn't.
Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Leah said...

Wow! You and VCK are a team; one good deed each. Very Grateful for Thanksgiving.

Your word verification cault me out: I am Canadian and we had our Thanksgiving ages ago. Work verification is 'sucharse'.

trek said...

The bread will be fine: thou art the Mightie Sheepie and all bread rises to greet thee!

Happy Thanksgiving.

PS - Tell the CTA that Amazon's K2 Kindles (previous generation) will be on Black Friday sale at noon our time for only $89 and that Best Buy is hawking $99 nooks.

Kath said...

The fact that they are both boys and cuddled up together on a pretty pink blankie with hearts just amuses me no end. Pictures are great but if I saw them live I don't think I could keep it together.

I'll be shopping for Automated Kitty Distractors later in the week. I'm open for recommendations!

Anonymous said...

Awww, such happy and warm and contented kittehs. Cold weather turns Hannibal and En Esch into limpets on my bed. They will even consent to be hugged like teddy bears under the covers, oh boy!

Have a great t'day, and enjoy your stuffing!

Mia said...

hey girl.. i'm just tryin' to get thru the wizard shit of that first book - and i LIKE it.. I gotta bookmark this page cuz i might as well read ;)

Mia said...

You, my friend, are living life right. Amen. and
God Bless.

You have been my friend for many, many years.

And I want to say "thank you" .

Jeanne said...

Oh, the sight of those two catty friends... the cuteness is unbearable! Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Cheesy Bread Day to you and yours, may it be filled with warmth and love.

Mourie said...

Just love your blog, and a bit envious that we don't have Thanksgiving here in Norway. Any chance of you sharing the recipe for the magnificent Cheese Bread?

Happy Thanksgiving!

Elaine said...

Love those boys! Hope you have had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Baking, reading, knitting.... sounds like pure bliss to me!

Julia G said...

Aww, kittehs! Of all the wonderful Thanksgiving foods, fresh baked bread is the best. Happy T-day, Ms. Sheep!

Donna Lee said...

The boys have enough body mass between them to keep warm.

I hope you enjoyed your turkey day.

Amanda said...

Now I want to google cheesy bread recipes!!