Wednesday, November 17, 2010

WNBP: Mavens Like Me

Wednesday is upon us once again and it is time for the Wednesday Night Bullet Post.  I think we can dispense with my usual commentary on how hard it is to remember the day of the week and the gratitude I feel on those days when I can post in random bullet form.  I think we all know that by now, right?

Let's get straight to the highlights:

*It was raining this morning.

*And by "raining," I do not mean a gentle patter of soft drops that made the morning sparkle like it was taking a diamond shower.

*I mean a pelting, harsh punishment from the sky that caused rivers to form on all surfaces.

*I had to take out the trash and get some gas this morning.  

*Soggy Sheepie...

*The Boy For Whom All The World's A Stage took one look at me, sighed happily and said:

I just love it when Ms. Sheep gets caught in the rain.  It makes her hair dark and that looks so much better on her, don't you think?

*I spent the rest of the day in a dither because I am way too invested in what the average middle school student thinks of my hair coloring choices...

*Yesterday was a short work day for me.  I had a doctor's appointment.

*What follows is what I consider an appropriate response to a greeting that includes the words, "how are you today?"

*I apparently feel it is perfectly rational to throw my hands in the air and announce, "I am going to write the story of my life and it will be titled: I Used To Be Smart But Then Menopause Came And Made Me Stoopit."

*The doctor assures me that this state of affairs is temporary and that I will one day be the witty, brilliant gal I used to was.

*If you are ever tempted to tell someone this, please know...


*I went on to describe how stoopit I have become.

*I also put forth my theory that women who are thrown into this horrific state of affairs at the tender age of 40 thanks to a poorly-timed illness should be given some sort of reduced symptoms benefit.

*Then I informed her that a time limit should be established and some order instilled in the process. You start, you deal with it for a predetermined period of time, then you are done.


*Then she shook her head sadly and asked me a lot of questions about how I was functioning at work.  She also reviewed my file and the state of my bone density, which is getting neither better nor worse but is still depressing to think about.

*Next visit, I plan on just saying, "Hello, Doc.  I'm fine today.  How are you?"

*I think I was just grumpy because I forgot my knitting.

*And haz the menopause...

*In spite of all that, I'm still making decent progress on the mitts I'm knitting for the World's Greatest Stylist And Life Coach.

*I had to explain what the word "maven" meant to (the boy who is) Dark And Disturbed during the last class today.

*Then he stood up, threw out his chest, put his hands on his hips and loudly proclaimed, "I'm the MAVEN, that's how I know!!!!!"

*This somehow devolved into our someday going into business together and selling t-shirts that read: Quoth The MAVEN, "That's How I Know!!!"

*Why this was so funny, I have no idea.  But we darned near had to call the nurse before we died of mirth.

*I finished Heroes of the Valley over the weekend.  I know I said I really liked it before.

*Now I'm saying that I looooove it!!!  

*I'm really glad that my cousin brought The Little Stranger with her when she came to visit my parents last summer.

*I'm sorry that she couldn't get into it.  Or that my mom couldn't either.

*But I'm giddy that it found its way to me because I thought it rather good!

*Sort of an updated version of a classic, Gothic ghost story.  Slow in places, granted.  But nicely done.

*When I was at the school book fair last week I sort of got overwhelmed and panicked a bit.  I couldn't decide what I wanted!!!

*Then I ended up buying something I probably didn't really want. But it was too late and I was stuck with it.

*Turns out I am kind of fascinated by The Everafter.  It's like The Lovely Bones only less with the murder and more with the "what does it all mean?"

*Way more compelling than I thought it was going to be.  

*I'm saving the best one for last.  It's the reason I went to the book fair.  I was only going to buy one book.  But then I got all the others because that is sometimes the way these things go...

*I'll tell you all about it later.  I'm treating myself to it over Thanksgiving break.

*I really wanted Scumble (the sequel to Savvy) but it was kind of spendy in hardcover.

*I'll wait for My Other Favorite Librarian to get it for the school library and read it for free.  

*Much more sensible way to go about it, right?

*If I'm going to be selling super-cool MAVEN t-shirts, I should probably start acting smarter.  

*Even if I am not exactly biologically capable of that right now...

That's about it for this week's bullet points, I think.  I'm assuming I could come up with more if I tried, but I think I've wound down for the moment.  I'll just kick back and enjoy the evening (especially now that it's not pouring buckets down upon me).  I trust that your Wednesday went well for you and wish you all the joys of an impending Thursday.

I may be a stoopit kind of MAVEN, but even I know that Thursday is just a heartbeat away from the weekend.  And that's a joyful thing, indeed!



trek said...

Maven is a great word! But it sounds girly to me. A guy just can't be a maven.

Gracey is not my name.... said...

It's gonna be a long Thursday. 1/2 day with the kids and then HOURS of parent conferences...but taking Friday off! Heading to RI for the day to watch some Irish dancing

Karen said...

I would say you are a maven of middle schoolers:)

Louiz said...

What about those of us who start menopause at 37? How much of a reduced symptoms benefit do you get each year? Plus, can I have a copy of the book when you're done for hints please? (Obviously that would be hints on how to disguise stoopid, not hints on how to be stoopid, I can manage that without hints:)

Bob & Phyllis said...

Do you have access to an acupuncturist? Acupuncture can help lessen or even relieve many symptoms of menopause. I went through the change several years ago and it helped me enormously. Unfortunately, I'm in Ohio, so it won't help you for me to recommend one here.... 8-/

Donna Lee said...

I'm reading this on Thursday afternoon and say the WNBP and thought, "wow, she's written it early today, Wed afternoon". It threw me for a minute. Shows you you're not the only one with menopause brain (and getting my period every 2 weeks or so is not fun at all)

April said...

I read that as "I finished Herpes Of The Valley this weekend" and wondered if you were going into a new line of work.

I am 50. Menopause has not yet started. I am teh jealous.

Teri S. said...

Hmmm...maybe my stupidity is not due to Lyme after all...maybe it's menopause. In the space of 5 minutes last week, I lost my keys at the doctor's office (I left them in the chair). Then I got "lost" going to the library (two blocks from the doctor's office). Then the doctor's office called to let me know I left my purchase there. Sheesh.

So I definitely feel your pain. I can only hope it gets better.

Amanda said...

"I Used To Be Smart But Then Menopause Came And Made Me Stoopit." Ha, ha. Hilarious! I definitely think that you could change menopause in the title with other things as well (such as my students). Hopefully you remember the knitting next time. I really is calming :)

Julia G said...

I'm soon becoming Of a Certain Age myself and have stepped up the walking -- the low-impact exercise on the ol' skeleton is at least good for maintaining bone density even if it won't necessarily reverse bone loss.

Plus it's free and gets me out and about. I do get the cats on their harnesses and leashes in the yard, but so far they have displayed no enthusiasm about going on a 3-mile walk with me. Go figure.