Wednesday, August 04, 2010

WNBP: Admit It

I can barely see the keyboard through the haze of humidity, but I'm going for it anyway.  Blogging has been sparse this summer and I can't afford to miss an opportunity.  Hopefully, I won't electrocute myself what with all the perspiration dripping onto the keyboard.  It's not really so much about me as it is about my not wanting to admit to having injured another laptop this week.

Let's get to this week's Wednesday Night Bullet Post while I'm still moderately less soggy, shall we?

*In case you didn't catch the hint, it is hot today.

*And muggy.

*I'm all limp and wilt-i-fied.

*90 degrees and air so thick you can slice it like soggy bread.

*And I'm spending the day making tomato sauce.

Yes.  I admit it.  I'm an idiot.  But I had a lot of tomatoes...

*It amuses me to think that, a mere thirty minutes earlier, this was just a pile of tomatoes, onions and garlic.

*I'm a vegetable geek...

*It was crowded at the Farmer's Market this morning in spite of the heat.

*I had to fight for my onions.

*Still managed to get only the red ones which were most decidedly NOT what I wanted.

*The scarf finished blocking.

*Rose Trellis Lace Scarf pattern from Wooly Wonka.

*Yarn by Sheepie from back when she used to spin with more frequency and knew from silk/lambswool blends.

*One of my all-time favorite scarf patterns.


*Good thing it finished blocking a couple of days ago.

*Wouldn't ever dry if I blocked it today.

*Would actually be soggier after a day of blocking.

*It is hot.  I can't remember if I mentioned that.

*And humid.

*The Very Complicated Kitty says, "Thank you" for all the One Month Anniversary wishes.

*Actually, he didn't really say it.

*He's a cat.  Cats don't talk.

*I won't admit to hearing cats talk to me.

*He says it with his eyes.

*I'm just passing it on.

*I finally figured out how to get him to take his anti-anxiety medication in the morning with a minimum of feline fussing.

*And anxiety on both our parts.

*I make the meatball with the crushed pill just like The Cat Whisperer told me to.

*Then I feed it to him on a spoon.

*Slurps it right up.

*No muss, no fuss.

*Don't tell anyone that I am spoon feeding my cat a medicated meatball.

*I'll deny it.

*You'll just look foolish and people will laugh at you.

*And it's not like I feed him his whole breakfast like that.  Just the meatball.

*No one can prove that I spoon feed my VCK.

The only available witness is otherwise occupied.

Well, I made it through an entire blog post without melting or flooding the school laptop I'm borrowing for blogging purposes.  I am glad about that because it would be hard to come up with a good story for how that happened once school starts up in a few weeks.  Now I'm off to get myself some refreshing flavored water and see about feeding some cats.  It's the night feeding so no meatballs are involved in this operation.

Not that I have anything to be ashamed of where the meatballs are concerned, mind you...



trek said...

It is oozily wilty where we are today, too. And in the nineties.


Word verification: cativent!

Betsy said...

May this heat break before you have to return to school...our teachers report next week.

Bob & Phyllis said...

heh. don't feel bad. We spoon feed our animals all the time. Generally, it's the last bite of something, usually yoghurt but sometimes ice cream. The bassets LOVE it all; Edward the cat only likes the ice cream.

VCK is so pretty and looks so content. How fantastic that y'all found each other.

Donna Lee said...

Yes, we have the wilties, too. It's August and to be expected but still. You'd think we'd be used to it after all the heat of July.

So, what happened to the other laptop?

Mia said...

you are my hero...

Anonymous said...

I suspect you could make us all laugh with an account of how you destroyed your other laptop. Gory details, please.

April said...

Errr .. I spoon feed my older Sanctuary Guests.

The scarf is truly a work of art, I may have to make one or two of those myself.

Knitting Linguist said...

The tomato sauce looks delicious! I'm impressed you're cooking in that kind of heat. :)

Julia G said...

Sauce and scarf both look yummy!

I used to have to give one of our senior cats a daily pill and perfected a technique of swaddling him in towel, cradling him like a baby, holding his mouth open at the jaw hinge with one hand and dropping the pill in and rubbing his throat with the other. The secret was emitting a piercing kind of whoop noise just as you dropped in the pill, startling the poor beast into swallowing reflexively.

Your spoon technique seems much more elegant and dignified for both parties.

Jeanne said...

My poor cat Zander. Thyroid meds. I plop him on the washer, crank back his head, toss the pill in the back of his throat, clamp his mouth shut and command him to "SWALLOW!!!" which he does. (Gurp)

I am militant and I ain't takin' no AHEM from him. He wised up to the "hide it in catfood meatball" trick too fast so I had to resort to this.

I see that you have the humidity we had a week ago. You're welcome. LOL

catsmum said...

yes you probably are insane canning in such weather - endearingly virtuous but insane :)
the scarf looks gorgeous - shall I send your spinning mojo back home when she's finished vacationing downunder to escape the heat ? We'll miss her - she's been an exemplary guest.

Kath said...

Meatball on a spoon? After the struggles I've gone through over the years trying to administer medicine to my own cats and others? Whatever. Gets. It. Done. Seriously!