Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bullet Points With Extra Spatter

I am trying mightily to get a handle on "days of the week."  This, I think, will be quite helpful in managing the coming work schedule.  Thankfully, I have the Wednesday Night Bullet Post to give me some guidance.  I always know when it's midweek.  And, if it isn't Wednesday, it might be a good idea to not tell me that.

*I didn't work out this morning.

*I think the mean Wii Fit Lady is mad at me.

*Maybe she heard all the stuff I've said about her.  I didn't think so, but...

*She sent in an different trainer to do the single leg extensions with me the other day.  

*I don't know what's creepier.

*The fact that I think she is mad at me.

*Or how Wii Fit can bring in a substitute like that...

*I didn't knit today.

*Still kind of mad at the scarf for being all "difficult."

*Plus, I had a "salsa situation" going on.

*I made salsa a while back and liked it.

*Makes it easy to forget how messy things can get when canning salsa.

*You seriously have no idea how much of a train wreck I create in the kitchen with this operation.

*I know what you're thinking.  I can practically hear you.

*Oh, Sheepie I have (children/small dogs/a tribe of wild trolls living in my basement/any other mess-makers you might want to insert here).  I think I know what a mess is.

*You don't.  Plus you have wild trolls in your basement and have yet to call an exterminator.  You are untrustworthy, IMHO.

*I canned three pints of salsa, though.  And had an extra pint to throw in the fridge for this weekend.

*Then I spent an hour and a half cleaning the kitchen.

*Sort of...

*I got tired.  Salsa making is exhausting.

*Plus you have to track down every little hot pepper seed that flew into the stratosphere so that none of the cats find it.

*Speaking of cats, can someone please explain to me why the Very Complicated Kitty feels the need to lick things?

*I'm not talking about the sorts of things you'd expect a cat to lick.  I mean other stuff.

*Like the window screens.

*And the living room carpet.

*Today I found him licking the sofa cushions.

*Questioning whether or not he is getting too high a dose of his happy pills...

*He looks pretty happy while he's licking stuff around the house.  Blissful, in fact.

*Now I'm thinking I should go back to the kitchen and reexamine for salsa spatter.

*The VCK might be cured of his licking fetish, but I don't think I want to explain this to the vet.

*Cat with burned tongue and dragon breath compete with actual fire.

*Could be awkward.

Yeah.  I should get on that.  I suppose it's time to call this edition of the WNBP a wrap.  If nothing else, I ate a goodly amount of salsa today and probably should have some ice cream to balance things out.  Happy Wednesday and may your kitchen be spatter free!



Anonymous said...

Perhaps the VCK likes the taste of your carpet shampoo?

trek said...

A cat with an obsessive compulsive licking behavior is very complicated indeed.

I also am trying to remember the days of the week. Today, despite seeing the allergist, which always happens on Wednesday afternoon, I thought it was Thursday and brought Neatnik to taekwondo half an hour before her class was due to begin.

I suppose that was better than bringing her half an hour after it began but still...

sophanne said...

Maybe VCK craves the nutrients the screen and/or sofa provides.

Mia said...

oh the licking thing! I thought it was just mine... she tries to "taste" ME every chance she gets which just grosses me out. I mean.. there I am sitting innocently watchin' tv and suddenly the cat is tasting my toe. Ugh ::shudder:: I hate that. She also has a fascination with licking windows ::laughing:: between that and the paper chewing... i dunno. Good thing I have nerve pills :)

PS. Wii Fit ya say?? ... brings back some fuzzy memories... hmmm. I bet she's REALLY mad at ME :)

twinsetellen said...

Canning salsa definitely makes for a tremendously messy kitchen. Canning peaches surpasses it, however, for the invisible stickiness on the floor that takes at least 3 moppings to remove.

Mel said...

I've known a few cats who had an absolute, all-out fetish for licking plastic shopping bags. Not eating them, just licking. VCK's in good company.

Agatha's Gran said...

Licking unusual things must be innate with some Siamese. My tortie point licks the sticky tape that I put on furniture and screen doors to keep her brother and her from clawing the upholstery and chewing holes through the screening...which has been replaced twice so far.

Just let the VCK have his fun!

Salsa? Yum. No chips???

debsnm said...

My Peanut loves licking plastic shopping bags, and my face. She gets up on my chest when I'm sleeping, starts purring, and the next thing I know, she's licking my cheek. Wakes me up every time. It's not so much that I dislike it (which I do) but I worry about her licking the stuff off my face. You know, lotion, makeup, icky day-old whatever that might be on my face. Oh, and the wally-world bags. She's so happy they use her favorite kind of plastic. She licks and sometimes chews, but never eats, those bags. And she's not even on happy pills!

Jeanne said...

Zander licks the edges of open cardboard boxes--I think it's the glue residue. Ophelia has a taste for something organic and, well, a bit embarrassing to admit to. She goes nuts over my, er, armpits. If I raise my arms to stretch while I'm on the couch, the next thing I know is I've got a cat head with a scratchy tongue all up in my pit grill. Strange beasts, these cats!

I'd love some fresh, homemade salsa. That sounds yummy!

PICAdrienne said...

Salsa is messier, but tuna is the STINKIEST stuff you can possibly can. Home canned is much better than store bought. We canned it down in the shop with the shop doors open and the clothes had to be sprayed with lemon juice, left in the sun to dry and washed about three times before they were allowed to stay in the house. Almost most trouble than the tuna was worth.

Our home salsa recipe starts with a flat of tomatoes. We usually make 6 to 8 batches. My mom is kind of known for her fresh salsa.

Knitting Linguist said...

A fire- breathing cat would certainly trump trolls in the basement any day of the week!

Julia G said...

So that's who's living in my basement, a tribe of wild trolls! I thought it was just bored middle schoolers who don't want to finish their summer math and reading assignments raising a rumpus down there.

Beth said...

My dog also licks stuff and I've been wondering why. Let me know if you figure it out!

Kath said...

I've got a licking cat also. It seems to be part of how she investigates new things in her environment. That would include both crutches I was using when I sprained my ankle a while back and the feet of the friend visiting me!