Wednesday, April 14, 2010

WNBP: Anticipation Is Worse Than Actuality

Greetings, Fellow Bloggy-Types!  It is I, your faithful Sheepie.  I remain upright and taking nourishment in spite of the fact that it is the week before spring break and all the attempts by the Middle School Machine to break me.  Take that, Forces Of Evil!

Let's see how this week's bullet points are hitting the target:

*Omigod, Omigod, Omigod!!!  Did anyone see Deadliest Catch last night?  Anyone?

*The only kid in my class who watches it managed to get himself suspended yesterday.  How could he do this to me???

*I think I am more upset about being abandoned during this crucial King Crab Season than I am by the horrific name he called me.

*It was the bad name.  The really, really, REALLY bad one.

*The name that, when mentioned to Mr. Assistant Principal, will make him go as red in the face as a steamed crab and cause him to come down with the wrath of God.

*And now I have no one with whom to squeal over the Burn Barrel Brawl.

*Still really crushed every time I see Captain Phil.  It's like I hope it didn't really happen...  

*Like he's still here...

*But they call it Reality TV for a reason, I guess.

*Was up at 4:00 this morning all worried about something I thought was going to happen today.

*Several somethings, actually...

*None of them happened.

*It was a delightful day except for the part where no one could talk about Tuesday Night TV with me.

*I'll sleep well tonight, I'm certain.


*Haven't knit a stitch in days.

*Haven't even thought about knitting in days.

*Not riding the little exercise bike much now.

*Bored with little exercise bike.

*But riding it was good for knitting time.

*That didn't make up for the boredom part and how I wasn't really putting enough into the workout to get any results.

*Wii Fit and I are getting along a little better now.

*I am making an effort and it is taking a kinder approach when expressing The Horrific Truth.

*Wii Fit called me old.

*And uncoordinated.

*Very mean piece of plastic, that Wii Fit...

*I am constantly surprised at how high the Big, Fluffy Kitty can jump.

*She is, like, three thousand years old.

*But, when being pursued by her baby brother, she can practically hit the ceiling.

*Spry for her age.

*Wii Fit would probably not be so mean to her...

*Now that I'm thinking about it, I'll bet that the thing I thought was going to happen today (and didn't) will happen tomorrow.

*But I won't have spent the wee hours of the morning worried about it and will have to face it unprepared.

*I'll be completely taken by surprise.

*Maybe I should pencil in some time around 3:00 this morning to fret about things that I can neither predict nor change.

*Makes perfect sense, right?

Two more days in this week.  Two.  I honestly think I can survive two days, horrific surprises aside.  And, if not, it will be spring break soon and I can recover from home.  So I can be ready to go back and do it all over again...



Kath said...

Mr. Assistant Principal doesn't get out much eh? I mean, those are just middle school kids. It's not like foul-mouthed high schoolers, or sailors, or I dunno crab fisherman? ;)

trek said...

I'm betting against Kath on this one. Middle schoolers haven't yet evolved the shut up gene. They can be worse than longshoremen.

Hang in there, Sheepie - just two more days.

I shall now return to prepping for my adopted class which I will meet for the first time tomorrow evening.

Karen said...

"Deadliest Catch" is back and I couldn't be sadder. Everything that happens, the Jakes switching boats, Keith and Johnathan fighting, and Phil looking so happy driving the boat out of port leaves me on the verge of tears. It's going to be tough to watch but I won't miss a minute.

Julia G said...

Old...uncoordinated...?? Can you take Wii Fit off of "tough love" mode and maybe switch it to "snarky passive-aggressive" or "Southern Belle", which would say all the same bad stuff but sweeten it with "Bless your heart" at the end of every criticism? Still, it sounds like fun!

I haven't watched "Deadliest Catch" since my mom's last hospitalization - they seemed to have it on a 24-hour loop there, and the dark, violent waves buffeting the ships and crew epitomized my sadness at the time. Still, I'll try to catch Captain Phil -- a reminder that the game is deadly serious, and the sea plays for keeps, but you've got to live every day of your life to the max anyway.

debsnm said...

I never, EVER liked Keith from the Wizard! He's a spineless crybaby, and now we know he's a liar too. I love Deadliest Catch, and I was so sad when Phil died. I actually dreamed I was with Mike Rowe in an episode, wonder when we'd catch up to the real world, cause Capt Phil was there.

Cursing Mama said...

I have not, as yet, watched the all new Deadliest Catch episode - it is on my DVR and on Saturday's list of things to do. Can we discuss it then? Will that be soon enough or is it too late..

April said...

I am shocked, SHOCKED I tell you about Keith. I thought he was a stand up kinda guy but obviously I was wrong. And doesn't Northwestern Jake look different now? No more baby face. I'm trying not to think about Phil or I'll be very sad.

Pon pon pon!

Knitting Linguist said...

OK, being a linguist, I got completely hung up on wondering about the specifics of The Word. I can't help myself. At least the Wii didn't use it, too...

crzjane said...

I'm finally catching up on my favorite bloggers. I do hope you made it to the weekend. Is this the week you have off? I hope you enjoy it and the weather improves in your neck of the woods.
Have fun with that crochet book.
WiiFit should have a good long time out. Calling someone old is not a nice thing at all. It deserves to be wrapped up in duct tape or something.
Enjoy your down time.