Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Temperatures Soar For The WNBP

Greetings to all on this fine, fine Wednesday. We've made it to the middle of the week and can celebrate with a bit of the random. Let's see what today brought in the way of newsworthy items.

Or not so newsworthy but good for filling space...whatever.

*If my weather widget spoke true today, then the temperature here was 87 degrees.

*That is very, very warm.

*For April.

*I had a turtleneck on less than a week ago if memory serves.

*Don't trust memory.

*Memory ain't what it used to be these days.

*I think. I don't really know for sure. I can't remember...

*I had four thousand meetings yesterday.

*Today I had none and got to leave school at a reasonable hour.

*Yet another one of my charges was targeted for suspension this afternoon.

*I'm running out of kids to teach.

*The Stalker (who has followed me since fourth grade and through three different schools) is getting all twitchy because he's not suspended from school and is getting taught so much that he can't take it any more.

*He's considering getting suspended just for a break.

*Pretty soon everyone will be back and things will return to normal. He just needs to hang in there.

*Who gets suspended the week grades close? Why? Why in God's name would anyone do that???????

*Last week to make a difference.

*Last week to squeak by.

*Last week to ensure that I don't have to teach them AGAIN next year.


*For the record, I try to keep kids off suspension from school for as long as I can. It's a last resort.

*So you can imagine how horrific a kid has to be for me to not intervene on his behalf.

*I knit some sock today.

*Three whole rounds while I rode the little exercise bike.

*Yup. I'm amazing. I should get a medal or something.

*I rode the little exercise bike because Wii Fit was mean to me on Monday and needs to sit and think about its attitude.

*Wii Suspension.

*From a kid in my class today regarding the whole sorry situation: "Sometimes Wii Fit is a little TOO honest..."

*The Stalker dared me to go see the school nurse and complain of a "Wiinjury."

*I didn't.

*She was busy.

*And probably wouldn't have been too impressed by someone who got a permanent leg cramp during a short run on Wii Fit...

*It was a beautiful day, though. A leg cramp and a rapidly thinning student population didn't really make a dent in my positive outlook.

*Especially when there were no meetings to attend and the Wii Fit was in time out.

That's Wednesday! We're halfway through the work week and on the downward slide! If I (and my merry band of miscreants) can hold it together for just one more week, we will finally be on Spring Break and can forget all about each other for seven days. I'm going to cling to that. Wii Fit isn't going to be in time out for much longer and next week is full to bursting with meetings.

And the temperatures are dropping even as I type...



trek said...

We were into the nineties today. This is not April weather. Even Neatnik observed that this is decidedly summery weather.

Hang in there, Sheepie - just one student to teach tomorrow and the weather gadget promises temps are on the decline.

Julia G said...

"Last week to ensure that I don't have to teach them AGAIN next year." Hmmm..... maybe you are just so much fun that your suspendees have developed an AGK-like separation anxiety? Try bringing in pink heart blankies for everyone. If that doesn't work, a little quality time with Wii Fit might do the trick.

Lynne said...

It's approximately 77*F here today, 39% humidity, blue sky, gusty winds. The schools are on autumn break for two weeks (including Easter). School will resume on 19th April for a ten week term (that includes two long weekends, one on 26th April, one in early June).

After another two-weeks' break in July they will resume for another ten week term (with no long weekends). This is the term that seems to drag on forever because it includes the coldest and windiest month (August), not to mention the 'flu season!

There is a two-week spring break in September/October before another ten week term (with no long weekends) leading up to the end-of-year shennanigans: exams, reports, parent/teacher interviews, presentation nights, etc, and then a five week Christmas/summer break.

Then, of course, it all starts again in the last week of January.

So cheer up, you could be living in NSW Australia and be only one quarter of the way through the academic year! LOL

Karen said...

We had record breaking 90+ temps. It was kind of a tease since it's only April.
I am a bit obsessed with Wii fit plus cycling. The obstacle course makes me swear.

Knitting Linguist said...

You're not on spring break yet? That is just wrong wrong wrong. Of course, it does mean that you still have yours to look forward to. Mine's over, and it already feels like it's been a month (even though it was just last week). Bad sign. I wonder if I can get myself suspended?

knitseashore said...

I will totally take the heat wave over last week's flooding. Hopefully everyone will hang in there until spring break -- can you get the Wii to help you teach The Stalker? That might help until his friends return to class.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, you might get more sock knitting time if all your students were suspended. :-)

catsmum said...

I am once again reminded to give thanks and praise that I am no longer one of the minions of the Victorian Education Dept.