Wednesday, July 04, 2012

WNBP: Let Freedom Ring!

Happy Independence Day, my fellow Americans!  It is the 4th of July and I somehow managed to remember that today is Wednesday.  That is actually more of an achievement than you might think considering how lost I've been regarding the days of the week.  Frankly, the Wednesday Night Bullet Post is the only thing anchoring me at all.

I am not distressed by this, however.  Having to rely so heavily on prime time television programming to figure out the difference between Monday and Friday means that I have finally gotten the hang of this summer vacation thing.  I like it when that happens.

Here's your bullet points for this week:

*As I said before, Happy Independence Day!  We do love us a good Fourth of July over here!

*It means having a cookout at Mommy and Daddy Sheep's house.

*Oh and that whole "winning our independence as a country" thing...

*This year's gathering was quite small, consisting of myself, the 'rents and Niece Sheep.

*NS is really two people these days given that she is with child.

*But little Baby G isn't really much of a conversationalist so I don't think she counts.

*I'm not casting aspersions or anything.  No one who hasn't been born yet is all that chatty.

*Too bad there weren't more folks there.  The steak was the best I've had in a looooong time.

*Wait.  Strike that.  It is a good thing that it was a small gathering.  More steak for me!!

*I finally got my hair cut on Saturday.

*The poor World's Greatest Stylist And Life Coach was horrified by the state of my tresses.

*She had surgery and couldn't stand up for a while.

*Hence, I have not had a trim since January.

*We made plans to go out for lunch on Monday.

*Which we did.  There was sushi involved.

*For the record, I did not wish to shop.  I am currently being a Very Responsible Adult regarding my money.

*But TWGSALC is nothing if not a very bad influence.

*Plus I'm growing my hair out and I don't think she approves so I felt I had to shop with her to make up for my follicular rebellion.

*God, it's hot in here.

*Everything was cool 'n comfy until the thunderstorm started and I had to take the fans out the windows.

*We are now in a very muggy kind of situation.

*I wonder if the torrential downpours will affect the amount of fireworks terrifying my Absurdly Gi-normous Kitty tonight...

*Doubtful.  The recent decision to make fireworks legal is probably going to lead to some celebrating.

*My town chose to ban the personal use of fireworks.  No one really seems to care.

*The novelty of it all hasn't worn off yet.

*No Farmer's Market today.  It is a holiday.

*One cannot visit with the vegetables on a holiday.

*One might consider going on Saturday if one can get her keister out of bed to do so.

*Or remember that it is Saturday at all...

*I am so totally on vacation now.  Freedom!

*But I'll probably forget a lot of appointments...

*I've started knitting again.

*Alert the media.

*It's been a long time since I've knit like this.

*I think I missed knitting.

*I also think I forgot a lot of important knitting-related information.

*Let's hope I can recall this stuff before the need to do a provisional cast-on presents itself!

*I realized today how lax I've been with blog commentary.

*I had a schedule of sorts during the school year, but it kind of fell apart once the summer vacation got closer.

*Apologies to all those I've neglected.  I'll try to do better!

*I was struggling to find something new to read after I finished  Blackout (The Newsflesh Trilogy).

*The downside of reading a smartly written book is that so many others will pale in comparison.

*There were a few duds to which I'm not even going to bother linking.

*Then I stumbled upon Working for the Devil (Dante Valentine, Book 1)

*Cheap download.

*Not as good as Mira Grant's series, but still quite compelling.

*Fair warning:  This book openly challenges common religious beliefs and might not be a good choice for those who have strong feelings about that.

*I understand if that is a deal breaker.  I have certain topics that make a book intolerable to me so no judgement here.

*But, the world the author built is an interesting one and fits with the tone of the novel.

*I liked it so much I bought the series.  (Dante Valentine: The Complete Series)

*I'm up to the third book now.

*I like being on vacation and free to read whenever I want!

*Although, at the moment, I think I might be less than free.

*If I don't go open the windows back up, I am going to die.

*Which will seriously impact The Feline Feeding Frenzy and that simply will not do.

It really does look as if the worst of the thunderstorm has passed so I think I will get some air circulating in here before I expire.  I might be all footloose and fancy free, but that doesn't mean I don't have one or two obligations.  Feeding Da Boyz is not negotiable.

Plus I think there is some leftover steak waiting for this particular free citizen!



trek said...

Happy Freedom to you, too, Sheepie! I note that no mention was made of the cheesy bread today. How can you have a Sheepish gathering at Mommy and Daddy Sheep's house without cheesy bread?!

kmkat said...

Happy 4th, and enjoy the freedom to open your windows! It was roughly 100 degrees here today (officially 101 in Minneapolis) so I have confined myself to the air-conditioned bedroom. Hurrah for wi if!

Beth said...

I'm with Trek - the first thing I thought was "cheesy bread!" I bet it's good with steak.

Donna Lee said...

Have you ever read Good Omens by Terry Pratchett? No zombies but a well told story. Very clever. The heat/humidity is ugly. I keep reminding myself that it could be worse. I could live in the DC area and have no power.

Tamra who supports SA's zombie-fighting efforts said...

SA, I enjoy your blog. The other day, I found myself in possession of a new "Zombies are crap at knitting" project bag, which I believe should belong to you, as you are at the forefront of the coming zombie apocalypse, and I would like to think I was supporting your efforts in my own small way. Hopefully, you'll be able to extract my email from this, and let me know if you'd like me to send it to you.

And Donna Lee, I do live in the DC area, where the power companies are now planning to charge us extra for the time they spend on publicity to let us know that they really are doing their job, while we go without power.