Wednesday, July 25, 2012

WNBP: The Apple Of My Eye

Greetings and a happy Wednesday to all.  I say that with an inordinate amount of optimism given that my internet connection is a bit dicey at the moment.  In all likelihood, I will not be able to even publish this due to my having heaved a router out the window.  That will probably be followed by a keyboard and a monitor if it gets to that point.

It is a shame, really.  I have lots of good things to report this week and it surely would be nice to share.  I suppose I should take a nice deep breath, channel my inner patient person and just give it a go.  Perhaps the internet will allow me a Wednesday Night Bullet Post given the circumstances.

If not, then you can read all about me on the news.  If nothing else, you will have received an update of sorts...

*Niece Sheep had me a bit nervous with her premature labor, but things settled down in time for us to pull off her baby shower last Saturday.

*No.  I did not finish the baby blanket.

*For those of you who spend your sleepless nights wondering if Sheepie still knits, rest assured.

*I do.

*I even finished a couple of things in time to gift my soon-to-be-great-niece.

*I am not really a Baby Person.

*I find babies perplexing and lacking in conversational skills.

*That said, I almost came undone when I finished these:

Wee, darling little baby hats!

*I had a brief moment of complete cute overload and only came to myself after having Googled "fertility treatments for the very old and desperate."

*Thankfully, common sense returned before I did anything crazy.

*Sadly the skull buttons I planned for the baby sweater were too small and I had to go with the butterflies instead.

I guess it was for the best...

*Having not really done much in the way of needlework lately, I went with a the simplest of patterns.

*The shower guests were all non-knitters so I looked pretty brilliant in spite of it all.

*My niece asked me if, after knitting for two boys, I was glad for a change in color schemes.

*I hate to admit it, not being much of a pink type, but I really did enjoy this!

*Sweaters and hats...probably not going to be the most useful of things now.

*Baby is coming early.  There is no doubt about it.

*I am thinking good thoughts for an early and frigid autumn.

*Or the rampant use of air conditioning.

*I had to be quick at the Farmers Market this morning.

*I was expecting a package and didn't want to miss the truck.

*I meant to get some fruit, but I forgot what with all the excitement.

*I just got the tomatoes and green beans.

*Then I sat at home staring at the driveway.

*Looking for trucks.

*And wishing I had some fruit...

*My life is kind of powered by the good people at Apple.

*Computer?  Mac.

*Tablet?  iPad.

*Mp3 player?  iPod.

*But my cell phone?  Blackberry.

*Wrong fruit.

*I've been wanting to get an iPhone for a long time.  It really made sense considering the overall operating systems here.

*But they are spendy and sometimes a girl has to be practical.

*Even my wireless carrier was concerned about my old, clunky 2G phone.

*At least one would assume that considering the amount of email and snail mail I was getting from them urging an upgrade before I became utterly obsolete.

*I don't spend a lot of money on cell phones.  And I tend to get a little clingy with them.

*I also forget to charge them so it is really kind of a useless thing upon which to spend my hard earned cash.

*I always charge my iPod because it has my sounds of relaxation app on it and I can't sleep without that.

*A charged iPod does little good when a person is stranded on the highway and the zombie apocalypse has begun.

*That, in and of itself, was reason to by an iPhone.

*Which I did, but don't be too impressed.  I stuck to my miserly ways.

*It is the old 3G model that you can get for pretty much nothing.

*I think you can even find them in cereal boxes now...

*Still better than my old phone and I'm pretty sure I will charge it more regularly.

*Now I can sleep to the sounds of nature while the phone charges and be fully prepared for the undead hordes come morning.

*I really enjoyed reading Blood and Bullets (Deacon Chalk: Occult Bounty Hunter).

*It is rough and I can see where some people found it to be a bit unpolished, but I felt that added to the charm.

*There is a great line in the second chapter about how stakeouts are really boring because you can't knit or anything.

*Deacon Chalk doesn't knit.  I'm certain of that.  He was probably being ironic or something.

*But still a great line...

*I love urban fantasy and, oddly enough, prefer the stories with a male protagonist.

*Hard to find nowadays, what with the genre being more focused on the female fighters for good these days.

*I've been meaning to read Chimera for a while now.  I like Rob Thurman's other novels.

*I just never got to it.

*Until I ran out of other options.  Then I did.

*Really good stuff.  The writing is much more crisp than in the Cal Leandros series given that the narrator is a bit older, I think.

*I liked it so much that I read it in a day and picked up the next one immediately.

*I'd link to that title if the internet was cooperating at the moment, but it is not.

*The internet apparently prefers us to be illiterate and capable only of texting.

*Actually, I don't think the internet really feels that way but I was starting to get that pesky urge to fling routers and needed to vent a bit lest disaster strike.

*This may be a good time to wrap it up, now that I think of it.

*Perhaps the whole slow connection deal is a sign that things could always get worse.

So, on that note, I shall spell check this sucker and see about saving it in forty seven different places lest I lose it.  I'm certain that the internet will eventually sort itself out.  It should.  It is the least it can do for me.

I did, after all, feed it several Apples today...



trek said...

Almost spewed tea on the keyboard on that cereal box line!

Anonymous said...

Really cheap? Because I've been having the same reactions, and I'd really love to have an iPhone to go with my Mac and iPod, too...
Nancy NeverSwept

Donna Lee said...

We support the Apple machine as well with iphones and ipads. My laptop is a Toshiba because I have always had Toshibas and somehow in my mind they are the only ones.

My mp3 player is a Sony Walkman and I adore it. I think I'd rather lose my phone than my mp3 player.

Elaine said...

LOVE the little baby hats and sweater! You did a nice job. And I, too, love all things Apple..... even pies.

kmkat said...

Similar situation here: Mac Mini, iPad, iPod,... and a cheap no-contract phone of the kind referred to as a "burn phone" on CSI and NCIS. And no matter how cheap an iPhone is, the monthly contract would pi$$ me off.

That said, I am a pale shade of envy green right now...

Julia G said...

Hope the wee, darling little baby arrives soon (but not too soon) to match her wee, darling little outfit!

We are Mac City here too - DH is an IT guy - and I often wonder how we ever survived without our gadgets. The iPod Touch/iPhone camera is outstanding - I got the Autostitch app to do panorama photos. Most of my apps are practical, like weather, safari, e-mail, maps, a souped-up flashlight, and Kindle - now I don't have to carry a stack of books everywhere.

And of course games: Plants vs Zombies, Tetris, the Saboteur (based on a real-life Irish race car driver who joined the French resistance). There's Stitcher Radio for downloading podcasts and iHeart Radio for streaming when I'm in the house with wifi (too pricy to use 3G). I even have a Couch-to-5K fitness app to counteract all the time spent fiddling with all the other apps LOL