Wednesday, July 11, 2012

WNBP: I'm Being Berry Good

I know I complain about calendar dysfunction more than I should, but this time it is very serious.  I honestly don't have the foggiest notion what day it is on a regular basis now.  It all got really bad last Wednesday when, due to the holiday, I decided it was Sunday.

I've been hopelessly off track ever since.

To make matters worse, I'm coming into this week's Wednesday Night Bullet Post woefully unprepared.  I know that the quality of this blog has suffered over the past year or so, but I honestly do try to think up a few things before I put fingers to keyboard even on my worst of writing days.  Today? Not so much.  Were it not for the helpful reminders provided by the television programming guide I consulted a few moments ago, I would have let this whole thing go without a backwards glance.

I'll do my best to come up with something kinda-sorta-sense-making...

*I woke up this morning feeling kind

*Not sick exactly.

*In spite of the raging allergies I seem to be experiencing this summer...

*No...just "off."

*I couldn't figure out just what was out of whack until I spent some time reviewing my dietary choices of late and then it hit me.

*I've been a little heavy on the carbs and protein lately.

*And disturbingly light on the fruits and veggies.

*As in "I think I had some watermelon a few days ago but, otherwise, I am a poster child for scurvy."

*I remembered it was Wednesday this morning even though I forgot by the afternoon.

*Wednesday is the day of the Weekly Visit With The Vegetables.

*Farmer's Market.

*Today, I went with a mission.

*After purchasing the prerequisite garlic and basil followed by the cukes I shall need to make relish this week, I went on a fruit hunt.

*There is little in the way of fruit this early, but there were berries.  I got "blue" and "rasp."

*The latter required that I take out a second mortgage, but it will be worth it if I can get myself back in some sort of equilibrium.

*Berries are not going to help my sinuses but you can't expect fruit to do everything.

*I am very serious when I tell you that, if I have to knit another inch of pink and green houndstooth pattern, I shall go utterly mad.

*Keep an eye on the news people.

*Because I have, by my estimation, another 15 inches to go.

*Plus a border but that's not houndstooth so I think I'll get through that.

*I call this the Hounds (of Hell) Tooth Pattern.

*This situation is my own fault.  I underestimated the time before the deadline.

*Not to mention overestimating my ability to produce vast amounts of pink and green houndstooth in sport weight yarn.

*I am seriously reduced to wearing a wrist brace now.

*Wrist went numb due to excessive panicked purling.

*I love my Very Complicated Kitty.

*And am grateful that he now lets me sleep until 6:00 in the morning as opposed to enforcing the school year schedule.

*But I found his reaction to my slumbering until 6:10 a little bit of an overreaction.

*Bit me hard enough to leave a bruise.

*The VCK is a biter.  He bites out of love.  He bites out of irritation.  He bites out of boredom.

*Those bites I can tolerate.

*The hunger bites are not working for me.

*How hungry must he be to start in on my forearm?????

*Feline Initiated Behavior Modification.  

*In between gulping down blueberries, frantic knitting and explaining to my cat that I am most certainly not on the menu, I've been getting in a bit of reading.

*After reading the first in the Dante Valentine series, I decided to spring for the omnibus edition and just get through the whole series.

*Wrapped up To Hell and Back (Dante Valentine, Book 5) last night.

*I was stuck for a bit after that, but then remembered that another new book in a series I started last summer was out.  Actually has been for a while, but I got distracted by other stuff.

*So I'm rereading Johannes Cabal the Necromancer and Johannes Cabal the Detective.

*That way I can be ready to enjoy Fear Institute (Johannes Cabal 3).

*These books raise the concept of Snarky Anti-hero to a new high.

*Johannes has maybe one and the three quarters of a redeeming quality.

*But I love him anyway.

*Enjoying the reread!

*Except for the guilt I feel over not knitting or feeding the cats when I should.

*And not eating a balanced diet like Mommy Sheep taught me...

Well, it's back to the grind for me.  I promised myself five inches of (Hell)houndstooth before bedtime and I know I'm due for another dose of berries.  Plus I see a couple of cats and I don't like the look the chubby one is giving me.  I think it is almost the dinner hour by their reckoning.

Time to be on my best behavior



trek said...

Berries are one of the best parts of summer!

Donna Lee said...

I joined a CSA so the veggies come to me, sort of. I have to walk across the street and pick them up. It's forcing me to eat more greens and to try different recipes. So far, it's been a success but a bit on the expensive side.

Julia G said...

7/11/12 Your trials and tribulations knitting houndstooth reminded me of a line from Firesign Theatre's hardboiled "Nick Danger" detective radio spoofs, where hearthrob Nancy disparages Nick's fashion choices by saying, "How many hounds had to die for that jacket?" Not sure if that episode is up on the YouTubes...

For an easy way to eat up your berries (and wow people for very little work), try making a berry crumble. My favorite recipe is the "Crunchy Berry Summer Crisp" from the "Weekend Baker" cookbook, but there are plenty of recipes on the internets. You basically toss a bunch of berries with a little brown sugar, flour and lemon juice, and top it with a streusel of oats, flour, butter, cinnamon, nutmeg, more brown sugar and a little salt and bake it for half an hour until it oozes yumminess. Serve to guests with vanilla ice cream, or eat it for breakfast plain. Mmm!

Teri S. said...

Fortunately neither of our cats are biters. Bosco ( the big boy) is very patient and (mostly) politely waits for me to feed him. Emma (the little tiny delicate cat) decides when she wants breakfast (sometimes at 3:00 am) and is very insistent--patting my face, sticking her paw in my mouth, jumping on me, knocking the lamp of the bedside table...

I'm glad you are getting berries. They are the best summer fruit, along with peaches and plums. Yum!