Wednesday, November 09, 2011

WNBP: Let's Talk

This is the week that makes a grown Sheepie want to curl up in a ball and weep.  It is one of two weeks that leave me very tired and wondering if I might have to consider napping under my desk during the school day.  Yes, you know what I mean.

It's Parent/Teacher Conference Week!  Also known as The Week Where I Have To Stay Late On Two Nights And Wonder Why I Am So Very Alone In This World.

Often, I am at school on Wednesday night when the conferences roll around.  This time, however, I am home all snug as a bug in a rug and looking forward to a long Thursday Night At School With No One To Talk To.

That leaves me free to toss out a few of the Wednesday Night Bullet Points without wondering if it is ethical to use the school's bandwidth for such frivolity.  And here they be:

*I voted yesterday because I am a good citizen.

*I also like seeing everyone gathered at the high school gym.

*It never ceases to amuse me that we can all fit in there.

*I feel that I should get extra credit for voting this year because there were five ballots, two of which were double sided.

*That was a lot of work and took the nice lady at the check-in desk a while to explain.

*She took the time because she's worked every election since the Lincoln administration and she still screwed up her five billion ballots by not checking for double-sided situations.

*I appreciated the heads up.  I am the type to ignore the B-side.

*Sorry, had to leave you there for a second.

*Absurdly Gi-normous Kitty on the kitchen counter.

*Normally, I don't even bother with that because, really, what can I do?

*But he has an Absurdly G-normous cold at the moment and is sneezing vast amounts of kitty snot all over the place with wild abandon.

*Hence, I think it prudent to wave my arms in the kitchen until he gets off the counters.

*AGK just sneezed all over my foot because that is simply how these things work.

*The kids have a half day of school tomorrow.  I have to stay until 8:00.

*I don't have any parent/teacher conferences scheduled, but we all have to be team players.

*I've packed up lots of yarn and whatnot.

*I also had conferences on Monday night.  One parent showed up.

*Last scheduled slot of the night and they stayed late.

*That's OK.  I was just giddy with having someone to talk to.

*It's been crazy warm here.

*Can't shut off the heat in my classroom.  Easily 90 degrees in there.

*In the words of The Future Farmer:

"Prob'ly shouldn'ta worn m' long johns today..."

*Insightful.  And impressive self-awareness were it not for the fact that has worn them three days in a row as temps soar into the high 60s...

*Yesterday was Evacuation Drill Day.

*That's when we get 400 or so people out of the building, into the parking lot and down the street to the elementary school.

*Then we line them up and walk them back.

*Because it really wasn't enough for us to have Parent/Teacher Conferences until 7:00 on Monday without having something extra super fun to do on Tuesday.

*Seriously.  Can you think of anything MORE fun that trooping an entire middle school half a mile or so down the road?

*Today was not a good day at the Learn-A-Ma-Torium but not because we didn't have anyplace to walk to.

*There was just a whole lotta crazy going on.

*Makes a girl want to be home where her gi-normous kitty sneezes on her.

*I finished The Hour of Dust and Ashes (Charlie Madigan, Book 3)

*Still rather pleased with myself for stumbling across this series.

*Suddenly, I remembered something!

*Goliath (Leviathan) came out this fall!!!

*Silly Sheepie, letting herself forget such an important thing!

*Read that one in a day over the weekend.  One of the best YA series out there, kids!

*School book fair is always a nice way to break up a long night of (only one) parent/teacher conferences.

*Guess who snagged a copy of Rot & Ruin?

*Yeah...that'd be me!

*Not fine literature, but a very interesting take on The Coming Zombie Apocalypse.

*Always good to be reminded that every zombie was once somebody's somebody.

*Before you KILL THEM!!!!

*I'm sorry, but that is just my personal prejudice when it comes to the undead.  I can be respectful about it.

*Still gonna smoosh 'em right in the brain stem and that is that!!!

*Got a little sidetracked from The Monstrumologist, though.

*Need to get back to it once I'm done watching Benny and his brother deal with the shambling horde.

*I am trying to pace myself, though.

*Might have already mentioned that tomorrow promises to be a long night with no one around to keep me company.

*Books, computer and perhaps a bit of knitting.  That should be enough to keep me from resorting to doing actual work whilst I wait out the long and grueling hours at Parent/Teacher Conferences!

You're not going to believe this, but I just sneezed.  I'm certain that one can't catch a kitty kold, but it still seems kind of ironic.  I suppose it is for the best that no parents plan on conferencing with me tomorrow night.  I'm probably getting the plague and who wants to talk to someone who has the plague?

I might just go out and find someone to talk to just to share the wealth!  And to stay awake...



=Tamar said...

A cold is a cold, isn't it? So maybe you can catch a kitty cold. Otherwise, wouldn't they call it something else, like Feline Sneezing Syndrome? (FSS)

kmkat said...

I am such A Good Citizen that I tried to vote yesterday, even though apparently there are no elections in Wisconsin right now. Go figger.

Google tells me: "To some extent, the combinations of symptoms and course of infection is determined by which of numerous infectious agents is responsible. Ninety percent of feline upper respiratory infections are caused by either feline herpes (also called the “rhinotracheitis” virus) or feline calicivirus. Neither of these infections is transmissible to humans or to other animals." (

Also, "Most viruses infect only their natural host species. Human viruses, like those that cause the common cold, infect only humans, while feline immunodeficiency virus, feline infectious peritonitis virus, and feline leukemia virus infect only cats." (

So you are absolutely right; you cannot catch the kitteh kold. Rabies, on the other hand...

trek said...

And here I thought only human offspring felt the need to share the snot.

Donna Lee said...

We have no control over our heat either. The a/c was on in October (when the temps were just above freezing) and the heat is blasting today with the 70 degrees.

I found a new zombie series called the Newsflesh series (first one is called Feed) by Mira Grant. Very different take on the whole zombie apocalypse thing. Bleak but hopeful as people cope.

Julia G said...

My daughter's school has the same temperature control issues - it's completely random which rooms are cold and which are hotter than Hades, to the point where the kids got fed up and measured the temperature of the science room (over 80 degrees) as a science lab :-(

Lu said...

Have you ever read the Warrior Cat series? No zombies but lots of clan and tribe behavior for wild cats. Excellent series by Erin Hunter. My son loves them.

Cathy said...

I was pretty sure I gave my dog my cold til I read kmkat's comment.

OTOH, we wouldn't have snotty noses if "someone" would just go out and take care of business instead of trying to intimidate the new feral black tom cat who is twice his size.

I think I'll go strew snot all over his dog bed. Wait. That's my pillow.

Hope you are feeling much better by now.