Wednesday, November 16, 2011

WNBP: Embracing The Bullets

Well, here we are.  I've somehow managed to forget to post until Wednesday in spite of multiple promises to write a proper blog missive.  I think I'm just going to accept that, for now anyway, I'm the Wednesday Night Bullet Post Gal and cut myself some slack.  I've got a lot going on over here, after all.

Bullet Points seem to be about all I can muster with any degree of mastery these days...

*I am going to learn to nurture my inner bullet points.

*They will, in turn, serve me well.

*This is turning out to be The Year Where Teaching Leads To Tears.

*Not mine.  I'm tough.  I can catch bullet points in my teeth, by God!!

*Have to be tough since I am the leader in my classroom and someone has to be there to mop up the puddles of sadness.

*I am getting to be quite the dab hand and passing round the tissues.

*Came home today and made a phone call:

"Hello?  Department of Very Naughty Kitties?  Good.  I'd like to report a missing package of hot dog rolls and schedule an immediate in-home intervention.  When can you send a representative?"

*The DOVNK is crazy busy right now.  It'll be well into the new year before I see anyone.

*I'm thinking I should just call Santa and request coal-filled stockings for certain resident felines.

*Meanwhile, it's probably faster to buy new hot dog rolls and learn now to not leave them out on the counter.

*Got me some carb lovin' kitties...

*That part is true, but I lied about calling the kitty people.  They aren't real.

*What I actually found upon arriving home was a message from Mr. Assistant Principal.

*When faced with a sobbing colleague and no idea how to solve her crisis, I kind of panicked and called MAP to beg for inspiration.

*He wasn't there.  I left a message.

*I may or may not have sounded a little desperate at that point.

*MAP has never called me at home.  MAP probably also doesn't realize that I live about five million miles from school and that I'm always "in transit."

*Kind of wishing I'd not called MAP.  Might have let myself get a little overwhelmed by the sobbing and whatnot.

*I don't do well with weepy women-folk...

*Why I thought MAP would be any better, I don't know but it seemed like a good idea at the time.

*Best classroom line of the day:

The Anti-Bieber:  Wow.  It's really hot in this classroom.

The Siren (who leads all pre-teen boys to their ultimate doom):  Yup.  It's crazy hot.  That's because me 'n Ms. Sheep are in here!

*Funny on many levels.

*Probably inappropriate on more, but I still laughed.

*There aren't too many giggle-worthy moments this year, I'm afraid.

*Two cats howling for food at my feet.

*Note:  cats who nosh on hot dog rolls all day do not get their usual afternoon snack.

*No guilt.  None whatsoever.

*Reading is a good thing.

*I've been merrily working my way through a new-to-me series of late.

*The Monstrumologist

*And The Curse of the Wendigo (Monstrumologist)

*Then The Isle of Blood (Monstrumologist)

*These are considered YA by most, but very good adult reading.

*Fair warning:  They are rather "literary" in tone and there's a bit of the saucy language at points.

*Nothing really bad, but adult-types might want to consider it before handing the books off to middle grade kidlets.

*I also sometimes felt that the books were running just the teeniest bit long for the story at points.

*Still didn't stop me from plowing through all three books at a speedy pace.

*Who doesn't love a good monster story?  Or seeing great figures in history romping around amidst all the gory ickiness?

*I needed a time-filler once those were done.

*Trying Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble: The Jolie Wilkins Series, Book 1 next.

*Cheap download.

*Perhaps not as high-toned as what I've been reading, but sounds like great fun!

*Which I kind of need right now.

*Supposed to be out of school for a doctor's appointment on Friday and all the weeping is making that look like a pipe dream.

*Kind of think I should be in school to leap into action should tears be shed.

*Which does not make my doctor very happy.  Or the weeping colleagues who don't want to feel guilty when I stay in school.  And Mr. Assistant Principal who now thinks I'm in dire distress and in need of reassuring phone calls at my home.

*Tomorrow promises to be a very busy day what with restoring my tough girl reputation and readying the classroom for my possible absence.

*Maybe I should have downloaded the entire series of "fun" books...

It's true.  Bullet points are remarkably soothing after a convoluted day of hyped up children and frantic colleagues.  There is a nice rhythm to bullet points.  I might even be able to make some sense out of tomorrow if I can just keep the zen-thing going.

Or I will spend the day banging my head against the wall while the Assistant Principal tries to think of calming things to say.  It will be one of those...



trek said...

I guess I should be glad and grateful that I have encountered neither caterwalling colleagues nor sobbing students this semester

So far, anyway...

Julia G said...

It wouldn't be Wednesday without the WNBP!

A couple of months ago, our big orange cat decided to attack any bread or snack bags left on the counter exactly ten minutes after we turned off the lights at night - a bit of a game to get us up and playing with him, rather than any real interest in the marble rye beyond a few nibbles.

Then we bought a clear plastic breadbox to store the bread in, so he started knocking the butter dish off onto the floor (luckily it's plastic too). Now we secure the butter nightly behind the breadbox and sweep the kitchen for possible targets. No wonder the Department of Very Naughty Kitties is so busy!

On a more apocalyptic note, High School Kid is currently shooting ordinary shambling zombies, pogo-sticking zombies and bungee jumping zombies with a lawnmower that shoots peas in the "Plants and Zombies" video game, which he heartily recommends.

Teri S. said...

Our Emma is a carb-loving kitty as well. I once left the rice cooker open so the rice could cool. The next thing I know, she's lapping it up! And while Bosco isn't that interested in people food, he did chew a head-sized hole in the kibble bag one morning (I accidentally left it on the counter) and gorged himself silly.

Best of luck getting through this week. I think Mercury must be in retrograde or something. Work is proving to be...challenging...for almost everyone I know. At least you can muster up the WNBP. I can't even manage that.

kmkat said...

I had a terrible premonition when I saw that The Sheepie had posted her WNBP after not having posted for ?a week? The thought that came unbidden into my mind was "What if Sheepie stops blogging altogether? That would be AWFUL! I would miss her!"

Promise me you can manage at least one post per week... forever. M'kay? Deal?

=Tamar said...

The next Mercury Retrograde is from Nov 24 - Dec 13, 2011.

Donna Lee said...

I had a weeping colleague this week too. I wonder if it's something in the air.

I just hand over a tissue, nod and say uh huh alot and offer hugs when appropriate.

Cathy said...

I guess you are the only person in the world who has a preMercury Retrograde (PMR). Lucky us for getting to enjoy it!! (I'm only going by what Tamar wrote)