Wednesday, July 06, 2011

WNBP: Things Are Heating Up

So yeah...I'm still trying to adjust to the vacation schedule.  Just when I think I have handle on it, I wake up in a cold sweat thinking that I have to get ready for work AND OMIGOD AM I LATE???  It takes a few minutes to remember the actual state of affairs.  Of course, there are certainly worse problems a person could have than remembering they get to stay in bed, but it was a rough school year.  That minute of hypertension is enough to age me prematurely.

I guess that is why the weather has suddenly taken a turn for the scorching.  Mother Nature, dear lady that she is is wants to help me get back on track with the schedule.  While I appreciate the gesture, I'm not necessarily thrilled with the 93 degrees.

I think I shall plant myself more comfortably in front of the fan and do the Wednesday Night Bullet Post.  That'll take my mind off the heat, at least for a little while.

*I went to the Farmer's Market this morning.

*That is a very summery thing to do and really helped to solidify the season for me.

*There wasn't much to be had, though.

*Since vacation started so much later, I guess I got it in my head that the growing season was a little further along...

*It could also be that I didn't get there until 9:00 and all the early birds beat me to the veggies.

*Got my first new garlic of the summer, though.

*And basil.

*I dream about this stuff all winter...

*I didn't think the day was very hot right up until about 2:00.

*Then I suddenly realized that it was, indeed, very hot.

*Crazy hot.

*93 degrees with rising humidity.


*I didn't can any potatoes like I'd planned because who can can potatoes in 92 degree heat???

*I put up some chicken yesterday and that is good enough for now.

*I got such a kick out of eating my way through the summer produce last winter that I am determined to do more of it this year.

*So far I've done very little.  I blame the Farmer's Market and how they only had beets.

*OK.  They had more than beets.  But not much...

*They are also open on Saturday. I should go on Saturday.  They always have more on Saturday.

*But half the thrill is going on Wednesday when I should be at school teaching America's Future.

*They have redone the road leading over to the Market.  And the pet store is under new ownership.  Big changes went on while I was toiling in the salt mines!

*I think that things should stay the same unless I have been notified.

*Preferably in writing, but an email or quick call would suffice.

*I get all distracted by the new look.  

*And spend $45.00 at the new pet store on stuff I totally don't need...

*Da Boyz love the new chicken treats.

*Have I mentioned my love of fresh basil and mild, new garlic?  


*Lots to report on the book front.

*Since the cats keep getting me up so danged early, I get a bit more Reading In Bed time.

*Torment ((Fallen)) came out not long ago.  There's a sequel I've been waiting for.

*I forgot I was waiting for it, but then I remembered.

*Actually, I saw it and said, "I remember that one!!"

*Either way, that is remembering.

*And now I know what's been going on in the world of fallen angels and the girls who love them.

*And the Nephilim.  Sometimes they don't get the face time they deserve...

*I was stumbling around the online bookshelves and happened to notice The Map of Time: A Novel.  I was intrigued.

*It wasn't quite what I thought it was going to be and, at first, I saw some problems.

*Most notably the author's tendency to write in a very old and happily abandoned style.

*That of Breaking The Fourth Wall.

*In vogue many moons ago, it went something like, "And now gentle reader, I must pause to share with you such facts as only I, your humble scribbler and modest omniscient being, can know."

*Very jarring during a good read and really only suited to stuff from the days when a lady knew what side to put a bustle on.

*However, this is truly an amazing piece of literature.  Seriously.

*Modeled on The Time Machine.  And H. G. Wells plays a starring role.

*I was fascinated by this novel.  It put into words some of the very deep and convoluted inner debates I've had with myself over the nature of time and my place in the continuum.

*Yeah.  Deep thoughts.  I haz them.

*By the end, I'd even forgiven the whole fourth wall business.  It served a purpose.  

*Highly recommend.  Highly.

*And happened.  The thing I've been awaiting for months.  I didn't forget to remember this one.  I've been watching.

*Heartless (The Parasol Protectorate) is out!!!!!!!

*Kids, if you want a good old fashioned romp through Victorian England and the best treatment of werewolves and vampires EVER...this is the series for you.

*You'll want to corset up, grab your parasol and tilt your plumed hat to a jaunty angle.  

*I laugh out out at points.  I can't help it.  

*Series starts with Soulless (The Parasol Protectorate).  That one is great.

*And it only gets better from there.

*The Cheerful Teaching Assistant is now addicted to this saga!

*I'd even suggest it for people who don't necessarily like the horror or steampunk genres.

*Alexa's exploits went a long way towards taking my mind off the heat today, lemme tellya!

Well the good news is that it looks like the heat is about to break.  The bad news is that it is going to break courtesy of a massive thunderstorm.  The rumbles have already begun, hence I think it is time to wrap this up.  I trust that you all had a marvelous Wednesday and that your Thursday will be even better.  If you need me, I'll be over here in front of the fan and awaiting the cold breezes.

Still glad it's summer, though.



trek said...

The weekly Visit with the Vegetables!

Guinifer said...

Do you keep in touch with your fellow teachers during the summer months? Just curious....

Julia G said...

This year we took the plunge and bought a CSA share in our local farmstand - it's a lot of chopping and sauteing things in olive oil and garlic, but yummy! And half the fun is being surprised every week by what's in the basket.

I never enjoyed beets until I tried the "Farmgirl Fare" blog recipe for caramelized beets with fresh garlic-- you'll eat half the frying pan's worth before they're done.

I love steampunk too - it's sort of the daffy side of the Age of Invention. I loved Joan Aiken's Wolves Chronicles, which are technically alternate history, not steampunk, but same idea. And next year's Bioshock 3 video game, which will have a steampunk setting, looks very cool.

catsmum said...

fresh basil is always good ... as are new reading suggestions from SA :)

catsmum said...

I haz been to the library website and there is no Carriger, bo Palma but oh frabjous day, there is Fallrn, Passion, Torment, albeit with a waiting list for each
that's ok
I can wait
[ happy dance ]

btw lovedlovedloved the felix castor novels - thanks for that one. Got the first at the library and then bought the set :)

Anonymous said...

Okay, just requested the CD version of Soulless from the library. A little light vampire fiction -- perfect for summertime.

Did you ever get into The Song of Fire and Ice? series? Excellent fantasy fare, although not at all light and frothy; more like, full of villains and heroes and interesting characters. Anyway, #5 FINALLY came out -- I have been waiting for it for at least 2 years, maybe 3. HBO made book 1, A Game of Thrones, into a miniseries that I swoon to watch when it eventually comes out on DVD.