Wednesday, September 01, 2010

WNBP: The Working Girl Edition

No...not THAT kind of "working girl."  Sheesh!!  Let's keep it clean, people.  No, I am referring to my return to school today and the rampant attending of teacher workshops that I endured.  Frankly, it's good that this is Wednesday since I'm too hot and tired to do much more than toss out a few random bullet points for you.  Let's take a look at today's offerings:

*It was somewhere around 95 degrees today.

*I was grumpy and out-of-sorts well before 9:00 this morning.

*I think that might also have been right around the time the Assistant Superintendent made a joke about how she was looking forward to seeing our sticky, shiny faces tomorrow when the students arrive.

*It is going to be hot tomorrow, too.  

*She will be spending most of the day in her air conditioned office so I don't think this little witticism was something she should have included as part of her Start Of The School Year Speech To The Staff.

*I was ready to just go home, but I didn't think that was going to be the kind of thing anyone in authority would approve.

*So I stayed for the Teacher's Association meeting.

*Knit a sock and tried to not over-react to the dawning realization that the contract negotiations might not be going well due to a marked lack of flexibility on the parts of all involved.

*Also a little too much of the snarkiness.  Snark never helps in these sorts of situations.

*We remain under a salary freeze while everyone blames everyone else for the lack of progress.

*Then I went to a mandatory special education meeting.  

*Actually, I went to the staff breakfast first and had some coffee.  Hence, I was late to the special ed. meeting.

*About twenty of us were late due to our belief that we were entitled to coffee consumption prior to meetings.

*This meeting (for which I was late) caused me to be late to our building meeting.

*Then, just as the pizzas were arriving for the staff luncheon, I was informed that I needed to go make a Very Important Phone Call.

*This was emailed to me earlier in the day, but I couldn't check my email because I was in meetings all morning.  And late for all of them so there wasn't much in the way of down time.

*Except for the part where I stopped to have coffee but I didn't have my laptop with me at that point so this wasn't going to help me stay in the informational loop.

*I hid in the Guidance Counselor's office until the building staff meeting was over because, by then, I was pretty much done with meetings.

*Then I finally went to my classroom to come up with some sort of strategy for tomorrow's school day.

*Don't feel too sorry for me.  We only have one day then we get a long weekend for the holiday.

*Just feel a little sorry for me.  That's fine.

*Or say you feel a little sorry for me even if, on the inside, you are not at all sympathetic with my having to go to work like the rest of the human race.

*I'm good either way...

*It is still over 80 degrees here and that is just madness once darkness falls.

*Plus, when school starts, I consider it to be Autumn and there is no need for these kinds of temperatures during this season.  No need whatsoever...

*The Very Complicated Kitty seemed kind of confused when I came home.

*I explained to him repeatedly that I was going back to work and that his brother could give him some pointers regarding how best to handle the empty hours

Still not sure he fully understood the situation, though.

*I should probably stay home tomorrow....

*That's not going to fly.

*Never mind.

*Here's an observation:  The automated kitty toy thingie is great for giving the cats some exercise.  I'm certain that it is the kind of thing that will help them peel off the extra pounds!

But I'm fairly certain that the goal here is actual movement as opposed to just laying there and waiting for the fuzzy ball to finally swing your way...

That's all I can think of for now.  I still have a few things to work out for tomorrow's first day with the students and I'm pretty sure that the VCK is going to need another sit-down regarding the new schedule here.  I probably should go deal with those things.  That and soak my head in cold water for a while before my brain utterly melts in this heat.

Happy Wednesday, Everyone!



Anonymous said...

I think the negotiations should include air-conditioning the classrooms. Oh, and the halls, too; sometimes you have hall duty, right? It is totally Not Fair that the assistant principal gets a/c and you teacher -- who have to deal with rebellious and overheated students -- do not.

Mel said...

I have freezer gel packs. Lots of 'em. I am currently resting my head on one wrapped in a tea towel. Of course, I also just went for a 6 mile run, but still, it helps with the cooling down.

Kath said...

One day? What is the point of that?? I think they should just give this week a pass and start over next week. Right? I'm sure VCK will agree with that.

Julia G said...

Well the good news is, the heat here in New England's going to break Friday. The bad news is, it's because Hurricane Earl is dropping by for a visit. At least you have Friday off so you can batten down the hatches!

Best beat-the-heat tip meantime is, use a cold washcloth on the back of your neck, or slather yourself with said washcloth and stand in front of a fan. Primitive but effective.

Anonymous said...

We had 5 days of over 80 degree weather all summer. It was 60 yesterday and 69 today. While 95 does NOT sound nice, it does seem like we could average out into some kind of decent summer weather!

And I'm with kmkat - it makes sense for teachers and students to have the a/c! Ginnie

Bob & Phyllis said...

You're a stronger man that I, Gunda Din if you can resist those eyes on VCK.

Of course, I then busted a gut on the "exercise" photo you posted.

Hope the heat wave breaks soon and you have lovely cooler weather.


trek said...

Today was the first day of third grade.

I did not weep.

I am rather proud of that fact.

I can't wait until noon when I get to pick up my Neatnik.

April said...

It's 94 here at this moment. That's hot. I have a feeling it's gonna get hotter. I think you should send me the VCK to make ME feel better.

Gracey is not my name.... said...

I've been in school for 4 I taught in the second grade hallway because it was almost 100 in my classroom...that is filled with 30 5th grade bodies. The PM we sat under a tree outside and I tried to read to them...several districs called a 1/2 day - not ours...

Jeanne said...

OMG, that face. How could you possibly leave that face behind for an entire day?

twinsetellen said...

I am feeling a little sorry for you. Not too much, but a little, for real.

Karen said...

It's way too hot for school. There were a couple of towns that either cancelled or changed to half day. My son's school was not one of them.
I hope you survived the kids.