Saturday, September 25, 2010

ABC's & 1-2-3's

1.  This is my Betta:

OK, everyone.  All together now:  Hi, Betta!!!

2.  He is new here. His name is Alpha. I guess I was kind of worried about his self esteem.

3.  Alphie for short.

4.  I am Certain that many of you are Concerned for his safety given the plethora of felines that also live here.

5.  I had some Assurances for you.  They were good ones, too.

6.  Alpha Betta was only supposed to be here temporarily.  Then he was going to live in my Classroom.

7.  Where all we had to worry about were a few well-meaning but not always gentle Boys.

8.  Now I'm not so sure.  He's my friend.  My Companion.  I like having him here.

9.  The Cats don't seem too interested.  At least not at the moment.

10.  But...

11.  I probably have Cause to be worried.

12.  The Absurdly Gi-normous Kitty is practicing his Gosh I'm So Sweet 'N Innocent look:

He's got it down pat.  It looks good on him, too.

13.  The Very Complicated Kitty is working on his Reassuring Grin:

This needs work.  It does not look good on him.  It looks...disturbing.

15.  There is the possibility of a Catastrophe.  I am Aware of this.

16.  It's a Conundrum.

17.  I'll need to Cogitate on this.  Work the ol' Brain for a while.  Ask the experts...

18.  Meanwhile, the male to female ration here at the Manse stands at 3:1.  I'm outnumbered, but I Accept this.

19.  Alphie is a very Congenial roommate, after all.

20.  He is not, however, open to the idea of tiny, handknit sweaters.  Frankly, I think it's a Bias.



trek said...

Had A little too much time on our hAnds todAy did we?

Beth said...

Cute post! I didn't realize that Bettas come in red. Ours was blue. They are such pretty fish. Love/am scared by the photo of the VCK!

Kath said...

After seeing that pic of the VCK I have serious concerns for Alphie's longevity. I know the boys of your classroom are not always gentle but..Da Boyz? That's a whole 'nother kettle of fish!

Donna Lee said...

I had a rabbit that was supposed to live in my classroom but ended up becoming a part of my family. Which then led to a succession of rabbits. I'm not a big rabbit fan (and neither were my cats!)

I like Betas. If you stand next to a red one wearing a red shirt,it will think you are another beta and will get all ready to fight you (wear blue shirts next to blue ones). They make all kinds of bubbles and look fierce. It's kinda fun.

Karen said...

Alphie is adorable. My son's class has one just like him. They call theirs Fireball.

=Tamar said...

Is the aggression is on the fashion faux pas of wearing the same color, so a blue beta would not fight a red beta? That could lead to a lot of purple betas, who might be confused.

Teri S. said...

Hmmm...cats and fish? I'm not sure that I'd be comfortable leaving Alphie alone with the AGK and the VCK. Remember what they did with your trash? And the trash didn't move. Alphie might be just a tad bit safer in your classroom.

And if it looks like your school year is going to be a bit rough, it might be good to have another Companion in the classroom. He'll help you get your mellow on. Or maybe help your kids gets theirs on.

Knitting Linguist said...

Maybe he's afraid they'll felt in his bowl? All that water and agitation, you know...

Julia G said...

Welcome, Alphie! All the Blogosphere is holding its Collective Breath for your Continued well-being....