Wednesday, September 29, 2010

WNBP: I'm Feeling Saucy!!

It was a lovely day here in Maine.  Temperatures were so mild I was flashing back to spring and wanted to pack up the classroom for the coming vacation.  It was almost painful to leave school without doing that.  But I'm determined to see it for the nice day it was and not think about how I still have 9 months to go before real summer strikes.

Let's see if I can maintain my cheerful attitude through this week's Wednesday Night Bullet Post!

*I left school a few minutes early today.  No one tried to stop me.  It's been a heck of a month and most people are either patting my hand in a comforting fashion or just backing away in fear.

*We had a staff meeting yesterday to cover the myriad of issues involved with the coming state assessments.

*We are in trouble if these do not go well.  Mr. Principal is starting to show the strain.

*You should have seen his face when I told him that I would be out on Monday.

*He paled.  Halfway, at any rate.  50% of his face was kind of red with impending rage.

*I told him it wasn't my fault and that he could take it up with my director since she was the one who scheduled my safety procedures training class that day.

*Then he went back to pale because this is really the best color a face can be under certain certain circumstances.

*I knit on my sock during the meeting yesterday.  

*This is one of those socks that is going to be with me for the duration.  I'll probably finish it during the next "real" summer.

*I told the Alternative Ed. teacher today that I'm working on lots of personal mantras that I can play in my head all the time.  Like a soundtrack.

*She didn't pat my hand, but I could tell she wanted to.  

*Instead, she went with the Understanding Head Bob and Soulful, Sympathetic Gaze.

*An excellent choice under the circumstances since we were standing outside the office while one of my students was recovering from a morning cafeteria brawl.

*Another one of my students was there.  It was The Boy With The Bass Booming Earbuds.  I had to question him over the whole affair.

*Best Line Of The Day:

Dude!  I swear, I didn't do nuthin'!  I was just protecting my honey bun!!

*I told Mr. Assistant Principal and he wasn't sure if we were discussing a pastry or new girlfriend.

*It was the former.

*Alpha Betta is doing very well.  The cats have left him alone.

*They do like to show up when I feed him, but I think it's because fish food smells...fishy.  They don't much care if there is an actual fish involved.

*A lot of people showed up at the family dinner last Sunday, including a long lost member of the clan who moved a while back.  She heard I was learning to can and brought me a sample of her tomato sauce.

*She's old school Yankee.  You could lock her in the house and she'd live better than most of us on just what she's got "put up" in the cellar.  

*I had some sauce with pasta tonight and...Oh.  My.  God.  

*Soooooo good!

*Old recipe.  Good recipe.  Love the long lost relatives who share.  Love them.

*Mommy Sheep?  You out there?  I need her address so I can extend further adoration in letter form.  

*Yeah.  I got the recipe.  Oh, yes I did!!!!!

*It is my mission to chronicle the family foodstuffs.  I like family foodstuffs.  To date, I've scored the recipes for lemon bars, biscuits and the super-secret rolls of goodness.  Now the sauce.  

*Currently listening to Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter during the daily commute.  It's very good.

*Except for the fact that the ipod keeps skipping around and I don't know if Lincoln is a ten year old boy or the president at any given time.  

*Edited To Add:  Ipod isn't on shuffle.  Probably should have mentioned that.  Not mentioning it makes me sound like one of those middle aged women who require the assistance of teenagers to function in a technological world.  Which I sometimes am...

*I should get the actual book and just be done with it, for crying out loud.  I like the story.  

*But, in keeping with my sunny attitude, I am just grateful to be able to listen to it and shall consider the random chapter presentations as a way to keep my mind alert.

*I need more sauce, I think...

So there's a Wednesday.  I cannot wait to see what Thursday will bring because I am a sunny, saucy gal who loves life and all that garbage.  Perhaps I will find a cache of tomatoes and make some sauce.  Or maybe Lincoln will come explain how he went from being a boy in a log cabin to an adult vampire hunter then back to boyhood again in the space of two minutes.  Or someone will announce that there is no such thing as state achievement testing and my principal will return to his normal facial coloring.

Anything's possible!



Anonymous said...

Hate to state the obvious, but you may have your iPod on "shuffle".
Nancy NeverSwept

Karen said...

Did you say biscuits?? Food of the Gods they are.
Um, I agree with Nancy on the ipod thing.

Kath said...

I tried that book and something about the way it was written just didn't do it for me. You may be better off with the audiobook!

Denise said...

Can you share the tomato sauce recipe?

Donna Lee said...

I think I'll download that book this morning. I saw it last night and wasn't sure but if you say it's good, I'll give it a listen.

Good pasta sauce is a recipe to hang onto and pass down. I am in the process of collecting favorite family recipes and putting them together. I lost the recipe for my grandmother's cole slaw (the world's best!) when she got Alzheimers. I still get sad when I think about that.

Cathy said...

Love fresh tomato sauce. Am freezing cooked heirloom catdairtomatoes with chopped onions. Think how appealing the sauce will be along about the darkest of January evenings.

My cats love our fish's food too. Not so much the fish - yuck, water.

trek said...

Okay, you sold me. Just requested the audiobook.

With that stash of family recipies, you could provide a veritable army with a massive cache of foodstuffs!

Julia G said...

Sounds like the Honey Bun Brawl may go down in the annals with the Burn Barrel Brawl that opened last season's Deadliest Catch.

Hope you recover quickly from the plague, and I really hope that wasn't Alphie going AWOL under the toaster oven....