Wednesday, July 21, 2010

WNBP: Stuff I Did

As I was sitting down to write tonight's Wednesday Night Bullet Post, it suddenly occurred to me that I felt rather...accomplished.  Probably once I get it all written down, it will seem like less but, for now, I'm going to ride the high.  Here's tonight's bullet points!

*Wednesday is the day of the weekly Visit With The Vegetables.

*You never know what you're gonna find.

*I found tomatoes.

*I found onions.

*I found mild jalapeno peppers

*I already had some garlic left over from last week.

*There was really only one thing I could do under those circumstances...

I made salsa!  What other choice did I have, really?

*I'll admit, I had my doubts on this one.  But, I forged ahead and processed it anyway.

*Even though it didn't look quite how I'd thought it might.

*While it was in the water bath, I tasted the little bit left over in the pot.

*Best salsa...EVER!!!

*Don't ask about the cost per jar.  I think we have established that this is not necessarily always a cost-effective way to stockpile spicy condiments.

*I'm glad I'm an early riser.

*Today was another day where I got to look at men on ladders outside my living room window.

*Could have been a disaster of epic proportions had they shown up while I was yelling at the mean Wii Fit lady.

*Scary middle aged woman screaming curse words at a cartoon lady in a leotard.

*Still working on the building.  Wish I'd known that in time to close the shades.

*Hate to do that right in their faces...

*Plus one of the shades is broken so I took it down on Monday and didn't get around to replacing it yet.

*They got to watch me make salsa.  I'm certain they were awestruck by the whole process.

*Or at least by the god awful mess I made in the kitchen...

*Hey!  Guess what else I did?  It's amazing!!!

I finally finished the socks!!!!

*Yes, it was quite a show for the dudes on the ladder.  

*Actually, I think having an audience kind of inspires me.

*Not really.  I just didn't dare to move around too much for fear of startling anyone on the ladder.  

*Knitting was one of the few options left to me once the salsa was done and I was settled on the sofa.

*I finally made a decision regarding my next reading adventure.

*I thought and thought.  But just couldn't seem to settle on anything for the longest time.

*Finally, I decided to return to my good buddy Simon R. Green.  I knew he had another series out there and figured it couldn't hurt to give it a try.

*But still pretty darned entertaining.

*It's a short series so I'll probably work my way through it fairly quickly but that is what summer is for, right?

*Once I finished the socks, I was so filled with the love of all things knitting that I started a scarf.

*It's an easy one, but I hate to let myself get lulled into a false sense of security.

*The socks were easy, too.

*I started them in December.

*That is just sad.

*Won't think about that.  Will focus on finished socks.

*And salsa.

*And reading material that meets my expectations.

I was right.  It doesn't look like that much in print.  But it felt like a lot of work when I was doing it so I'm still going to pat my own back vigorously.  I might even reward myself.  I could get the next book in the aforementioned series.

And some corn chips.  You I can test the salsa again.



mrichme said...

Will we get a full report on the severe T-storms that passed through?

Cathy said...

Yummmm... homemade salsa. Can I come over with chips? And maybe a couple of cats?

I will not try on the new socks.
I will not try on the new socks.

What thunderstorm?

Kath said...

I've never met the Wii Fit lady but I'm started to suspect she's not terribly ladylike.

knitseashore said...

You can always bribe the Men on Ladders with your amazing salsa, if they do catch you yelling at the Wii lady. I'm sure that will entice them to keep whatever secrets you don't want revealed.

Congrats on finishing your socks!

Mia said...

mmmmm you GO with your bad ass canning self!!! I can't wait till you show us a pic of all your canning on a shelf lined up all pretty in a row :) That's always almost as good as the eating :)

oh.. and men on ladders ::sigh::

Anne said...

You have some serious vacay mojo right now, Sheepie!

I have an awesome recipe you can use salsa in for breakfast (I KNOW!) or even dinner. Hit me up if you think you want it. Even fussy-eater me will consume it.

trek said...

We had some major electrical activity and flood-proportion rainfall last night. I've never seen teal lightning before!

You seriously need to check out Warriors.

April said...

The socks are absolutely beautiful and I am still in awe of your canning abilities. It all seems too much like magic to me.

lobstah said...

Did you use a recipe for the salsa or just make it up yourself? I think I am going to have a ton of tomatoes in my garden (crossing my fingers that nothing bad happens before they ripen!) and this would be an awesome thing to make with some of them.
I just canned some black raspberry jam today so I am with you on the canning bandwagon!