Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Late, Late, Late...

Sheepie runs to the blog and comes to a screeching halt, panting and gasping and clutching the stitch in her side.  She was visiting with the family tonight and is a bit late getting home for the Wednesday Night Bullet Post.  She made it, though!  Never fear, for Sheepie is nothing if not dedicated to her readers and their need for random blurts of information.

*I may be dedicated to the blog, but I am not so consumed by it that I will pass up the chance for a free meal.

*Channeling my Inner Undergrad...

*It was hot today.  I did not appreciate that.  But I've seen worse this summer so I'm being gracious about it.

*I am barreling along on the scarf like winter is right around the corner.  There is hope for blocking by the weekend.

*Going to a parade on Saturday so there will be no blocking.  There will be much in the way of flag waving, baton twirling and candy tossing.

*Not so much with the blocking...

*The Very Complicated Kitty is learning some hard lessons around the morning schedule.

*He needs to take his medicine.  He takes it in his food because I suck at giving cats pills.

*Here is how I was directed to do it by The Cat Whisperer and the Nice Vet Down From Canada Who Was Sitting In On The Appointment Because She Is Covering During Vacation Time.  It's quite simple really.

*Step One:  Make a meatball with the cat food and squashed up pill.

Step Two:  Say, "Now, you cannot have the rest of your food until you eat your meatball."

*That is word for word what I was told to say.  By BOTH vets.

*Step Three:  Give the cat the rest of his food after he has eaten his meatball and coo appreciatively at his good behavior.

*This would be great save for one thing.  The VCK, for all his girth, is not the chow hound you'd think.

*He's a nibbler.

*A nosher.

*He likes to eat a bit, wander off, come's all quite leisurely.

*If he leaves the food, his brother will eat it.

*It is illegal to share prescription medications.

*For the past month, I've been able to accommodate this.  But it can't last.

*We need to get on schedule here.  When school starts, I can't call in sick because the VCK won't take his anti-anxiety meds.  There is nothing in my contract that allows for this.

*Then I will have to take his anti-anxiety meds and we'll be right back to the whole illegally sharing prescriptions situation.

*The new plan is this:  he must eat his meatball or the food goes away.  He gets it back for dinner.

*I feel like the meanest Mom EVER.

*If you tell my Mom that you really, really like the peanut butter chocolate sauce she served with the ice cream for dessert, she will let you take it home.

*Mommy Sheep is not the meanest Mom.  She is a nice Mom.

*I don't know where I got this...

*Oh, and I performed the Weekly Visit With The Vegetables today, too.

*I'll show you pictures later.

*Here's a cat picture:

Da Boyz sharing the ever-popular Dollar Store Cat Cave.

*That should tide you over until I can do something photogenic with the vegetables.

Phew!  I made it!  Wednesday can now officially come to a close because I have bullet posted for God and country.  Hope your day was a good one and that any and all meatballs were consumed in a timely fashion as prescribed.



PICAdrienne said...

AGK does not seem to be living up to his moniker anymore. VCK distracts from AGK's AG-ness.

I love to see pictures of the boys.

Anonymous said...

Da Boyz: dey haz da kewt.

Mouse said...

Aww... look at those gigantic kitties!

Mel said...

Our boys weren't so much with the kitty caves, so you'd be more than welcome to the remaining ones I got - a different stash to enhance, and they likely would have ended up in your manse anyway if I hadn't gotten them.

trek said...

Agreeing with PICAdrienne. Ginormousness is all relative.

Once I had a sick kitty. I was kind of lucky, I guess: he liked the infant antibiotic drops I had to administer twice daily.

I think it was the sugar content and bubble gum flavoring.

Donna Lee said...

I'm not good at dosing cats either. I don't have the heart to keep pushing the pill back into their mouths when they have demonstrated in no uncertain terms their desire not to swallow it.

And no one in their right mind turns down a free meal. Especially when someone else cooks it in this heat.

Mia said...

illegal to share meds ya say??? ::laughing:: have ya tried the pill plunger thingy? Works the best I found cuz velcro kitty hates any kinds of food other than her dry little bits. Weird. I TRY to tempt her with chicken... she could care less and won't touch it. Yeah, weird.

Kath said...

I suck at giving cats pills also. Best time in my life was when my friend D lived downstairs - she is a world class cat piller. Now the only thing I can do is crush them up and mix them in with tuna. (AKA kitty crack).

Have you ever tried tasting the cats medicine? (You can, it won't do anything bad to you.) The vet told me that to the cat it would taste like beef. All I can say is if THAT is what beef tastes like to a cat, no wonder they are willing to lick...never mind, you get the idea!

Teri S. said...

Better late than never, is what I say. I, too, am pretty bad at giving the cats their meds. They hide the pills in their cheeks and then spit them out when I'm not looking. And liquid meds are almost worst because they shake their head and the medicine goes flying, usually all over my work clothes.

I'm still amazed at the ginormousness of both your cats. They are soooo cute!

DeanB said...

Was that the Casco Days parade? I didn't see much in baton twirling, but lots of beautiful antique autos. Not as many camp floats as I remember from a couple of years ago.