Wednesday, July 07, 2010

WNBP: Scamper, Scuttle 'n Scurry!!

For a person who is "on vacation," I certainly seem to have more to do than is reasonable.  For what it's worth, everything on my calendar is/was there because I either penciled it in myself and felt good about getting it done or because it was something I really wanted to do.  But it has certainly sped up the Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days Of Summer.  I think that a Wednesday Night Bullet Post with all it's random haste is just about perfect for tonight!

*Temperatures topped out here at 100 degrees yesterday.  

*Unnecessary.  Very, very unnecessary.

*Also unacceptable and unappreciated.

*Today was significantly cooler, thank you very much.  Didn't even hit 90.

*Close.  But no cigar.  Much more comfortable.

*I was almost grateful to be getting a bone density scan and mammogram yesterday.

*Air conditioned.  

*This allowed me to overlook some of the less pleasant aspects of the morning.

*I turned the sock heel yesterday, too.  And picked up the stitches for ongoing sockage.

*Then the yarn just got too darned sticky and I had to put it away.

*Quick trip to the farmer's market for the weekly Visit With The Vegetables this morning.

*Not much there when you go late.  

*But I was meeting my parents and extended family for lunch and didn't want to kill too much time.

*Got some cukes 'n onions.

*Gonna make some relish if all goes according to plan.

*Salad if plans go horribly awry.

*No veggie pix this week because I forgot.

*Pet store is right next to the farmer's market.

*New cat carrier needed.  The Very Complicated Kitty has to go to the vet tomorrow.  

*There will be no repeats of our last car trip together.  Leather seats still crying in pain and fear.

*Forty bucks for the new carrier.

*Will be dropping another sixty or seventy tomorrow to cover medications and prescription edibles.

*Cat was "free," as is the post-adoption check-up.

*New definition of "free..."

*The Absurdly Gi-normous Kitty loves his new brother.

*He does not love the new feeding situation which requires that there be no kibble in sight.

*Not even a crumb.  I try to sneak him some, but the VCK can hear the sound of clattering kibbles from a mile away.

*Fat cats don't need kibble.  Fat cats with struvite crystals need it less. 

*Fat cats don't care.

*Fat cats want kibble.

*The VCK is a Certified 'Fraidy Cat.

*We are developing a list of Fearsome Objects.  

*Things like shoes, soda bottles and cat toys.

*He found one that he really loves, though.  No idea where it came from.

*Don't even remember buying it.  

*Not surprised that it's his Most Favoritest Thing, though.

Stuffed Turkey Leg.  Figures...

*He also played with the AGK's beloved dollar store cat cave this morning.

*Which is weird because he is scared of it since the AGK put it on his head and chased him around a few days ago.

*I stocked up on cat caves the last time the dollar store had them.  

*I have twelve.  

*Plenty to go around.

*So far this summer, I've made one vet trip, gone to the dentist, made another appointment with the vet, made another appointment with the dentist, gotten the squishy/scanner tests done, visited with the family twice and adopted a Very Complicated Kitty.

*There's other stuff, too.  I just can't remember it all...

*I need a vacation.

*But first, I need to get my mojo back up again because tomorrow's trip to the vet is not going to be pleasant.  

*It's not so much the appointment I'm dreading.

*It's getting the squalling, squirming cat into the carrier.

*Next week is Sit At Home And Do Nothing Week.

*Make a note of it.

And now I must bid you all a good evening.  It is almost time to feed the beasts.  This requires that I set up two separate feeding areas.  One consists of "normal" food that must be guarded and the other features "prescription food and smooshed up anti-anxiety medication" that must also be guarded because a certain portly siamese would be very happy to trade with his brother.




Gracey is not my name.... said...

Glad things are going well with the VCK and the AGK.

Kath said...

Only time I've ever gotten a cat into a carrier without any aggro was when we evacuated because of a wildfire. It was a supreme "take no b.s." moment. I wish I could summon up that same energy and pass it on to you somehow!

Jeanne said...

I hope you got a car carrier that opens two different ways - one is the 'normal' end, the other is the top. It's easier to drop the cat in the top opening than to stuff them in the end.

If you got one, with only one door, set the carrier on end, door open, and put the cat in back feet first. That might work. Then again, VCK may just climb up your chest, head, and go down your back...
Shut the doors to whatever rooms VCK is not in - saves time from getting them out from under the bed. Been there, done that, learned from it.
Best of luck!

Mel said...

Jeanne has good advice on the carrier bit - hiney first is often a good way to go. Also, ask The Cat Whisperer about Prozac as an option for the anxiety issues. It only needs to be given once a day. The only real drawback is that too much can ramp up the anxiety, so you do have to titrate the dose properly.

Jeanne said...

I've conditioned the cats to the carriers by leaving them open and available in their main living area. They discovered they actually like being in them. So to get them to go in is as simple as opening the door and pointing.

Yes. Even when heading to the White Coat Man. Good luck tomorrow!

Mia said...

wow! summer is goin' good and you're gettin' the icky stuff done fast so you can enjoy it.. even tho you'll be broke from the free cat :))

Oh, and maybe I missed it, but what was that wonderful good smelling to cat stuff that the vet told you about? I should keep some just in case :)

trek said...

Sit At Home And Do Nothing Week. Uh huh. Yeah. Believe it when I see it.

Or at least read the WNBP about it.

Donna Lee said...

What a face! he loves his turkey leg. Good luck at the vets. Perhaps a lock for the zipper on the carrier?

Beth said...

When I saw the photo, I thought the turkey leg was a fudgesicle and that the VCK had somehow gotten into the freezer to get it! He does seem pretty capable of getting out of things and I thought maybe he was just as capable as getting into things.

Elaine said...

Maybe just one, lonely piece of kibble in the cat carrier.......?

Cathy said...

Just keeps getting better and better... popcorn running out... need more.

And my verification word "worns"

I guess they mean "worns out", huh?

=Tamar said...

An experiment occurs to me. When you held him, suddenly he had no fear of the car. What if you have someone else drive, while you lap-carry him?

Anonymous said...

LOL at AGK running around with the cat cave on his head. And are you sure that that fat orange kitteh is truly Siamese? He's too big. Maybe he is Siamese twins, partially reabsorbed...

Julia G said...

We have the cat carriers that are shaped like a picnic basket -- drop 'em in and close the latticed lid -- that work like a charm, even for ginormous orange-and-white dreamsicle cats. So glad the AGK has taken a liking to his new roomie!

lobstah said...

Just catching up on my blog reading and was so happy to see you had adopted this kitty! I know him from the shelter (I think he was called Liam there?). Thank you so much for taking him...I was really sad when he was brought back to the shelter and was worried how long it would take for him to find a new home. Thankfully, not long at all! What a pair he and the AGK are--those photos of them together had me dying of laughter!