Wednesday, November 07, 2012

WNBP: The Swngi Of Things

Oh, I give up.  I just give up.  Last week was the most crazily "off" week in the history of seven day sequences and I don't think I'm going to ever find my groove before this week hits the finish line.  I can't get out of my own way.  Worse, I honestly don't believe the alarm when it goes off and there is every reason to believe I'm going to think every day is Saturday from now until the third of March.

I am not exactly getting into the swing of things here.

Wednesday seems to make some sense to me, though.  I might have almost missed work today due to my schedule confusion, but it all seems to be a little clearer now.  I know I have to do a Wednesday Night Bullet Post.  Maybe performing that simple, routine bit of business will help me figure all this out before Thursday rolls around.

*I think I've talked about the election enough to keep me going for a while.  I'm exhausted from it all.  I want to talk about something else.

*But I probably should mention that Maine made me awfully proud yesterday on any number of issues.

*We are The State That Said Yes.

*And, as I mentioned on Twitter this morning, I am now heading out to purchase lots of gravy boats because I anticipate a few weddings in my near future.

*I survived my Autism Conference.  In case you didn't catch the subtle whiff of discomfort coming from my general direction, I wasn't looking forward to two days away from home.

*The ride up was pleasant (if ungodly early) and I discovered that I'd scored a single hotel room once we got to talking about roommate assignments.

*Considering the horrible insomnia that plagued me even after the walking pneumonia started to stroll away and the occasional bout of late night coughing that sometimes sneaks up on me, that was a good thing.

*It has been my experience that people do not care to share their sleeping space with wide awake coughing roomies.

*With that bit of stress out of the way, I was able to focus more on the content of the conference and learned a lot.

*And then we got a dog to bring back.

*What?  You don't go to Autism Conferences and bring back rescued border collies?

*You don't spend three hours in the backseat of a car with said canine in your lap and periodically being bestowed with puppy kisses?

*Clearly, you aren't doing your Autism Conferences right...

*The dog threw up on me but it was just the once and she clearly felt kind of ashamed of it.

*I didn't care.  I was too busy trying to figure out how to sneak the dog into my car when we got back to the Park 'n Ride and then explain her to Da Boyz.

*Which probably wouldn't have gone over too well with the lady who was adopting her but I am partial to dogs who sit in my lap, lick my face and gaze at me adoringly for three hours.

*I have a standing invitation to visit the dog any time I want.

*Our next Autism Conference is scheduled for March.

*I'm asking for a pony.

*Last week, I worked half a day on Monday, had a storm day on Tuesday, wandered back in to school on Wednesday and then took two days off for an Autism Conference/Dog Rescue Operation.

*Then we changed the clocks to Fall Back Time.

*At which point my insomnia disappeared and every day became Sleep In Saturday.

*This week, we have Parent/Teacher Conferences and they are scattered throughout the workdays rather than plonked down in the middle for one long day like they usually are.

*And there is a storm coming, but probably not the kind that will result in another day off.

*But it still adds another layer of confusion to the whole business.

*Tomorrow, I have to stay at work until 7:00.  Which will probably make me think it is two days or something.

*Wait.  What time is it?  Oh, for crying out loud!

*Just realized I forgot about dinner.

*I had to schedule a late afternoon conference today and got home an hour late and now I am all confused.  I've lost an hour and I can't find it!!!

*Speaking of time and the confusing aspects thereof, is it really November?

*Should I be concerned about the fact that I have given no thought whatsoever to the upcoming holidays?

*Or that I can't find where I stored my winter sweaters during last summer's cleaning binge?

*It is cold out there.  I can't be wandering around in t-shirts and capris anymore!!

*I'm currently reading The Midnight Mayor (Matthew Swift).

*Since getting my online library loan capability, I've not purchase too many books.  But this series is really rather good and worth the cash layout.

*But that didn't stop me from putting a hold on the audio version of Iron Kissed (Mercy Thompson, Book 3) so that I could check that out once it became available.

*Don't want to abandon my library all together!

*And my nice, single hotel room afforded me the opportunity to power through Mister B. Gone, also a purchased tome.

*If the library found out, they might think I was favoring the bought books over their freebies.  We can't have that.

*There is a problem with my computer monitor.  It appears to have morphed into a gigantic cat butt.

*Which means that either my computer is possessed or the resident felines are still not finding their Time Change Groove.  

*I'd move him but he looks kind of ornery.  

*And I've already done it twice to no effect.

*Which probably indicates a need to wrap up this week's WNBP if only because looking at a cat butt does nothing for my keyboarding skills.

I need to go get some dinner, I think.  It occurs to me that I probably should also locate something to wear tomorrow's Parent/Teacher Conferences since my whole Every Day Is Saturday thing hasn't exactly panned out.  Apparently my beliefs around calendar progression are not shared by all involved in my working life.

Just wait until Monday, though.  Once they get around to realizing it's a three day weekend, they'll understand.  By Tuesday, everyone will be as confused as I.

Of course, by then I'll be back on track which will still have me out of sync with everyone else...



kmkat said...

I'm wondering what Da Boyz thought of the crazy canine smells on your person when you got home from the conference. My own cats feel the need to sniff me carefully all over when I have been near an unfamiliar animal.

trek said...

Just checking in here, Sheepie.

Between the flickering of the Christmas lights.

What, you haven't any blinking lights? Oh, silly me, must be Athena trying to one up Sandy.

I'm going to bed...

Good luck with the conferences.

Donna Lee said...

Fortunately, the new storm came and went fairly quickly with some rain/SNOW and some wind. Nothing too terrible but then I'm not at the shore.

This end of DST always throws me for a while. I've been so sleepy all day but having bouts of insomnia. I blame the menopause.

Julia G said...

I'm impressed with your willpower in not adding to the menagerie! My neighbors just acquired a 3-month-old golden retriever puppy, and I know it's just a matter of time before I succumb to the puppy love....

So far we have not lost power with Athena, though we did have to shovel 6" of snow so no school today - at this rate, school won't let out until the 4th of July. And it's supposed to be 60 degrees again this weekend!

Cathy said...

"I want a pony"

I can well imagine that.

And hopefully you'll be buying lotsa gravy boats, too.