Wednesday, September 19, 2012

WNBP: One Week Was Enough

Hello, Wednesday!  Nice to see you.  It is really impressive the way you roll around once a week like clockwork.  You are an incredibly prompt day and I salute your responsible ways.

That said...I surely do wish you had more of a Friday vibe going on.  This whole "working full time, five days a week" thing is really starting to wear thin.  And I'm saying that after having only really worked for one full week since the school year started up again.

No offense intended.  You are what you are, dear Wednesday.  And I shall give you your due since it's not your fault you aren't Friday.  Here is your weekly Wednesday Night Bullet Post as a reward for all your hard work and relentless dedication to showing up once every seven days!

*I worked five days in a row last week.

*This week, I have a dentist appointment on Friday so I won't be working five days in a row.

*I think that it is perfectly reasonable given that it was never my idea to make the work week five days long in the first place...

*I went to a training this morning.  Thought I might get to see the Cheerful Teaching Assistant and visit for a bit before we both went back to our respective new jobs in other buildings.

*I didn't.  But she caught the Organized Teaching Assistant and sent a hello my way.

*The New Teaching Assistant is working out very well.  I really like her.

*But I haven't come up with a nickname for her yet.  For now, we'll just stick with NTA.  At least until I come up with something better.

*Those of you reading this blog from The Way Back will recall the time I had the monkey pox (which was really pneumonia) and how I had to call in sick for days and days.  Then for another day when I suddenly spiked a fever of 104.

*A lot of people were out sick that day.  The poor school secretary was overwhelmed by the time I chimed in with my request for an absence.

*That was the NTA.

*Odd how things come full circle...

*I didn't even know she'd switched from the front office to the classroom.  Apparently, it's been a while.

*Glad she did, though.  She's really very good.  Used to work with the more severely disabled students.

*Which explains why she found a go-normous diaper in her school bag today.

*We don't often find a use for those in my classroom, but I am getting closer to that age where continence might be compromised.  Maybe it's a sign of some sort and I should be looking into restocking my own school bag...

*Last night was Open House Night at my school.  Parents were invited to come and see the glory of public education in all its finery from 6:00-7:00.

*I had a few visitors, more than is usual.

*But still a long night and I was dog-tired when I finally made it home.

*Since I haven't been sleeping well due to some tummy troubles for several days now, it was no surprise that I fell into a sleepin' and droolin' state the moment my head hit the pillow.

*I can't be certain, but I think I might have either slept in one position without moving or spent the night rolling boulders up a hill.

*It's one of those because my neck and shoulder are killing me today.

*And I'm still exhausted which further props up my point regarding the foolishness of the five day work week.

*Never been so glad to have a dentist appointment in my life.  And I hate my dentist so that is saying something!

*The New Teaching Assistant would like some fingerless mitts.  The simple crocheted kind.

*I said I could do it easy-peasy and meant it.

*But it is still about a billion degrees outside, so I didn't feel too pressured to get going on this project.

*Today, whilst cleaning out the school bag, the NTA found a pair of mittens.

*They were right under the gigantic adult diapers.

*Thinking she might be embarrassed to find mittens in her school bag under the adult diapers during the warm weather months, I said, "Well, those could come in handy now that we have recess at our school.  It's really good of you to be prepared like that."

*Her reply?

*"Well, I wouldn't need them if I had some crocheted, fingerless mitts now would I?"

*See why I like her?  Even if she couldn't find me a sub during the horrible Monkey Pox days.

*The dealership where I get my car serviced just sent me a reminder that I will die if I don't get my tires replaced soon.

*They pointed out that they pointed this out several weeks ago.  That is a double point.

*The fact that I have already paid them oodles of dollars to replace those tires seems to be beside the point over at the dealership.

*If I do end up dying over not replacing the tires I already replaced, I am going to feel really stupid.

*But I'm taking that chance.

*I guess that is a reason for working five days in a row:  paying for new tires and the postage needed to mail me reminders about tires I don't need.

*I've been listening to the audio version of Beautiful Darkness (Beautiful Creatures, Book 2) to help pass the commute required for a five day work week.

*Since driving around for five days takes a long time, I was able to finish it and am now listening to Beautiful Chaos (Beautiful Creatures).

*I think I might have had a bad download because the audio was horrible at first.

*The reader sounded like he had the worst lisp in the world.

*Everything straightened itself out today, though.  And the enjoyment continues!!!

*I think I would have liked this one in print form just as much, but I have to say I'm pretty hooked on the audiobook.

*Almost makes me wish I was commuting to work on Friday.


Yes, I worked one whole week before caving.  And I'm not going to apologize for my weakness, although I still sort of feel like I should.  For what it's worth, I am not the one who suggested that dentist appointments come every six months any more than I am the one who dreamed up the five day work week.

It just turned out that way, darn it all.  What else can I do?



trek said...

Last night, we had the worst storm. One campus got shut down due to loss of power.

I have to admit that I was sort of hoping for a downed power line on my way there.

And we are only starting the third week of term tomorrow...

kmkat said...

88I totally agree that the five-day work week is an abomination of nature. Did you know that Americans are the hardest working people on the planet? The President said so, so it must be true. It's that darned five-day work week...

Donna Lee said...

I tried to listen to Beautiful Creatures but didn't make it past the very beginning. It didn't hook me.

My biggest problem with Wednesday is that it always feels like Thursday to me and I am always disappointed to find out there are 2 more days in the week.

Julia G said...

I also had a dental appointment Friday that was considerably more enjoyable than work (to be fair, I have a very nice and efficient dentist who prides himself on pain-free drilling). So now I can happily chomp away on my CSA carrots and cukes without worrying about losing a filling.