Wednesday, August 15, 2012

WNBP: Recovering, Discovering And Cash Lay Out

Hello, Wednesday!  It is so very nice to see you.  I don't suppose you might bring with you some decent prime time viewing this week, would you?  No?  That's OK.  I wasn't really expecting it.  I'll just continue to entertain myself with ongoing errands and back to school nonsense while you carry on with the last of the lame summer programming.

I'll manage.  If nothing else, the Wednesday Night Bullet Post will kill a little time.  Further, it will allow me to process all that has occurred since last I meandered over to this blog...

*Today was Family Lunch Day.

*I like Family Lunch Day.  I get to visit with family and Mommy Sheep buys my lunch.

*This will be my last FLD for a while given that the state has decided I should go back to educating its children next month and the lunch thing generally occurs whilst I am laboring away in the salt mines.

*Another reason to curse the end of summer vacation...

*Looking forward to this year's ever-so-slight pay raise, though.

*It is the time of year when I suddenly discover just how much I've enjoyed summer vacation and how many August financial obligations I've managed to forget while I was doing it.

*Tuesday brought the annual Visit With The Cat Whisperer.

*Last year we didn't see TCW.  We saw another vet.

*She was not popular with Da Boyz.

*TCW is kind of an odd duck, but I bend to public opinion under certain circumstances.

*Da Boyz love TCW.  Deeply.  Passionately.  Embarrassingly so.

*First on the table was the Absurdly Gi-normous Kitty.

*Who, I am pleased to announce, is now the Appropriately Gi-normous Kitty.

*Low carb has agreed with him.  As has his brother's tendency to snitch his food from time to time...

*He also rocked his rabies vaccine.  I didn't even realize he'd had it, so calmly was it handled.

*Claw clipping, on the other hand, was less than delightful, but better than last year.

*No mask was used upon his tender snout and, unlike last year, TCW was able to clip all his claws as opposed to the three that we snagged in the previous visit.

*On the negative side we count his disgustingly lovey-dovey behavior towards the vet which involved chirping, cooing and nuzzling.  Not at all manly.

*Worse, his teeth have reached critical mass and cleaning is imperative.  They are in the "severe" stage of gingivitis.

*Frankly, I think he did it on purpose so he could go back for a visit.

*Next up, was the Very Complicated Kitty.

*Still fat.

*Probably still needs his anti-anxiety meds.

*Just waiting on the blood work to see if he can tolerate it.

*Speaking of blood work, are you familiar with the term, "Oh no, we just blew a vein?"

*It was no one's fault.  I was watching and, even to my eye, it was a good needle stick.  Some veins just prefer to leak as opposed to obediently gush from the needle into the designated container.

*The VCK handled it well, but there was flinching.  Flinching isn't good under these circumstances.

*Kitties who flinch end up in The Bag.

*With their little shaved leg sticking out.

*Worse, someone decided that The Bag should come in festive red and green so now you've got the world's most miserable Christmas present rolling around on the examination table.

*The Cat Whisperer was more heartbroken about the whole thing than he was but it had to be done lest I take home not only my cat but part of a hypodermic needle.

*He let her kiss him on the head when it was over so I think he understood...

*While all this was going on the AGK alternated from leaping happily onto the counter to nuzzle the struggling vet and opening the cabinets in search of cleaning supplies.

*I spent more at the vet yesterday than I will at my own doctor's appointment next week.

*I have a cleaning scheduled with my dentist the same week as the AGK gets his.

*Again, I shall undoubtedly spend more on his oral hygiene than mine own.

*I didn't go to the Farmer's Market today.  I had the lunch thing coming up and was cleaning my bedroom.

*Plus it was raining and I was feeling fragile.

*Over the past few years, my bedroom has become less a place of a repose and more of a repository.

*As much as I might have liked being the sole curator of the Fashion From The Eighties To Present exhibit, the pay wasn't enough to justify continuing.

*Seriously, there were clothes in the back of the closet that couldn't even be donated.  It would be a cruel jest to clothe the needy in my neon green 80's leggings.

*The needy would probably hunt me down and strangle me with my own Madonna-style lace gloves.

*Then they would finish the job by pummeling me with my burnt out crimping iron and I doubt a single soul would step in to assist considering that I actually owned a crimping iron and was willing to let others know about it.

*Obtaining a digital reading device has done wonders for decreasing the clutter around here.

*But I missed being able to use the library.

*It's been several years and more than a few local budget crises, but my teeny tiny local library finally managed to finalize membership with the state library.

*And that means....

*Free digital loans!!!

*The upside, of course, is the free access to books, both audio and wordy.

*The downside is limited availability since, apparently, others are also allowed to use this service.  Not just me.

*"Digital" doesn't mean "unlimited."  There are licenses and whatnot to consider.  Wait lists still apply for popular titles.

*That said, I've managed to do pretty well for myself over the last week.

*I listened to Damned over the weekend.

*And finished the audio version of House of Dark Shadows (Dreamhouse Kings) whilst in the car today.

*I also checked out a copy of Reaper Man for some actual reading of words on digital paper.

*The required app works beautifully on my iPad and Adobe Digital Editions lets me read it on my simple, but much beloved Kobo ereader.  

*Happy Sheepie.

*Although Sheepie can't help but wonder why this marvel couldn't have come unto her back in June when she had the whole summer ahead of her for reading.

*OTOH, I do most of my audio book enjoying during the school year when the forty minute commute requires entertainment.

*The prospect of spending less on said entertainment this school year might even take a little of the sting out of September...

*And, with the vehicle repair bill coming up fast on the heels of the vet extravaganza, I think it will be all to the good.

There's another week summed up.  The cats have recovered nicely from yesterday's adventure and appear to have forgiven me for the bad parts.  (They never blame The Cat Whisperer.  No matter how bad it gets, she's always the good guy in this situation)  With a free lunch in my belly and free books on my digital devices, I think I'm in good shape here.

And who knows?  Maybe August will be extended this year and lacy Madonna gloves will make a comeback...



kmkat said...

You can borrow audiobooks on CD from the library, rip them to your iTunes, then download them to your iPad/iPod. That's what I do, and I ALWAYS delete them from my computer and devices after I have listened. (That's in case the DRM police are reading your comments.) Some audiobooks, I think the more recent ones from Random House, don't work. And I am listening to Blameless (Parasol Protectorate #3) in rather an odd order. But it has worked slickly for dozens of audiobooks.

Julia G said...

Congrats to the Appropriately GK on his new svelte self, and to the VCK for getting through his ordeal! We just had the kitty emergency equivalent of bladder stones with our 7-year-old male Big Orange Oaf cat - he is recovering nicely but somewhat subdued, and trying to get enthused over his new, expensive prescription cat food diet. The older tuxedo female kitty thinks it's delish, of course, so it's just easier to feed them both the same (did I say expensive?) food rather than try to supervise. Ah, well, time to clip kitty claws - I usually just sneak up on the Oaf when he is sleepy and clip 2-3 until he wakes up (the older kitty needs all the claw power she can get, being half his weight).

Donna Lee said...

I've been so grateful for the audiobooks the library has to offer. I put myself on wait lists and then get all excited when the notice comes in the email that it's ready. I realized the other day that the only time I actually go into the library is to renew my card. I kind of miss it but not enough to give up the ease of the mp3 download. (which I too, delete when my time is up!)

trek said...

All three of us got to visit the dentist this week, too. It is definitely either a sign of the apocalypse or a new school year but how are we to know which one it is?